Sunday, November 15, 2009

Noteworthy (& Unnoteworthy) Weekend Moments

- Edibles. Wow. While drunk, extra wow.
- Flesh Consumed is awesome. Also, apparently the vocalist, Alex Colon, used to do vocals for Dead Syndicate<3 as well. And the drummer also plays for Brain Drill. He added me on MySpace. I felt special.
- My friend's band, Disengorified, has a long way to go. Their MySpace sounds are deceiving.
- I have no reason to listen to Cattle Decapitation after last night's show. Don't really listen to them in the first place, but I am extra turned off now. Texting on stage and closing the show (after only playing four songs as the HEADLINER) with "We have one more song because we want to GTFO." is really rude. Also the vocalist is kind of gross. Spitting all over himself, the stage, and the drum set is not attractive.
- Bacon wrapped scallops on lettuce with avocado, and a mayonnaise-Sriracha sauce is absolutely delicious. Thanks, Alex Lou.
- Setting the smoke detector, and eventually the fire alarm off while making said food.
- Feeder fish look awfully cute swimming around in a toilet bowl. Yes, I put feeder fish in a toilet bowl to be flushed. They are in the process of dying. I figured toilet bowl water would be more heavenly than dying in a Tupperware bowl filled with their feces and two week old water. I envisioned a more sanitary death...
- My male roommates and some friends urinated on the fish. Poor fish. So much for sanitarily dying.

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