Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Mail Thief Strikes

My friend, Joshua, sent me a letter from Santa Barbara some time during finals week, only he forgot to put a stamp on it so it got sent back to him. I told him to mail it to my house so I would get it back from vacation.
Today, I found the letter, ripped apart and open. I figured it was because it got messed up in the mail. I began to read his letter and I found out that there was a UCSB sticker and a pin in it for me. Someone STOLE them. Someone stole my awesome sticker and pin. I am sad.

Home... very strange. I don't know what else to say. Currently I'm annoyed by everyone and anyone. I really just want to go crawl into a hole. I miss him. I want to be left alone, but that's probably the worst idea, ever.
Help keep me busy, plz?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


There is LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of snow right now in Vancouver. Brad, Mike, Lacey & I went frolicking last night. It was fun and it kept snowing. It warmed up slightly, so now instead of snow falling, it's freezing rain. As a result, all Alaskan Airline/Horizon flights have been canceled out of PDX today. It's supposed to snow/freezing rain tomorrow too, and I'm not sure about Tuesday.
But maybe with luck, I'll have to spend Christmas with my white family.
Hope everyone's break is going well.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Last night was really interesting, to say the very least. I fucking love Jager. It also makes me very, very angry.
Anyway, today, Brad and I woke up at Nick's to an empty house after a lot of phone ringing. Then we left and went home. We were going to go shopping, but Brad's aunt, Kari, called and wants us to go skiing/snowboarding with her. So we are going to do that! Hopefully, Tony, Brad's dad, wants to go and drive us in his truck. Apparently they have 30 something inches of fresh powder at Ski Bowl or whatever. I'm excited :) Also, it's been snowing. A lot!!! Brad tried to do a cookie last night and it was kind of cool/scary, and then he hit a curb and got curb rash on his tire. I'm going to make him teach me how. Too bad I won't be able to put my cookie skills to use in Cupertino because there's no legit snow or ice.
Then we're going to go shopping in Portland at Saturday Market where our friend, Spoon, is, the Washington Square Mall, the Nike Factory Outlet, and some other places on Sunday.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello from Washington!

I'm in Washington right now. Yay! :) I flew out of the Norman Y. Mineta International airport yesterday at six in the morning after getting no sleep. I watched "Enchanted" on my Zune on the way there, but I didn't get to finish it since the movie is longer than the flightI think I annoyed the person in the seat next to me by squealing extremely and being a girl. It is very cute, so far. I will make Brad watch it with me.
Yesterday, I put up Christmas decorations with Brad's mom, even though Brad's brother & dad are trying to cancel Christmas. I also went to Steve and Barry's and bought Nicole an $8 Coors Light sweatshirt since she is a shitty beer lover.
Today, we were supposed to go to Saturday Market, but we slept in for another two hours and then it was kind of late. I played Harvest Moon on Mikle's DS, and it's very addicting. Then Rhonda summoned me to make cookies, so we made awesome cookies! Tonight, we are going to go see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". Maybe with Dustin and Anna, but I have a feeling that they're going to flake out.
Tomorrow, we are going to go to Saturday Market for reals to see our friend, Spoon. Then we are going to go get a Christmas tree! I am very excited and I get to shit Christmas everywhere. Also, it's supposed to SNOW TOMORROW. I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR THIS. Apparently we are supposed to build forts because there will be enough snow for fort building. I am excited!!!!!!
Anyway, good luck on finals for those who have finals! I am going to eat nachos.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm on the verge of finishing my first quarter at UCSC. I've been waiting all week for my first, and last final for this year. It's kind of strange.
There are only three people left in my apartment now, including myself. I'm surprisingly all packed, but I'm not ready for my final? I think I'll be okay once I take it though.
Today has been a roller coaster of stress with trying to pack not only for home, but for Washington as well. My suitcase is completely overstuffed with all the stuff I wear, stuff I might wear, toiletries, shoes, random things I might need. It's really strange.
There's a strange empty feeling here now, but I'm kind of really excited to go home. I am fully aware of the fact that once I am home, I will want to leave again, despite the fact that my parents really don't give a rat's ass about what I do or who I am doing it with.
I am rambling.
And now I will attempt to cram for the final I have in 22 minutes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I woke up to this in my inbox.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Major LOLZ

All I can say is...

I Hate This Place

I think the next series of pictures will explain why.

This is my apartment. Four of them are legitimate stoners. Six of them are inconsiderate. Three of them are nice. Excluding myself, of course, from all of the above.

This was my kitchen tonight. Yes, there are random chunks of food and sauce splattered everywhere? Why? I don't know. How can you live like that? I don't know how long those have been there since I don't use the kitchen very much. (I wonder why now.) Is it really difficult to pick or clean up whatever flies out of your pan? Do you really have to pick out what you do not want in your food and leave it on the stove? Can you not do your own dishes? Why do you think other people will clean up after you if you don't? (And the only reason I am goddamn doing it is because it's my "chore".) Most importantly, what type of goddamn idiot parents did you have that didn't spank you so you would know what cleaning up after yourselves meant? I swear, if I have kids, they are going to get their asses BEAT for being dumb shits. I don't give a fuck.
This is my new plan. I will relieve myself wherever I feel convenient. I will not clean up and adopt their mindset of "Oh, this will be cleaned up by Sunday at 10PM." Then we will all get along fine and dandy since we all have the same beliefs.
I hate people so fucking much.


Okay, for those of you constant blogfollowers, you know that I have had roommate problems since the beginning of time, it seems. Now, it just seemingly gets worse. Let me describe them for you, by code names of course.

B, for Bear, is bear-like as the code name suggests. She is an artsy fartsy, holier-than-thou type like one that some of us have gotten to know all too well over the past two years. She lumbers around fairly ungracefully--perhaps some people have gotten my complaining texts/IMs about this. She often makes lots of noise in the morning after hibernation, especially when I'm trying to sleep: earthquake noises and rumbling my bed, makeup utensil clacking noises from covering her beary hideous face, smacking into things, etc. She also thinks I'm a complete idiot for some reason unbeknownst and therefore chooses to treat me as such. I know what you all are thinking, Paulina, you are an idiot. But I'm not really. Anyway, meet Bear.

P is Princess, except not the royal type with adoring fans. Princess as in PRINCESSY BITCH. For Princess, I need to talk about her in conjuction with V. V is VAGINA. I would use the word "pussy" but P has already been taken for Princess. Vagina will do. PV are likethis. Attachedatthehipomgwecannotliveadaywithouteachother (exact words from P's mouth after the omg). V is a constant attraction in P's bed because omgtheycannotliveadaywithouteachother despite the fact that guests cannot stay without everyone's consent in the room, meaning myself & B. Then guests cannot stay for more than three days. However, he's lived in this room since the second night here despite the fact that his apartment is a mere one hundred feet away from ours, if you use the back route. Why doesn't he live there, you ask? Simply put, he's a vagina and cannot deal with his OMGOMGSOTERRIBLEZ roommate. He also lives in a triple, but is chill with the non-terrible roomie. However, PV chose to lie to me about how terrible terrible roommate is, choosing to say that non-terrible roomie sleeps on the couch because he can't handle terrible roomie. I am semi-friends with non-terrible roomie, and I asked him myself if he really slept on the couch all the time. He told me he only slept on the couch because he tore something in his leg and couldn't climb up the bunk the first week or so. So that's PV.

The reason I hate PV so much is that P has moved him into our room. His clothes are hanging up, or tucked away in her drawers. His shoes are in the slidy out drawer under her bed. At one point in time, they even moved my things around to make room for his. Why am I so bothered by V being there? Because my room is my sacred space and sometimes you just need SPACE. And personally, I don't like having to hide while I change in MY ROOM that I AM PAYING FOR (well, technically my parents) because there is a vagina-like floppy penis in the area thus making it somewhat difficult to just pull my pants, shirt, underwear, socks, etc. off and change. Apparently, nobody understands that SPACE means SPACE. Not to mention we already live in a small triple (a double that the housing people added a bed to make more room for students to stay on campus), so we don't need a fourth person moved in.

And one more thing, I guess them sleeping together doesn't really do much for their sleep either since P always complains about me studying with oh noes a light on. If V is such a necessary addition to bettering her sleep, why not just stick her face in his hairy pit or concave chest and tada! no light. Problem solved.

Side note: I've also discussed the PV problem with P as well as our RA. Nothing has changed.

Anyway, this week's BPV (mostly B, because I dislike her most) problem began two nights ago. I was hanging out with my new friend, Thomas, and then went home around 1:30 in the morning. Activities are going full force with B, P, V, Nolan, Andrew and Jay in the living room. So I'm like excellent! Opportune moment to talk on the phone, so I do that because they're doing shit, my room is empty, and by the time they come in, it should not matter, right? WRONG. My conversation has been continuing for well over an hour, and by this time, I am quite cozy and comfortable in my bed with no desire to move when B comes in bumbling and letting her flagella-like rolls bounce on things and make noise. She also sleeps (slept?) with headphones in. I clearly recall a conversation I had with her at the beginning of the school year about whether or not I was too loud while homeworking it up like a true Asian/Monta Vista-n at all hours of the night and she said no, it did not matter because she has her music on. After about a few minutes of continuing with my lovely conversation, I hear "PAULINA! Get off the phone or go OUTSIDE." I'm laying there with a facial expression that looks like @_____@??? and the person I'm on the phone with figures out what's going on and gets angry because this is a reoccuring thing. He goes off on a rant about my roommates being inconsiderate bitches and walking all over me and treating me like crap, so why am I being nice to them if I am not extended the same courtesy. Then I hear, "GREAT, PAULINA. I can hear the other person talking, blahblah, I'm trying to SLEEP, get off the phone or go OUTSIDE." A few minutes later, I am somewhat frustrated and tired so I get off the phone.

The next day, yesterday, I thought about it, and it made no sense to me because if you want to sleep so badly, why are you going to bed at 2:30/3 in the morning? If you are so bothered by the slightest bit of noise, why not put your oh so useful headphones back in like you used to do and then we both have no problem? Why do I have to leave because I've been laying here doing my own thing for the past hour or so? Why do I have to be quiet at night, if you can't be quiet in the morning or whenever I am sleeping? So then I put my thinking into effect.

Last night I went to bed around 12:30 or so and of course, was conversing on the phone again in my dark room, laying in my comfortable bed. Then B comes in around 1:30 or 2 and lumbers around like her name suggests until she creaks and squeaks her way into the bed. Then thirty seconds later, I hear "HANG UP OR LEEEEAVE!!!" so I ignore it. I giggle and continue with my conversation. Five minutes later, "HANGGGG UPPPP OR LEEEEAAAAVEEEE!!!" (think in a style similar to Gandalf going "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" except annoying, squeaky, and semi-female.). I ignore that also. Two and a half minutes later, I guess B sits up in her den and goes off at me. My thoughts are italicized during the process. "OMG PAULINA. You live with TWO OTHER PEOPLE. Actually, three. You forgot about Vagina. You should not have chosen a triple! Actually, I didn't choose a triple. I was assigned it. You are a horrible person to live with! So are you, fatass. *giggle uncontrollably drowning out some words about me leaving* Nobody will be sad to see you leave!" Of course, an outburst like that will only cause me to talk more, so I did, until PV came in and I decided to be semi-nice and leave. But first, I needed to urinate. I left my phone on top of my laptop, and then went to pee. Apparently as soon as I left, she bitched at PV about me, but heard the person I was conversing with laughing heartily on my phone since my phone is omgsoloud, and stopped. Or something. I don't know. I wasn't there.

It makes no sense to me as to why I should be the one to leave when someone is coming early in the morning/late at night when I've been in bed for the past hour or so, and s/he's been doing god knows what. And to yell at me while I'm on the phone is pretty inconsiderate and rude in itself.

You guys all know me. I'm not a really a mean person. I try to be polite, respectful, and considerate of others. I'm pretty crude and out there, but despite all that, I'd like to think I'm pretty nice. But when provoked, I am a very angry, spiteful, stubborn bitch. I have countless years of honing and crafting my angry, spiteful, stubborn bitch skills from living with my dad and my sister. And I strongly believe in giving respect, but only when I receive it in return and you do not affect my life drastically (like a teacher). I also take a lot of shit, but enough is enough. Once you reach that threshold, you can count on me to not be polite, respectful or considerate, especially if I don't receive that in return.

If you feel the need to yell at me for no reason, be rude to me, demand things of me, and verbally abuse me, you can bet that I will not be responsive. In fact, I will ignore you. And if you demand that I not ignore you, you can bet your ass that I will continue ignoring you.

Unlike some people, I am fully capable of understanding that things cannot be perfect when you live with other people. I don't expect us to get along, so I don't go out of my way to make sure that we do. If you try to tell me that I am socially inept, I will kick you in the vagina. If you try to ask me about whether or not I've lived with someone before, I will kick you in the vagina; I shared a room with my sister for 17 years. And that's how I know that you just have to deal with whatever people throw your way. I've kept her up at night talking on the phone, or texting. She's kept me up doing the same. I've woken her up while coming into the room late at night. She's woken me up while clanking around in the morning with her makeup and clothes and stuff.

What can you do? Nothing, so you ignore it and hope it goes away fast so you can continue with your life. Or you can try to find some sort of compromise, which I am not against. And unlike some people, I understand that you can't just expect someone to obey whatever you want them to do. It's a give and take situation from both parties because nobody is perfect. Because something you do is annoying and irritating to the other person, and vice versa. However, to demand that someone acquiesces to your request (ie. in my case, "HANG UP OR LEAVE!") gets you nowhere. Nothing is going to change because one person is happy and the other person isn't. Not a compromise.

Side note: I also understand that people will never understand, or even try to, if all they hear is "you this" or "you that". Which is what makes me not give a shit, since that is what B is doing. Thanks, Kathy, for bringing that up. I wasn't sure if I made that clear, but I guess I didn't.

In my case, there are several things that could have been done:
1. B puts in her earbuds, like she used to do, she sleeps, I can converse. Win-win situation.
2. She says I'll be more quiet in the morning & I will use the little light when you sleep, and I will kindly ask you to finish up your conversation within say, x minutes, or go elsewhere or notify you when I plan on going to bed so you can plan around it. I either finish my conversation within x minutes, I go elsewhere, or I try to end my conversation around whenever she's going to bed. Semi-win-win situation, but you don't have meaningless yelling and or ignoring. Nobody's feelings get hurts, and it works, instead of verbal abuse ("horrible to live with... nobody would be sad to see you leave") or acting like my mother ("don't ignore me when I'm talking to you" no joke, this happened)! And I don't keep talking/ignoring out of spite and sheer hatred.

Okay, I went off on a meaningless tangent, but what it comes down to is this:
Do I try to switch out of my room into a single or a double? This is what a part of me wants. Or do I stay just out of spite of what B said? Should I talk to my RA about it? Help! What would you do?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I Am Excited For (In No Particular Order)

- getting lots of sleep over the next few days
- (successfully?) finishing my first quarter in college
- seeing my awesome boyfriend
- hanging out with all my friends
- food (getting fat?)
- volleyball
- my Writing 2 class about reading into American pop culture (omg story of my life)
- Gossip Girl
- New Year's--let's figure this drunken shit out, homies.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas: Things I Want

The other three PostSecret books.

The Lion King on Broadway is hands down the best musical ever to grace this planet. I want to see it again!

LOVE ridiculous socks. :)

Not gonna lie. I want them!

I can dream, right?

I love Free People dresses! I want this one in teal, but they don't have that on the site anymore.

Citizens of Humanity are my new favorite jean brand. They look awesome on my butt.

Not this one specifically, but this cute one I found at Nordstrom by Hinge!

Polaroid cameras are badass, plus I found an awesome way to decorate my room, and I'd need one!

Except in black.

And that's it... for the time being :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Power is...

This is the project I've been working on all weekend. It is very cool and for my Kresge core class. You may or may not be in it, but you should watch it anyway!

Nigga, say whaaat?
Post a memory of me as a comment for this entry.
It can be anything you want.
Maybe your first, maybe your favorite.
& post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today Will Go Down in History... a great day for mail! YAY!

This is what I found waiting for me in my mailbox!
- batteries that I ordered.
- TWO samples of Astroglide. Not one, but TWO.
- TWO slips saying I had packages: two small ones, and one medium one.
- a letter from ISV

The packages?
- A Juicy Juice sippy cup. Totally rad.
- Orville Redenbacher's 100 Calorie Mini Smart Cakes!, Natural Gourmet Popping corn, and a coupon booklet with "Over $6 of savings inside!"
- A teddy bear and a letter from Brad!


Very Eventful

Tonight, I sat in the bathroom and listened to someone fart for five minutes. It was... joyous.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, so I am back in Santa Cruz, and the process of returning was a strange one indeed.
I was supposed to work today even though I told my manager that I would not be back until late. Weird. Hate Longs.
I entered my room that smelled like stale weed. I don't think my mom or my brother noticed.
My brother and my mom found my stash of alcohol and proceeded to bother me about it. My brother proceeded to bother me about random pictures I have up on the wall.
My mom bothered me about not sleeping in a bed like a normal person. I sleep on top of a fully made bed in a sleeping bag. Makes it easy to not have to wash my sheets, which is a pain in the ass since I have a low ceiling and a loft bed.
Someone used/moved my lighters around. I have three in one of my drawers in this sliding tray, and I don't use them because I have no reason to. They were all facing different directions. However, when I moved in, I put them in the tray all facing the same direction because I am OCD about some things like Jennifer Chuu.
Someone ate more of my Chewies. :(
A pair of my jeans are missing from my drawers and I don't know where on earth they could be because I remember washing them before I left. I have two pairs of the same jeans for work, and I'm wearing one. I never wore the other, and I didn't bring it home because I did not wear them the week prior, so they were not in my laundry basket. Ugh. So where could they be? And it is so dumb because
I had more expensive jeans than a pair of black Bullhead Hermosa skinny jeans from fucking PacSun. I had a pair of DKNY jeans in there too which are far nicer, and a pair of dark gray Bullhead Hermosa skinny jeans also from PacSun. Good thing I took my Citizens of Humanity jeans with me though or else those would have gotten jacked for sure. Also, why take a pair of crappy, obviously worn, faded jeans when you could have taken my external harddrive? Or my laptop cooling pad? Or my speakers? It doesn't make any sense at all. I am locking this damn room from now on and I don't care what anyone says.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Funniest Thing I've Seen All Weekend

Suck on that tweenieboppers and "Twilight" lovers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I Think Are Funny (Another Ever Expanding, Semi-Mean List)

- when ugly people think they're hot shit
- when people think leggings equate to pants
- when fat people wear leggings
- when fat people wear skintight clothes and wonder why everyone is staring at them. Hint, it's the rolls.
- when people try to pretend they don't have a body looking like a rectangle
- when people complain that they gain weight, but they don't do anything to prevent that

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday, as in Sunday, November 23, 2008, Nicholas C. Rubin came up to visit me. It was awesome. It was the first time someone came to see me! Nobody loves me, I guess, haha.
I go home tomorrow, as in Tuesday, November 25, 2008. I'm kind of excited. I also found someone to cover my shift for me on Wednesday so I don't get fired.
I hope this means that this week will be better because I'm counting all the positive things. I hope they outweigh all the negative things that have happened so far because I would really like one good week. That's all I'm asking. One.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Avocado Conquest

I am a hungry girl. I go into the living room/kitchen in search of some vittles. I find a bag of Lay's, almost empty. I pick at some chips and eat them. I find my semi-delicious (my Asian tongue has been cursed by What White People Think Is Good Asian Food Like Pho Hoa) Chinese food from last week. Honey walnut prawns, in case you were wondering. It is my most favorite and delicious dish ever. Anyway, I opened that up. The mayonnaise or whatever coats it looks semi-chunky. I decided I would try it anyway. I heat it up in our broken microwave. The chunkies do not disappear and are now oily/greasy. I am a hungry girl, so I eat it anyway. It is nasty. I stop after three walnuts and one soggy, limp shrimp. I eye my yogurt. I am too hungry to bother tossing in granola so I eat my yogurt. But first, inside the bag holding the yogurt, there is an avocado. I lumber back to my room to continue writing my letter to Joshua A. Greenberg and to chat to Brad and JAG. I am semi-scarfing down my yogurt when I think Avocado... and then I think AVOCADO!? And I eat my yogurt somemore, thinking Avocado... I then decide I will eat that avocado. After all, I am a hungry girl. The conversation in my head went more like this: AVOCADO!? from one side of my head. Then the other side went in a deep, rumbling, booming voice YES!! AVOCADO. So I listen to my hungry, primal instincts and dash back to the kitchen to My Avocado. My Avocado is sitting inside the refridgerator screaming "EAT ME! EAT ME!" I grab it, and a knife. Then I proceed to cut myself as I try to cut open the avocado. Twice. It was a sorry sight. But I do not falter. I pick up the knife again, and triumphantly saw it open! It was quite glorious chomping into its fleshy, green insides. The Avocado cannot defeat me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Hate (An Ever Expanding List)

- unnecessary levels of stress
- unnecessary stressors
- not sleeping
- stuffy rooms
- massive amounts of work
- being tired/exhausted all the time
- falling asleep everywhere
- drama
- midterms
- drums from the upstairs
- bathrooms with little ventilation
- dry weather, and subsequently, dry skin
- work
- studying
- not getting classes that I want to take
- days feeling like Thursday or Friday when it's only Monday or Tuesday, or even Sunday
- Longs for rejecting my time off request even though I don't have a place to live so I can work thus causing unnecessary stress
- raccoons
- pubic hairs on toilet seats or in showers
- nasty hairs in showers
- things falling apart
- lack of cellphone
- lack of cellphone reception
- dirty, sweaty men in my bed
- being hungry
- not having a football team
- seeing penises, boobies, and hairy cooters and things related to that (ie. carpet munching), even if they are just images in a book I'm supposed to read.
- Kresge Core
- Documenting Oral History
- babies

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Secret

I found this secret today, sitting at the College 9 & 10 bus stop. Needless to say, it was very exciting/inspiring. I found myself sitting there, thinking about what little miracles have happened to me today. What constitutes as a little miracle? Is it a nice act? It is something cool? I guess it's all based on perception, and what one things is a miracle.
So these are my little miracles for today...
1. Finding the secret.
2. Coming up with a cool surprise idea for my friends.
3. Having an awesome boyfriend.
4. Being sleepy at midnight. Yay!

What are your little miracles?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Part About My Night

I got a drunk dial tonight from the one and only, Ms. Natalie Alison Tyson! It was awesome. I'm not sure I should disclose what it was about, but it was quite the scandal!

I got TWO drunk dials! What a delight!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chockful O' Metal!

I've stopped keeping a metalhead tally, but I am still on the lookout for metalheads. Today, I was over by the Porter and Porter/Kresge apartments when I heard something sounding like the Faceless! I was coming back from the dining hall and heading to my ATox class, but naturally I had to stop! I saw this guy running out of the general area of the apartment so I stopped him and asked him about who lived there. He said he did, and then proceeded to ask me if the music was too loud. Of course, I replied with a no, and was like whoa, you lyk da metalz? And he was like ya, I lyk da metalz, but I gotz 2 goz 2 bandz practicez comez onz inz. Okay, maybe not like that, but I just felt like typing it like that. I was like oh no! I have class, but he'd already disappeared, so I was like oh I'll stop by later. So I did! He was standing outside with a bunch of people and I proceeded to pester him about the Faceless since he said he had the new CD! Then he led me inside his apartment, and there was a DEN OF METAL LISTENING PEOPLE! Except they were playing video games at the time. But I met a bunch of people who like the metal! I have to fine tune their listenings, of course, but they already like some! It's only a matter of time! :)
Side note: They were also looking for opium. Black tar, or something, to be exact, which Brad informs me is like heroin. YIKES! Also, they tried to trick me into believing they all did heroin! It was fairly awkward. But they were nice! Oh and they also had a glass on glass bong sitting in the corner. Oh Santa Cruz/college...

And I met another metalhead today at the East Fieldhouse/Wellness Center! He was in a Slayer shirt, which could be anyone, but I stopped him and was like OMG METALZ! And he was like FINALLY this shirt gets me noticed. His name is Steve.

It's been a bad day/week so far, but I guess NOT FOR THE METALZ!
Okay, I'm done. I promise.

Also, I found Militza flirting with one of my friends, who happens to be a manwhore who is also a metalhead. It was very strange.


I think I am perpetually hungry. It makes me sad because I want to eat all the time. And no, it's not because I am depressed.

Thanksgiving Break is coming up SOONER THAN SOON. Two weeks from now I will be at home. Let's go eat! Preferably places from the following list:
- Mandarin Gourmet--NATE!!!
- Baja Cactus--also NATE!!!
- Layang Layang--family!!!
- KFC--family!! Just kidding.
- Pho Bac So Mot--aka the best pho place known to man/Vietkind
- Quickly's, plz thx--family
- Florentine's
- Chipotle!
- In'n'Out. It's an exception to the no burgers thing, but only once.
- Perkins house
- FOOD!!! :) Yes, food is a place.

Preferably not food from the following list:
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Fries
- Pizza
- Shitty pasta
- Hamburgers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This has been the story of my life this weekend/week. Awesome!
Yesterday, I didn't bother going to class and I called in sick for work. :O It took me almost the entire day, and the night before to write a 4-page essay. Damn Facebook. Damn internet.
Tomorrow, I have an oral presentation on malaria and eradication efforts in my Aquatic Toxicology section. I haven't started yet and it's worth 20% of my grade! Yikes! Help!

On a side note, I fucking hate this place. All of my shit keeps getting moved around and/or goes missing. Example: my half full handle of Bacardi rum, that I KNOW was in the freezer when I left. Why? Because I bought Hot Pockets and put them in there next to my rum, and I was going to take it out before I left for Davis, and now it is gone. I checked to make sure I didn't have a massive brain fart and removed and flipped out for the wrong reason, but it turns out I did not. This is fucking low. All my stuff keeps getting taken or fucked with when I don't do it to anyone else. I hate everyone; I think I want to transfer.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Davis Adventure

On the way to Davis
- I sat next to an annoying baby plus hippie mother on Bus 16 - Laurel East to the Santa Cruz Metro. The baby pulled its mom shirt down and started sucking on the boob. It then tried to grab me and touch me. It also bit the rubber part around the window and drooled all over it. Fucking babies.
- There was a lot of traffic. When there was finally minimal amounts of traffic, I told Ryan to haul ass. He drove 75 mph.

At Davis
- Meher, Hermes, Katherine, Ryan, RJ & I got really drunk. Really, really drunk.
- I wrote a song for Neri Lubomirsky. It is amazing. Hopefully I will remember it around Thanksgiving so I can sing it for everyone!
- I finished off OVER half a fifth of Jager. Ballin'!
- I beat Arjun up for being a dumbass.
- I played Gears of War 2! Good thing my roommate, Paul, taught me how to play before I left.
- I went to my first college football game as a college student. Kind of.

Back from Davis
- My mom refuses to replace the rum she took from me.
- She took me out for Chinese food. YUM.
- I miss everyone a lot already. And I don't like Santa Cruz very much, even though it's still kind of fun. Someone keeps moving my stuff around, ie. stacking my shoe boxes and clearing my bookshelf. I know I didn't do it because I always keep my Uggs on top of them when I'm there, and I never stack my shit. Nor do I keep anything clean. Lame.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I'll be back for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday night. HANG OUT PLZ? When will everyone else be back?

Strangely enough, this was the most fun I've had since college started. Epic fail. (Wow, I used almost all of my tags in this post.)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I got accepted into the International Student Volunteer program over the summer! I'm so excited, but I'm also very unsure about whether or not I can do it. This is so awesome though because only 50 students get selected from each of the participating schools within the United States! However, it's incredibly expensive. I'm looking at $4500 for the program, airfare, and spending money. The limiting factor in this is being able to afford it, and how it will affect my summer since I want to get a job, hang out with friends, visit Brad/have Brad visit, and take classes at De Anza.
Doing this would be so awesome though. I'd get to go to a different country, Dominican Republic (my top choice), Costa Rica (second choice), New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Ecuador, Fiji, New Zealand, or South Africa to volunteer with conservation projects and/or social community development projects for two weeks. Then after those two weeks are over, I have two weeks of exploring the country to do neat things like spelunking, surfing, snorkeling/scuba diving, rock climbing, cliff jumping, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, etc.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Isn't it weird that we are sitting on the brink of epic change or epic disaster? Isn't it weird that we all affect that in some way? By voting, or blogging, or telling people you voted, or being Nate? I think it's kinda strange and kind of cool that we're at this momentous part in history!
Anyway, done with the little voting thing for the day.

I'm kind of tired of people telling me to vote. I did it two weeks ago, now go away!

Monday, November 3, 2008

To Be Honest

I don't really like college. I want things to get better, but it seems to just keep going downhill.
Someone told me that it's my outlook on things. Who knows? I feel like I don't have anything to be positive about other than academics.
I don't know. Sometimes I wish that I never went to Santa Cruz, and stayed at home, gone to De Anza, then worked my ass off to go wherever I want to go.
I don't know. Sigh.
Ironically enough, this is the situation that I prayed I'd never be in, that people assured me I would have no trouble with, yet here I am, absolutely miserable.
Am I terrible person? Am I difficult to get along with? I know that when I'm stressed out, I'm frustrating to be around, but regardless. It's not like I'm a douche or a bitch or something. I don't know.

Hopefully this weekend will be a nice, refreshing change. I need one.

Random Questions

Maybe you can help me answer them!

Do bus drivers get sad when they don't have many people on their bus? Do they feel lonely? Does it make them think that nobody wants to be their friend?

Do tree sitters dress up for Halloween?
If you wanted to solicit candy from a tree sitter, what would you do? Do you rustle their leaves? Do you throw up a candy basket? Do you climb up to say hi?
What if you wanted to say hi to a tree sitter? Do you climb up? Is that trespassing? Would you get in trouble? What if they thought you were harassing them? Would they fling feces at you?
When it rains, do tree sitters shower? Is it fun? Do they hate it? How do they even shower or are they just dirty for life? But how are they dirty? They don't do anything, they just sit in trees.
What do they do in the trees? Do they masturbate? Do they play video games? Do they sit and twiddle their thumbs? It must be awfully boring to sit in a tree all day and all night. Do they make friends with birds and squirrels and bugs? Do they eat bugs? In fact, what do they eat? And where does it go? Do they defecate in buckets and lower it down? Who collects the buckets? The Head of the Tree Sitters Association?
Is there a Tree Sitters Association? What do they protest? Why do they do it? Do they get paid?
Do tree sitters even have real jobs? What do they tell their bosses? "Hey Boss, I'm going tree sitting for an indefinite time. Peace, homie."? Do they constantly have to submit vacation time? Is tree sitting even a vacation?
Do tree sitters get homesick? Do they write letters? How do they deliver their letters if they don't move from the tree? How do they even get mail? Would they even be offended if you threw up a paper airplane letter so they'd feel special?
Do bird poop on them? Then what do they do? How do they get it out of their clothing? What if they get waste on themselves? Then what? They can't just wash it off.

To be continued :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Oh goody. It was awesome, despite several setbacks like people not wanting hang out and/or bailing like pussies.

- I made a new friend named Jake! :)
- I had awesome Zombie Prostitute makeup, and I scared people.
- We finished off a fifth of Smirnoff Green Apple vodka, and were sitting on the couch belligerently drunk for a good deal of the night.
- I carved a Gr1m, Frostbitten and Kvlt pumpkin while I was drunk. Some guy named Nico burst into my apartment when I was sitting and talking to Jake in the dark and thrust a pumpkin into my hand and a carving utensil, and told me to carve it.
- The guy named Nico thought that Jake and I were an item because we were sitting next to each other on the couch in the dark.
- I taught Jake about alcohol being a diuretic.
- I got the entire room to start speaking in an Indian accent because I was doing that.
- I fell asleep on Ryan and he left me :(

And I think that's it.
I'm going to Davis next weekend! I'm excited.

Friday, October 31, 2008


How do people get into college? Much less graduate from MIDDLE SCHOOL. I wrote that way as a 5th grader, thanks.
Let me show you writing samples.

This sentence concludes a paragraph:
"There is one instance where Yunior has some sort of power of Magdalena during their anniversary trip; it has something to do with her body also."
This essay is entirely summary. At this point, you shouldn't even try passing it off as one. This essay has two of the same body paragraph, basically. This essay has no conclusion.

This is a paragraph written by one of my peers.
"Throughout the story Maxine is faced with the difficulty of the Chinese language and conforming to the American ways of speaking, acting, and learning. In the story her father says, 'Why is it I can hear Chinese from blocks away? Is it they talk loud?' Thus stating that there is obviously a difference between the Chinese language and American language or the way they converse because he doesn’t hear English like he hears Chinese. In this story, Maxine shows the Chinese gaining power through speaking to one another by raising their voice and speaking loudly over other people or things. She displays some resemblance through Americans in her quote, 'You can see the disgust on American faces looking at women like that.' Maxine shows how Americans don’t use their language as a power between one another. This is a power that Chinese lose when conforming to the American way of life. They must conform to the quietness that is said to be different between the languages leaving the Chinese feeling powerless. Because they feel they must conform in all aspects they lose so much power that they end up being quieter than Americans and are heard less leaving room to be harassed by other Americans."
Let me clarify a few things. The father encounters a bunch of Chinese people shouting at each other in conversation while standing next to each other. Clearly he'd be able to hear the Chinese louder than English.
Chinese people in the story don't gain power by speaking loudly to each other. They gain power through being able to speak at Chinese school, as opposed to being silent in American school. They don't really even gain power because of that; they go right back to conforming. Some power gain, right? The quote about the Americans' disgust is used out of context. Not to mention it makes no sense. The Americans are all WTF! about Chinese people speaking obnoxiously loud, but the quote is irrelevant. Then the author goes on to argue about how Americans don't use language as power. This is why there are so many people who verbally abuse others. No, of course their language is not why some pussy ass bitch got hurt. This is why you can tear people new assholes on internet chat forums. Of course, they are not using LANGUAGE. They're just sticking their fists through the monitor and uppercutting the idiot. This is why you write essays. You are definitely not trying to use your power to persuade others to see your point.

I digress. I am past the point of analyzing how terrible these all are; but being Monta Vista students & smart people, I'm sure you can see what the fuck is going on.
Seriously though, these people don't know what a THESIS is. They don't know how to conclude an essay. They don't know how to analyze. They can't even write a coherent and cohesive paragraph. They can't even quote correctly or effectively.
I hope they drop out and die. Fuck. This has been such a waste of my time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 3

I love it. I'm not going to lie. I saw it last Friday with E-Miller and it was awesome. SO much better than High School Musical, and High School Musical 2 (absolute shit, btw). The music is catchy as hell, but most of all, the choreography is AMAZING. Holy shit, I wish I could dance. And of course, I love romantical cheesiness.
But seriously, I absolutely LOVE Kenny Ortega's work. He's an amazing director and choregrapher. His notable works include "Dirty Dancing", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", the opening & closing ceremonies for the Atlanta Olympics, and "Newsies", which is how I was "introduced" to him. He also did HSM 1 & 2, but holyyyyy shit, 3 is glorious.
Troy & Gabriella have this waltzy piece on top of the school roof to "Can I Have this Dance", and it is absolutely spectacular!!! I don't know much about dancing, but I know that when I get married, I am SO doing a choreographed dance of immense, breathtaking, awe-inspiring proportions.
Then some of the Senior Year High School Musical numbers are also spectacular like the "A Night to Remember" prom piece. It's cool. I don't know how else to describe it. Also, the costuming is kind of ridiculous, but I really like Gabriella's dress.
And the last bit of choreography I loved was Troy & Chad's "The Boys are Back" dance in the junkyard. Definitely epic. :) They are so adorable! And I loved the two little kids in it as a flashback from when they were kids.

One thing, however, doesn't line up. Troy and Chad keep talking about playing basketball for the U of A which everyone assumes to be the University of Arizona. I mean, that's the most popular U of A. Except the audience finds out that it's the University of Alburquerque. WTF! At the end of the musical/movie, Troy is forced to make a decision about where he's going to college, and he announces UC Berkeley. WTF!! Is that really even a difficult choice to make? Berkeley versus some nearly unknown school? In addition, the University of Albuquerque doesn't even exist! It closed in 1986. I looked it up on Wikipedia. WTF! Now some kids are going to be like omg, I want to go to the U of A to see Chad or whatever, and when they go to apply, they will be HEARTBROKEN. Lame. Except not really. It doesn't affect me in any way.

If you think about it, High School Musical and High School Musical 3 are both very postmodern. It calls attention that it is a musical within a musical. You have people breaking out of the status quo, ie. nerds being dancers, jocks being musical stars, nerds dating jocks. It's very fragmented; storylines don't really connect, but it kind of makes sense as a whole! The whole postmodern she-bang! I love Scotty Catrette.

This is exciting. A light-hearted post for once.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had people snooping in on this so I made it private. Oh joy! I love my roommates so much (right now?).
This is for my friends to read, and I don't feel like having my privacy invaded by people who are not my friends trying to figure out what is going on. I need my space, and my own time to calm down before I try to attempt to solve this. Otherwise I will keep being my angry, bitchy self and shit won't be nice. Fuck.
I hate college.
Also I guess I am a bad person for spontaneous combustion-ly venting how I feel on something I do not really expect people other than my friends to read, right? Because that is definitely not something that I would be doing if I were at home with everyone. Or just with everyone in general. If I wish really hard, will the kind beings up above plop a handle of Jagermeister, my most favorite liquor ever, or perhaps even tequila, my second favorite, in front of me? I hope so because I need massive, massive, insane quantities of it right now.


This morning I woke up to an URGENT: Kresge Security Alert email about people stealing other people's things out of apartments at Kresge and various other residence halls. And I quote, "It
appears that the thief (or thieves) gained entry through unsecured
windows or doors. In one report, the thief entered while students were
in another room within an apartment."
My roommates don't care to keep our door locked because they don't want to put forth the effort of getting their keys out. Do you see the conflict there?
I really like my stuff. Like I really like it. Even though it might not be worth a lot, or anything at all, but I really like it. I don't want my stuff stolen. I get bitched at for locking the door when I leave because "we know all the people in our apartment and we'd be able to tell if they had our things." Yeah, what about the people we DON'T KNOW in our apartment? Like friends or whatever. Last night, I went out of my room to a living room filled with noisy people that I've never seen before. What about them?
Call me paranoid, but I don't trust anyone. I don't trust people with my deep thoughts, emotions, so why would I trust people with all of my belongings? I can't even bring myself to tell people why I'm upset or whatever. I would love to keep my door unlocked and think that everyone is good and pure, that if I leave a hundred dollars sitting on top of my desk, it will still be there when I return. Unfortunately, society has progressed away from those days where it was somewhat okay to do that, and okay to leave your door open whether or not I was in the room/apartment.

In case you couldn't tell from the nature of the last two posts and this one, yes, I am having roommate issues.

I Try

really hard to be nice, but some things just don't cut it sometimes. I don't stand for that, so I will be an inconsiderate bitch when I feel like it, and when I want to be.
What are you going to do about it? Nothing. Because you are being inconsiderate bitches as well. Suck on that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Miss

home, and the way things used to be: normal.
I can't handle this shit. I hate college.

Good Habits

I've developed some since I got to college.
1. Working out frequently. Yay, this is awesome because I'm not getting fat. I'm actually getting skinnier. Plus my butt looks nicer, and so do my legs. In addition, I pretty much walk everywhere unless it is dark. Then I take the bus.
2. Eating little to no junk food. Also, yay! No freshman fifteen. Halloween is ruining this though. I have a bag of mini Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups in my desk. YUM. My favorite. Also work ruins this too because sometimes I just need a fatty sugar kick.
3. Eating consistent, not junky meals. I eat a lot of salad, and small portions of yummy, but less healthy stuff. Also, I always find funny leaves and bugs in my salad. Hopefully, I haven't eaten any of those unknowingly.
4. Flossing my teeth. I don't want no cavities. Plus salad gets stuck in my teeth a lot. Or just food in general.
5. Getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Okay, I've kind of been failing at this one, but I'm working on getting it back. Sometimes other things just take precedent over sleep.

Go me! Haha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


One thing I don't understand is why everyone else in my apartment can blast their music, whatever it is, really loud. Then when I do that, I get an adverse response. If you can do it, why can't I? I don't necessarily enjoy listening to it, but I tolerate it. I don't get all huffy puffy, hoity toity on you and slam your doors and shit. I think this calls for turning my music up louder.

I've been falling behind on the metalhead count, but I've met three more by College 10.
Jake - likes black metal & death metal. His favorite band is Burzum.
Tim - likes metal. He was wearing an Ensiferum shirt when I met him.
David - likes a lot of older metal. I forget what else.

Total: 21
Legit Total: 18

Also, I'm missing Kamelot tonight :( Perhaps if I am feeling nice, I will blast power metal in honor of that.

Friday, October 24, 2008


:( I can't make it back home for Homecoming this weekend either. I have way too many things to do and not enough time at all. Retarded. Come visit me on Saturday though, if you have time? That would be nice. I miss everyone. I'll show you the tree sitters.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Worst Day Ever

Yup. I didn't go to bed until 3AM this morning due to personal reasons. I woke up, went to the most boring core class of my life. Went home to go study, and I was like, oh! I have an interview today for my Documenting Oral History class. Maybe I should check out my video camera and see what's up. I open my bag, turn on the camera. It doesn't turn on. The batteries were dead. I had a midterm in less than an hour for a class that is semi-difficult. I freaked out. I had to leave after my final and it would take me an hour to get to the lady, Jill's, house by Santa Cruz Harbor. I called up everyone I knew at Santa Cruz, and freaked out some more because I didn't have a camera and I wasn't sure that Media Services over at Kerr Hall had a camera I could use AND they weren't picking up their phone. Finally I managed to get in contact with them, and they had one I could use. So I went off a little bit less stressed to fail my midterm. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, and I finished within an hour and I made the trek to Kerr Hall to get a camera. I got one and a tripod that weighs more than I do, and I made the trek back to Kresge with a huge case, a huge bag, my huge backpack while wearing a thick jacket and Uggs in 90 degree weather. Then I made sure the camera worked and whatnot and left to go to Jill's house around 4. The bus was late so I missed the first 68 bus that would take me over there. Then I got on and I met some nice guy/girl named Sara who was telling me about his/her adventures as a traveler. That's how s/he ended up at Santa Cruz. Then I got off at Lake & Lago with Sara and s/he gave me a map, and we went out separate ways. I found Jill's house and conducted the first 1/3 of our interview. Surprisingly, it was very fun and interesting. I'm really excited for our next interview. We talked for over 2 hours straight, but unfortunately I only had 2 hours worth of tape. It was awesome. Then I left, and halfway to some mysterious bus stop, I realized that I didn't have my ID card. I poked through all my things, and couldn't find anything, so I headed back to Jill's house to see if anything was there. None. I now have no ID card and no money and no way of getting back home. So she gave me $4 to take the bus. Maybe $5, and in my retarded frenzy, I probably dropped the dollar somewhere. I couldn't find the bus stop that I was supposed to, so I walked up and down some street for 30 minutes until I went into a restaurant to ask someone. Then I waited at the bus stop for 30 minutes while the bus was late. Then I went back here. And apparently my apartment had a dance party complete with a stripper pole. Then I got my boob touched by some drunk guy from the annoying upstairs.
And now I am here, tired, upset, less stressed, and HUNGRY AS HELL. I haven't eaten anything all day, and I was planning on going to the dining hall on my way home, but I guess that can't happen. Because I have no way of proving that I have a meal plan. Fucking retarded. I hope I can get this sorted out tomorrow...

Monday, October 20, 2008

No Life

The best thing about being SO FAR away at college is that people think I can just drop everything to pop back home randomly on weekdays. Not like I don't have classes or any obligations or anything. Next time anything happens to me, I'll make sure that they come immediately. Not like they don't have obligations or anything, right?

On a random note, or several random notes...
The FedEx guy at Longs gave me a mini pumpkin today!
I found a third tree sitter, hidden mysteriously above me. I always wondered why that orange cone was there. Now, I know why!
I saw a guy on a bike get hit by a car last week! I forgot to blog about it.
In my Documenting Oral History class, there's a girl whose lower half of her face looks like the Joker's. NOT EVEN KIDDING. It even moves similarly. It sort of freaks me out, a lot. I always stared at her oddly in class to try and figure it out. Now I have.
I hate buses and missing them. Yesterday, a bus left me behind. Today, I was more assertive and I banged violently on the door, and the bus stopped and let me on. Then some guy made fun of me. It's not my fault the stop lights don't change fast enough.

Watch this video. It's very insightful.

In fact, check this shit out. Your life will change. Not gonna lie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


One thing I have never understood is why people who are under the impression that they listen to metal think that it's okay to talk down to me when I ask them what type of metal they listen to. Seriously, I had two conversations today that went like this:

Me: Oh hi! You lyk da metalz?
Metalhead Who Thinks He's Such a Badass (MWTHSABA): Yes. (grunt, snott,y rich bitch sort of look)
Me: What type of metal are you into?
MWTHSABA: The GOOD kind. (grunt, snort, more snotty, rich bitch looks)
Me (rolling my eyes in my head): Like what?
MWTHSABA: Like Killswitch Engage, dude. Or Dimmu Borgir! Yeah man, Pantera and shit.
Me: Right.

Are you fucking serious? Are you really going to pretend that you are so elite when the first band you name is Killswitch Engage? You are really going to talk to me, the Gore Princess, like I'm some idiot who doesn't know shit, and tell me that the most metalz of all metalz is Killswitch fucking Engage. You need to be kicked in the dick.
Fucking idiots who don't know shit. Negative metal points for you.

Also, today at Longs I met this fat Mexican guy in a Decrepit Birth. I was like oh hello, fat Mexican, you like Decrepit Birth? Then he told me no. His wife bought it for him in Davenport. I was :(

Saturday, October 18, 2008

College is Boring

Today, I have nothing to do. At all. I went and got food earlier. Now I'm sitting here listening to the Jonas Brothers while my roommate grimaces. I'm tempted to turn up the bass and the volume out of spite, but I'm a nice person. I am still playing it through my speakers though. I'm not that nice.
I'm considering tinkering with an essay I have due on Tuesday. But I don't feel like it, so I will sit here and flip through music some more.
I tried to be productive and deal with Verizon and Wells Fargo earlier today, but that just pissed me off. I have a half receptive phone and a check that needs to be deposited into a bank account with an unknown PIN. I think when I go home next weekend for Homecoming, I will get another refurbished phone that doesn't restart randomly on me. I can't wait until Verizon comes out with new phones that I like (read: not touchscreen, a separate numeric on the front & QWERTY keypad--either slide out or flip open, with a screen that is big enough to look at things unlike the enV2). And then I need to go to Wells Fargo. The only one here is inconvenient and downtown, aka an hour away.
This has been pointless. More Jonas Brothers!


Mmmm. Hands down my drink of choice. And holy shit, I basically finished a fifth by myself. Okay, well it was over the course of two days because I'm a little Asian girl, but I knocked back half of that shit in like 30-45 minutes last night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

High School Musical 3

One thing I miss about home is having people to be absolutely ridiculous with. I miss having a group of people to watch "Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill" with. I miss being able to drive around and blast High School Musical or Demi Lovato or the Jonas Brothers. All the squealing and fun-ness of being retarded teenage girls. I miss it a lot.
I just get made fun of a lot here.

Also, the answer to yesterday's pop quiz was C. All of the above.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

College is Homosexual

So today I
a. saw boobs.
b. was felt up.
c. all of the above.

Pick the right answer. You get a cookie if you win.


I'm so pissed my hands are shaking right now. Tonight was the angriest I've been since college started. Oddly enough, it was just the tip of how furious I can be. It was like almost midnight when I started to shower, like I usually do. I brushed by teeth, urinated, defacated, undressed, the daily ritual, and hopped into the shower. I performed my usual shower ablutions, washed my hair, conditioned, washed my body, shaved, etc. My shower time is very sacred to me. It's the only time where I get to truly be alone and unwind. (No, not in that sense! Pervert.) It's how I start the end to my day, how I relax before I go to sleep. It's the place where I gather my thoughts and try to make sense of things. The cleansing is both literally and metaphorically.
And then there was loud, incessant banging like the end of the world was near on my door interrupting whatever it was I was thinking about. Naturally, I was like uh, WTF? So I called out "What?" I shouldn't have been surprised. It was my rude, selfish roommate Jeremy banging on the door asking when I would be done because, oooh no, his precious toofbrush is in here, and he had to brush his teeth right this instant. To that, I responded with a big fuck off.
Now my shower was interrupted and I was basically done, so I toweled off. And then the most brilliant of brilliant Paulina thoughts popped into my head. Take as long as I could out of spite! So I did. I spent time deliberately putting my clothes on, and retoweling myself off. I brushed my teeth. Again. And this time, I also flossed. The first time, I didn't because I wanted to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible, but if someone was going to be so rude, of course, I should take longer. Then I toweled my hair, and put it up in a turban. toweled it again, and turbaned it. And stared at myself in the mirror for a few minutes. Emptied water out of the basket I use to keep all my shit in. Stared at myself some more. Chased imaginary butterflies. Frolicked in an imaginary meadow. Stared. Things of that sort.
Then I finally left. I opened the door, glared at the fucker sitting on the couch, and stormed into my room, and finished with a righteous door slam that caused another earthquake in China. I started throwing all my shit around while Eli & Lisa were watching "Heroes". I hope I didn't interrupt. Then one of my other roommates, nice girl, Anya, came running in and was like "Paulina! Are you okay?" to which I unleashed my furious tangent of Jeremy = piece of shit inconsiderate fuck this fucking that rude bitch what the fuck inconsiderate if he wanted his stupid fucking toothbrush maybe he should of asked instead of rudely inconsiderately fucking banging on the do-fuck-or shit fuck stupid fuck fucking fuck. Then I apologized for yelling at her, and I sat down at my computer to finish my post-shower ablutions that I do not bring with me into the bathroom for fear of hogging it.
Then there was more running down the hallway and a knock on the door. Nobody said come in, and golly gee whiz, Santa Claus popped in! Not. It was Jeremy trying to apologize and be annoying. So I yelled at him some more about him being a fucking rude, inconsiderate fucker. And he stammered a few times and ran around what parts of my desk that he could to make eye contact with me, but then I opened up the bane of my existence, Facebook, and I told him I didn't want to fucking talk to him. He stammered some more, and I told him to fuck off, so he left.
I'm still angry, but I feel calm, if that makes any sense.
Good night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College is Productive

This is my average night (not in any order):
1. Facebook.
2. MySpace.
3. Bumper Stickers--yes, they deserve their own number.
4. TV.
5. N64 in the form of Banjo Kazooie, Star Fox, or Super Smash Brothers.
6. Pretend to write papers while having a mini dance party.
7. Photobooth.
8. Skype.
9. Gmail.
10. AIM.
11. Food.
12. Food.
13. Food.
14. Text.
15. Racism.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Mail!

I love my friendsies and such. Yesterday, I checked my mail box and I had FOUR THINGS. One was a package from my mom with a CD in it containing Microsoft Office 2003, the far superior version to Microsoft Office 2007. A postcard from the one and only Natalie A. Tyson with a picture of my Berkeley metalhead friend. Well, he doesn't know it yet, but he is my friend. A little card from my cousin, Jessica! It's super cute and Asian. And a super cute and Asian card/letter from Katherine! Yay!
My dad left for Asia yesterday so I called him before he left so he can get me super ridiculously Asian stationary to write to people with. You know, ones that say like "Song bird get far from heart love him long time no her." Something like that. For now, I must resort to ugly binder paper. I don't even have cardstock (or colorz, for that matter) to make cool cards with. Lame.

Day 25 (10/13/08): Robert the metalhead on the bus in a Slayer shirt who likes the Faceless and didn't know about the Faceless show on November 14th. I had a somewhat awkward encounter with him because I was talking fast and excitedly and a huge spitwad flew out of my mouth and landed somewhere. I think on my backpack. And Chris the Kresge East-residing, Immortal, listening metalhead who I met at Longs!!! )

Total: 21
Legit Total: 15
Not bad :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cool, and Not Cool

A few days ago, Joe B. Kim, Monta Vista math teacher extraordinaire, texted me asking me if I was busy around noon today. I said no, because I wasn't, and we went out to lunch today! It was pretty cool. He is very tan. He also drives a white 325i, an e36, that he wants to keep on the DL, though I don't know why he'd do that. He said that one of his friends just gave it to him! And his friend kept it in terrible shape. The paint is peeling and fading, and so are the logos. The headlights are dirty and scratched up. I told Mr. Kim that if he ever didn't want it anymore, he can give it to me. So I hope he does!!!
Anyway, I keep missing the bus, and it makes me really, really sad. :(
Also, all of my roommates think I am very racist because I talk in accents (read: yellow and brown) to Indian people; I dance to dinga dinga dinga dinga (you know, bhangra), and stuff like that. Since when did my life emulate racism? The only way to fix this situation would be for everyone (read: everyone) to come visit, and WE WILL ALL BE BLACK, BROWN, AND YELLOW like a bruise for a few days! Perhaps while belligerantly drunk. Or not belligerant.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today, I was in the 9/10 Dining Hall, and I saw Militza's asscheeks. It was somewhat horrifying.
Yes, I do think this topic deserves it's own post, purely because of the shock and scare factor.
Also, this is along the same vein. I had to clean the bathroom with the shower today with Jeremy. He already cleaned the toilet and the counters, so I was stuck with the shower. I found lots of pubes. Nasty.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes. Awesome. Ballin'. Cool.
There is a fatty here. And she is disgusting. I think I will throw her out. But I am afraid her cellulite and jiggles will infect me. She keeps showing her asscrack. I want to throw up, and not because of alcohol. I think I will make a new apartment rule. No fatties allowed.

Edit: Holy shit. Fuck the fatty. She's wasted and wailing and crawling on the floor with her pants off. It is disgusting. Everyone is trying to put her to bed so they don't have to deal with it. She is putting a great amount of resistance. I think what they need to do is clobber her a few times so she passes out. Then they can throw her outside for the 'coons. Holy shit. I can fucking hear her and my door is closed and I am dancing by myself to Tyga's Coconut Juice. Jagermeister is the world's greatest liquor. I will go have another shot to rid myself of this horridness.

No, I am not a bitch. I am stating the truth. You would be saying the same thing.

Day 22 (10/10/08): Taylor! I met him on the bus a few days ago actually. He was in a Kreator shirt. He has BIG, POOFY HAIR. He listens to all metal but he likes thrash the best. I am burning him "Swansong". :) Benny. I chased him into a nerd shop (who am I to speak? I listen to metal... and at this moment, the nerdiest metal of all, power metal) because I saw an Anthrax shirt and long hair. He kind of listens to metal. A lot of thrash. Does Santa Cruz just attract thrash kids?

Total: 19
Legit Total: 13

Oh, Robert, Lauryn, and Erin (Scotty Excluded)

One thing I've noticed about college, especially with regards to writing essays and such, is that some people are complete idiots. Like, seriously, I wonder how they got into college. I am by no means a good writer. I am a decent one, at best. In fact, I think I'm pretty terrible, but there is a noticeable difference between the style and diction of my prose and theirs. Maybe I was really lucky and had fairly awesome lit teachers throughout my years of high school.
Mrs. Robbins was fucking bomb, and taught me how to write decent essays complete with fascinating introductions and Big Idea conclusions. Gahagan was... cool. I don't remember what she taught me. And Mr. Javier's class was a struggle for me to pass and write essays up to his excellent standard. I barely got a B first semester. Catrette's class was a joke.
Okay, well, like the other people's essays in my class, I have no thought and no direction about this blog.
The moral of the story is I guess I write good essays. That's what everyone says. This is terrible. I will never get any feedback on how to make them better. *sad face*

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Oh yes indeed. I want the economy to be less shitty so I can afford to buy things from Europe like

without paying close to a hundred dollars for it. It's fucking ridiculous! The sweatshirt alone is 37.98 Euros, equivalent to $52. Add on twenty fucking six Euros, a whopping I kid you not $36, for shipping, and you have a ridiculously overpriced, badass, Paulina-sized Amon Amarth sweatshirt. I hate to say it, but fucking swindling Swedes. Don't they realize that most metalheads are poor bastards unless they have Mommy and Daddy to buy them CDs & shirrts with torn vaginas, eaten penises and whatnot on the front?

Also, I don't understand. How can it cost TWENTY FUCKING SIX EUROS for a sweatshirt to ship? Especially if it's a girl sized one, AKA not as big or heavy. Take a look at this Bloodbath jacket.

It's a jacket. You know, a style similar to a sweatshirt. This one is 30 Euros, or $41, INCLUDING shipping within the United States. They tack on an additional 5 Euros, a mere $8, for shipping ANYWHERE outside the United States. So how can the 26 Euros for shipping be justified. Like I said before... Fucking swindling Germans :(
Anyway the moral of the story is... The state of the economy is sad, like the state of my heart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Epic Mail

I've been expecting a package of Epic Proportions from Brad because he hinted at one. He told me he mailed it Saturday morning so today after my core class, I went to the mail room. I had a letter from Wells Fargo for my Asian self with my Asian debit card. No package slip. I checked the mailing center attendant times, and the person was going to be in at 12. I decided that I would come back and check. An hour later, I came back and I checked! I had a package slip. It said I needed my ID to pick up my package, so I began to sprint back to my room. Halfway there, I stopped because I remembered that I had my ID on me, so I sprinted back. I threw the slip and my ID at the Mailroom Dude, and waited in anticipation. The package slip indicated that it was a small package; however, the box that Brad and I have been using to mail each other things is an average sized shoe box. Not exactly little. The Mailroom Dude emerged with the shoebox, and my excitement increased tenfold. I ran back to my room through the front door to show off my awesome package, then sprinted to my room to open it. This is what I found.

1. Awesome, delicious cookies that Brad baked for me!
2. Stephen King's Insomnia
3. A purple glove from our first doctor's visit together!
4. My swimsuit that I left in his mom's car.
5. Body butter by Yes to Carrots, my new favorite skincare line.
6. A Mach 5 car from Mike, Brad's little brother.
7. A letter<3
8. My green socks that I left in his socks.
9. All five chapsticks (cherry, carrot, melon, mint, & citrus) by Yes to Carrots!
10. Silk pajamas from Brad's grandma that I asked her to make me when I visited back in August!

To Supplement GLORIOUS

This is from Johan Hegg's Kodak moment halfway through Amon Amarth's set at Slim's. I'M IN THIS. Well, a part of me is because I am short. Regardless, this moment has been documented for all of history. See if you can find me! Look towards the middle, then move your eyes slightly to the left. Look for the smallest hand, looking like it is poking into a hairy armpit, and THAT'S ME. Fucking glorious.

Day 18 (10/6/08): Yesterday, I was coming home from work on the bus. At a stop before my college, a metalhead got on! He was wearing some obscure black metal shirt. He walked behind me and I didn't really pay any attention because I was stuck next to the window and some stinky guy. The bus stopped at Kresge and I got off, and I made eye contact with Obscure Black Metal Man. I threw up the horns at him and he glared at me. Sadness.
Day 19 (10/7/08): I spotted someone in a Meshuggah shirt during a break from my Aquatic Toxicology class today. He may or may not be metal.

Total: 17
Legit Total: 11

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last night, I went to San Francisco to see AMON AMARTH, one of my most favorite bands.
The Aborted were up first. Nothing spectacular. I got squished against Fatty #1, which wasn't too bad, considering he had cushion. Fatty #2, his friend, was being an annoying fatty. Seriously, his vocabulary consisted of three words & their respective variations: fuck, douchebag, and faggot. And that was what he kept yelling at the Aborted. He continued this through Belphegor. I used to listen to Belphegor a lot. They put on a pretty goodshow, but I don't know. I wasn't too into them.  Then came Ensiferum, which is when it started getting crazy. I got pushed over behind this girl, and I kept getting rubbed on and I felt very awkward. I don't really listen to Ensiferum, so they didn't really matter much to me. They put on a great show though., so that was fun. Then finally AMON AMARTH came on! And it was the best thing ever! I absolutely went crazy even though I was squished. Their setlist was "Twilight of the Thundergod", "Runes to my Memory", "Asator", "North Sea Storm", "Free Will Sacrifice", "Valhalla Awaits Me", "Guardians of Asgaard", "Fate of Norns", "Where is Your God Now", "Where Silent Gods Stand Guard". And then they encored with "Cry of the Black Birds" and "Pursuit of Vikings". It was absolutely crazy and super fun.
After the show, Theo, Heidi, & I waited outside in the rain for Amon Amarth to come out so we could meet them! Little Johan came out first, but then ran into the bus super fast. Ted came out after, and that's when people made their way over. I got his autograph. Then Ollie came out, and he's always hilarious to listen to. I got his autograph as well. And then Big Johan came out! And then I got his autograph too! So 3 out of 5 is not bad, since I have their autographs on pictures & on a CD booklet. The three of us were hanging around chilling, waiting for Frederik and maybe Little Johan. I started talking to Alina, who does lots of band photography and is totally awesome, and one of the road guys, Steve. Then Steve gave Alina and me a five minute hug. It was a little awkward. But it was kind of hilarious. Also, I met Petri Lindroos from Ensiferum and I got a picture with him! Except it's on Alina's camera since mine died.
Best concert ever.

Friday, October 3, 2008


This is the first time I've legitimately gone home this school year, and frankly, I won't be doing it often. Save for concerts and whatnot. I took the Highway 17 Express back from Santa Cruz for $4, and I am never standing up on it again. I got there around 1 o'clock and there was a long line for the bus. Two people before me, the bus driver stopped people from boarding and said that if we were willing to stand the entire ride, and not wait an hour for the next bus, he'd let us on. I thought to myself, Hmmm, I don't want to wait. I'll just stand. Good idea, right? Wrong. It was the worst Highway 17 trip I've ever taken. Complete with nausea and motion sickness, and cigarette-stenched people surrounding me. I will never stand on that bus again.
Now I'm home, and I wish I weren't home. I mean it's nice, but it's different. My parents keep bothering. Everyone's fucked up my stuff. Things are generally annoying. I'm going to go nap and get ready for VIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


One thing that I have always enjoyed is mail. After several days of opening up my mailbox to emptiness, and sometimes creeper-like behaviors, today, I received mail! Mail, to me, is similar to running downstairs to see what Santa left under your tree on Christmas morning. I love it. I hate empty mail boxes. There's so much fun in seeing a white gleaming envelope, or even a package on your doorstep (in college cases, a slip saying "YOU HAS PACKAGE!" which I have yet to receive). I don't know. It's just fun. I like sending letters, and I like receiving them. So if you want to write me, send me a picture, anything! Even a hair, an ad, a tooth, a picture of the metalhead in your French class (*coughNataliecough*), feel free to do so! I'll email you my address.

Oh and what did I receive?
A paycheck from Longs, mailed by my mommy. Sadly, no letter was attached.
My debit card from Wells Fargo for my Russian self. A somewhat (not) funny story. On Move-In Day, I signed myself up for another debit card, this time from Wells Fargo, for my new Longs paychecks & as my spending account so I can save whatever is in my Bank of America account. Wells Fargo was on campus, so I thought I would seize the opportunity to do so. Everything was all fine and dandy until I went to log on to my Wells Fargo online account several days later to find out that I am now a Russian Asian named Pavlina Dao. (lol, one of my roommates is currently smoking weed with his door open and now my room stinks. Joyous.)
A letter saying that my credit card application that occured in conjunction with my debit card has been denied. I assume that this occured because the idiot who typed all my stuff up thought I was a Russian Asian. I don't need a credit card, however, it would be fairly useful in case I overdraft. Then the bank would just pull the overdraft from my credit card, so I would not have any strange fees. I would just need to pay off my credit card. Lamesies.

Day 12 (9/30/08):
Michael the Opeth fanboy. I went to the Porter/Kresge dining hall by myself. Got all my food, and I spotted his semi-long haired, Opeth t-shirt wearing body as I was looking for a place to sit. He is an Opeth fanboy, if that has not yet been made obvious.
Day 13 (10/1/08): Epica boy. Not many people would know who they are unless they listened to metal, so I deem him a metalhead. Impaled boy with afro. Yes, some guy wearing an Impaled shirt. I saw him on my way to class, and presumably he was on his way to class. No words were exchanged, but I did get to throw the horns at him. METAL.

Total: 15
Legit Total: 10

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Epic Fail

Last night, Ian and I set out to go to a bonfire of seemingly epic (according to Facebook attendance) proportions. With seemingly epic proportions it should be rad, right? WRONG. Wrong to the wrongest of wrong times INFINITY. Ian and I hopped on the Santa Cruz Metro as it cruised around UCSC picking people up from colleges and dropping them off before heading into the city. It picked up a bunch of Cowell people heading to the bonfire, so we ended up going with them to Seabright.
I met this cool guy named Casey. We talked almost the entire way there, and then he ditched me. I guess he didn't want to be friends. Speaking of friends, I will make a post for that later. Maybe.
Finally, we got to the Seabright cliff and then I climbed down and lumbered around. We found out that the event was unorganized. The organizer had no idea as to what she was doing, we had no wood or anything. Everyone went to mooch off other bonfires, so Ian and I peaced out.
We went to eat Mexican food, and went back to my apartment where we proceeded to get very drunk. Well, I did. And we watched a terrible 50 Cent movie on BET. Then Brad came home and I went to go talk to him, but I felt really sick, so I somehow made it into my bed and passed out. The end.

Also, I forgot, lol. At the bonfire, some kid started talking to me because he thought I had alcohol. Except I was carrying a water bottle with water in it. You know, like the name implies. Idiot.

Day 10 (9/28/08): Ned! I met him in the College 8 dining hall while I was with Anya, Nolan, Paul, and Jeremy. Anya and I think he is very cute, so we added him on Facebook! He was wearing a Death shirt. Definitely metal. I also looked at his music list on Facebook and... HE LISTENS TO BLOODBATH! Love Bloodbath hellza!

Total: 12
Legit Total: 7

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Or that's what everyone seems like at 1:30PM on a Saturday afternoon. Or perhaps I am just a little crazy. I've been hitting the sack before 1AM every night, save for one, for the past week that I've been at roommate. Likewise my roommates, save for Paul, Jeremy & Jay, and sometimes Anya. It's kind of weird, but kind of nice. I get up at a decent hour, and I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. It's a first, and I wonder how long this will last.
Oddly enough, I've finished almost all of my homework. They just need to be typed or written down. Oddly enough, I cleaned the kitchen and took out the recycling. I almost never do chores. So now I'm sitting here in my room, figuring out what I should do before I head to the beach. I have a few choices:
- dick around on the internet, which I'm tired of doing.
- homework, which is what I should do so I have the rest of the weekend free
- headbang to Amon Amarth's new album, which is what I am doing

I feel like being productive.

Also, yet another update on the tree sitters. There is ONE MORE in the tree across from tree sitter #1 with the blue tarp. There is a banner/line thing that hangs between the two. And this tree sitter has a banner hanging up. I will take pictures of it later.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Random Update

Not much to say, but I finished my first round of classes today.

Kresge Core - Fuck this class. It's going to be a pain in my ass. However, the TA is pretty chill. Maybe kind of crazy.

Aquatic Toxicology - I think I'm going to love this class. The professor keeps saying that we're all going to break up with our significant others and get really stressed out and die. However, it should be interesting. Also, at my first class, I sat next to this guy named Chris and this other guy named Mike. They seem pretty cool.

Documenting Oral History - I got lost on my way to this class today, but the teacher was very nice about it. She's some crazy Sybill Trelawney channeling lady. Not even kidding. Very loose, flowy, kind of spacey. Today, she stood on one leg with both arms out on either side of her and sort of just wobbled back and forth talking about change. Should be fun. I like :)

Today documents my first official week of being a college student. Not too bad so far. I love my roommates. They're all super chill and we get along great. My classes seem pretty cool. I love my college. I'm happy here. Yay!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Survive UCSC (Or College) According to Joe the Janitor

Last night, Ian and I went on another adventure to go find our classes. Ian got off at the wrong bus stop, so I spent some time wandering around Science Hill by the bus stop. I found a sign warning pedestrians about tree sitters, so I pondered about whether or not there were actually tree sitters up there. Finally, Ian showed up and I showed him the tree sitters. We shouted "HELLO!" but we got no response. We walked back to my apartment to get a camera to take pictures, and decided to look with a flashlight in the trees! But we couldn't see anything. We found the building that my class was in for tomorrow morning, and went to Oakes to find Ian's class. On the way to the bus stop, I saw a sign in a classroom window that said "GO HOME PROTESTERS." (Crazy Santa Cruz people!) Then we journeyed via bus to Oakes. I knew where Ian's class was since it was where I went to find out my undeclared major-ness, so I showed him and proceeded to sit down in a chair next to an ashtray and a trashcan. Ian stood around looking awkward. Within a minute or so, someone came out of the building that we were sitting next to. He whipped out a cigarette. I whipped out a cough drop. He lit his. I unwrapped mine. He placed his in his mouth. I popped mine into my mouth. "Oh goooooood, you smoke too!" "Actually no, it's just a cough drop." was the first exchange. From there, he proceeded to tell us stories and mumbles laced with bits and pieces of advice from the thirty something years he's worked here.
1. "Don't get caught up in all the yakkity yak yak yak." Then he told us a story about a cat named Socrates who lived at Stevenson and how students would always nuke him and feed him various drugs. He also told us a tale about how some guy named Robert would one day be buried next to Socrates.
2. "Fight the man." Back in the day, Kresge used to have Woodstock-like concerts called Kresge Day where people would drink, smoke, hang off balconies, and have an awesome time while listening to live music. Back in the day, the UCSC farm had donkeys, but some idiot lady fed a donkey carrots and then tried to run away, so the donkey bit her ass. Back in the day, UCSC used to be very chill, but not anymore. These days, there are lots of policies and rules that students and faculty must abide by. Everyone follows them, and nobody, or an insignificant amount of people, tries to fight it, so control just gets tighter.
3. "Break the ice." He told us a story about this one girl who was in one of the Science Hill buildings. He would always say hi to her, and one day, she said to him, "Joe! I'm so glad you're here, because in the seven and a half months that I've been here, you're the only person who says hi to me!" So don't walk around with your head down, because that's what everyone is doing.

I think that's it.
Going back to the tree sitters part... this morning, I went to my first class and I passed by Tree Sitters Way. I looked up in the tree and I saw a blue tarp-like entity. TREE SITTER!

On another note, at my first class/discussion today, there were four other people, no TA, no teacher. The moral of this story? If there are no lectures before discussions, don't go.

Also, yesterday, I ate dinner in the Porter/Kresge dining hall by myself, and two CSOs joined me for great funz & lolz. It was interesting.

Day 6 (9/24/2008): Joey the Wintersun t-shirt wearing man. He lives at Stevenson and wears metal t-shirts so he can meet people with similar interests. Such as myself!
Day 7 (9/25/2008): Facebook guy named Chris who listens to At the Gates. I'm not sure if he's a real metalhead, but he might be. For the time being, I will not list him under legit.

Total: 11
Legit Total: 6