Saturday, June 27, 2009


Again, and I'm crawling into a hole until school/work starts. Hate this feeling that I get everytime he's gone.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things That Are Cool & Things That Are Not Cool

Things That Are Cool
- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
- seeing movies opening night
- water beds
- delicious food
- going to the beach
- painting my nails
- painting Mike's nails (lol)
- kisses
- boyfriend
- nice hair
- Taylor Swift
- Summer Slaughter
- Ben & Jerry's ice cream
- potential beer pong
- Dead Guy
- making money
- Facebook Scrabble (play me!)

Things That Are Not Cool
allergies (not me)
- hot weather
- shitty weather for the coast
- being hungry
- crap hair
- fucking up painted nails
- people contacting me out of the blue under the pretense of wanting to hang out, except they only really need alcohol. Good thing I'm out of the state.
- my back hurting
- not playing volleyball for two weeks
- leaving in a few days
- going back to work
- school
- 3.44
- Facebook Scrabble

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ape Cave

Today, Brad and I went with Zane, Nathan, and Savannah to this place called Ape Cave up past Woodland. Brad told me that it was a lava tunnel. It was super awesome. Half of the cave is kind of boring and flat and you have to turn around once you reach the end. The other half of the cave is awesome and adventure-y. We walked the first half and back. Then we got to the entrance and decided to go through the second half. We climbed lots of giant piles of rocks and dodged giant rocks. There was one part where it was pretty much like rock climbing and it was cool!
It was also kind of freaky though. The cave was pitch black and ever since I saw the Descent, I've kind of been freaked out by caves. I was clutching Brad's hand for a good deal of the way and I made him walk behind me always.
Also, the cave is tricky because about 3/4 of the way through, there's an opening in the roof where you could potentially climb out but it is really wet and slippery. We walked by and two people threw things at us and laughed. I wanted to climb out like a badass and assault them, but I didn't because I am nice.
Awesome adventures are awesome.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life in Washington

Yesterday, Brad and I went to the zoo to see the lions. We got jewed :( We were very sad. First, ticket prices went up FIFTY CENTS from when we were there April '08. Second, the lion exhibit wasn't open even though when we went in April, there was a sign that said it would be back Spring '09. And third, the primate exhibit was under construction too! HOW LAME IS THAT!!! We paid $10.50 to see not the entire zoo!!!
But that's okay because afterwards, Brad let me drag him around Washington Square Mall and through Macy's, Nordstrom, Aritzia, A&F, a giant F21 (not as big as SF, but close), Metropark, and Sanrio for a few hours. It was awesome! Surprisingly enough, I only purchased a shitload of stationery from Sanrio with NO SALES TAX. :( I didn't really like anything I tried on, or the selection of clothing. I was eyeing a few pairs of True Religions, but I decided against them... On second thought, maybe I should get them because there is NO SALES TAX. But then again, I can always get them from Revolve or something online with NO SALES TAX and FREE SHIPPING.
Sometimes I forget why I love my boyfriend so much, especially when we fight and stuff. But then we have days where he lets me practically torture him just so I can do something that makes me really happy, and I remember why: he'd go through practically anything to make me laugh and smile. Also, he cooks for me and that is awesome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i really wish i was home right now more than anything.
sigh. in need of a hug or two.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm in Washington!
I'm playing in a beach tournament at the end of July!
I got a B in chemistry after I failed the second midterm. I got a B in my chem lab :( I thought I did better, but oh well.
I'm in Washington!
I'm about to eat nachos.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm done with school tomorrow! Yay!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I absolutely hate living with other people. This entire year has just proven to me over and over again as to why. I am so frustrated, irritated and angry right now. I am going to kill spoiled cunts tomorrow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is Weird

I can never remember exactly how old I am. It usually takes me several tries to get it right. When people ask me, it usually comes out of my mouth like this: "I'm sixtee--wait, seven--nope, eighteen... OH JUST KIDDING. I'm nineteen!!!". I don't feel like I'm 19. I don't even feel like I was 18, or even 17. Maybe 16. But I guess, I will always think of myself as that awkward, 14 year-old freshman with retarded bangs that stuck straight up when I played volleyball, no matter how old I get. Or at least until I'm married.
Also, when I turn 21, it will be really interesting to see how many times I get carded for looking like I'm 12. I can't wait. Or how many people won't believe that I'm actually legal legal.

On another note, the Transformers soundtrack is amazing. It gives me butterflies and I want to stand up and wave my arms like a really passionate conductor. You know, epic swells and little tiptoe portions and stuff. I miss band?

Okay, back to procrastinating.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IM Championships

They're tonight.
Domes are going to be rocked.
Motherfuckers are going down.
I'm amping myself up times a million right now.
Niggers shall hang.
There will be blood.
I'm excited.

Also, there might be some Chipotle to be had.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This Weekend

In three words: wow interesting drunk/delicious steak YUM

On Friday, Fusty, Sean, Lauren and I, plus two drunk fat bitch friends of Fusty's (ew), went to Fusty's friends' house, aptly named the Bro House, way out in BFE. Nobody was there yet, including Bodhi and Eliot, the guys who live there, so we waited and we waited. The party was supposed to start around 8, and it was 9. Finally, the two guys showed up with alcohol, and Chris needed to go pick up his friend. We left the two drunk fat bitch friends and pile into Chris's POS Ford Focus and went to BFE Soquel to pick up Aaron. Aaron appears at his door with moustaches for all. The drive to BFE Soquel was forgiven. We pile back into the car and drive back to BFE. Drinks, dance, and conversation were had by all, except Chris, who was DD. Occasionally the drunk fat bitches appear out of nowhere to annoy everyone and have one hang on Chris, until he finally took them back up to campus. Then an hour later he showed up to pick the rest of us. But that was after a cop showed up at the party and was like WTF IDIOT NEIGHBOR FOR CALLING IN THIS CHILL AND MELLOW PARTY WTF. And that was my Friday night.
On Saturday night, Dave & Ben threw an end-of-the-year/this-is-our-last-weekend-together/douchefag-is-gone party. It was spent very drunk with varying degrees of annoyed/anger. It also resulted in me getting punched in the eye and scratched. Might I add, I did nothing to provoke it. Puke nights suck. Also people making me angry while I'm drunk thus causing me to drink more suck too. But Jager and tequila rock.
Tonight, I went home with Tim, Fusty, Lauren, and Sean and my parents made us steak. It was righteous, thick, juicy, and manly: everything a steak should be. We had ourselves a feast, and we played foosball.
Now I am here. Now I am going to bed.