Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WOW, You're REALLY Idiots

I just got back from my chemistry lab. I hate chem lab, I really, really do. Chemistry sucks. My lab partners used to suck, but not anymore because I switched. My TA is cool, but his English sucks. Chem lab sucks. Anyway, today sucked as well. It involved a lot of waiting, and a lot of waiting. The experiment was split into three parts, and partners paired up with other partners to split up the parts so people had to do less work.
There was only one group in the entire class doing the last part. It looked like they'd finished, so I went to ask them about their results. They told me that they didn't finish. I asked them why because they were at the tables away from the lab area. They told me that their spectrometer (a device used to measure %T at various wavelengths) did not work so they threw away all their results. They told me that their SPECTROMETER DID NOT WORK SO THEY THREW AWAY ALL OF THEIR SOLUTIONS. ONE spectrometer out of TEN in the class did not work; it happened to be theirs so they THREW AWAY ALL OF THEIR SOLUTIONS. Has the absurdity of this action sunk in yet?
What type of inept retards do you have to be to throw away your solutions because the machine that you happen to be using is not functioning? What type of incompetent idiots do you have to be to not have the thought cross your mind that maybe you could use one of the other ten million spectrometers in the class? What type of complete dumbasses are you to not have common fucking sense pass through your brain? What type of inconsiderate assholes are you to simply throw away solutions that could be put in a different spectrometer so that the entire class can have results?
SERIOUSLY, what the HELL. It's cool if everyone had results. Whatever, your loss. It's a little bit more cool if someone else had done your part and you decided that you are too stupid to use another spectrometer and will instead copy their results. But it's not cool because you made everyone wait, and you made someone else do the part of the experiment to compensate for your complete fucking retarded, incompetent minds.
How are you even in college if you can't think of using another machine? How are you in college if you something so incredibly simple does not pass your mind? When your car runs out of gas, do you junk it because it "doesn't work"? When your computer crashes, do you throw it away because it "doesn't work"? If you can't figure out a calculation, do you just stop because it "doesn't work"? If your cellphone battery dies, do you throw your cellphone away because it is "broken"? If your pencil runs out of lead, or the lead breaks, or the point is dull, do you toss it because it "doesn't work"? Why is it then okay for you to throw away a bunch of solutions because your spectrometer doesn't work?
You're fucking idiots. I hope you get hit by a bus.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm at a point in my life where I want to strangle everyone I come into contact with. Maybe it's the stress. I don't really care. It does not matter who you are or how we are connected. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. Don't even look at me. Leave me alone. I don't like you and I hope you die.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volleyball: The Good and the Bad

The last time I blogged about volleyball, it was going pretty great. Now, it's a mixed bag. I've been taking the advanced volleyball class for a few quarters now just for funsies and some exercise. This quarter there are way more guys than there are girls, and in quarters past, it's been the opposite. This quarter, there are also way more people who think they know how to play volleyball when they really don't or they think they can play with the big kids. This results in the non-advanced players getting completely beat up on and lowering the level of play. So what does Selene do? She split the class up today into boys and girls. The last time she did that, I tried to sneak off to be a man, but I was reprimanded and sent to the girls. Today, I didn't even try and just accepted defeat, tucked my tail between my legs, and braced myself for a frustrating hour and a half of class. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when people are too inept to pass a ball coming directly at them, much less dropping within a one foot radius. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when a set is someone bumping the ball up randomly. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when someone shanks easy balls, so I gave up trying and spent the rest of the time trying to control my anger.
Today, however, did turn around when I went to go play intramurals with my new team. We kicked ass. And by kicked ass, I meant we completely dominated, and we have a very good chance of winning league. It was great. My friend, Alex, blocked about ten balls the first game which put us way ahead. I scored the game winning point by ripping a ball at my friend, Dave, and it got caught with him on his way down from the block. The second game, I served a good ten points, leaving the score 21-11 when we sided out. We won that game about 25-14? It was awesome. I didn't think it would be so, playing with people that I've never played with, and getting used to someone else's sets. We all worked together really well as a team, and I can sense that there's going to be no drama, and no people to hate this quarter. The terribleness of this morning has been rectified.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I Hate the Internet

I just finished my first of three midterms, so I think I am allowed to actually dabble around the internet now. Not that I wasn't in between sentences of reading my chemistry book and in between chemistry problems. I hate the internet. It prevents me from being productive. Correction, it prevents me from being effectively productive. I like reading fashion blogs and sometimes I get so hooked that I end up sitting for hours going through archives ooh-ing and ahh-ing. And then I'll see something I like which leads me to my second I hate the internet reason: I can't stop (pretend) online shopping! That in turn lead me to staying up till 3 in the morning for that past two nights while studying. At least I found some cool stuff...
Antik Batik embellished draped wool dress, Camilla Skovgaard satin chain-embellished sandals, Bottega Veneta Intreccatio-effect ring, and of course, Bottega Veneta stud-embellished Intreccatio clutch. I like the juxtaposition of hard and soft (that's what she said?), feminine, yet edgy, etc. etc. because that pretty much embodies who I am. I love metal, but I'm not some crazy Goth-ed out chick, and tossing little metal elements in here and there. The shoes (and I guess the ring) balance out the super girly-ness of the dress and clutch.
Okay, not going to lie, I'm picking all these outfits out based on the clutches. I don't know why, but I tend to gravitate towards purses when I browse online. You can never have too many! Well, you can never have too many clothes, shoes, or purses... Anyway, my main point was I pick outfits around bags. Clicking through Barney's, I found this Derek Lam Elsa python clutch, and it practically stopped my heart. The scales absolutely pop. I love the asymmetrical design of the clutch. And I don't really like yellow, but the color looks absolutely amazing on the Elsa python. There's a black python version as well, but the color didn't do justice for the skin. The clutch is paired with an Herve Leger dress, Christian Louboutins, and Oscar de la Renta earrings.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Debut

I mentioned previously that I made my first venture into the designer handbag world. This baby has been hiding in its dust bag in the Nordstrom bag that I brought it home in until this past weekend when I decided that I needed some Marc by Marc Jacobs in my life. So I brought it out to play! I'd been drooling over the gorgeous electric violet color all summer when I first got a peek at Nordstrom.com. When sheer luck brought me to find this on sale in Oregon, well, I couldn't resist. I clutched it gleefully as I made my way around the handbag department in the Nordstrom in Clackamas, Oregon, and it would not leave my hands. I just had to have it.
I'm not really sure what the exact name of this one is; I can't find it anywhere online, and believe me, I've looked as I drooled over a bunch of other Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. It's the Posh Turnlock something... clutch? I have no idea, but I couldn't care less. I love it. I love the color. I love the super soft, supple, pebbled leather. I love how I have to carefully choose what to put in it because it's so small. I love it! I know it's not a big bag, literally, in price, and in name, but I honestly could not have found a better way to start my handbag collection. I am in LOVE, and it makes me all giddy, excited and happy inside. :) Now that I have one, I can't wait to have many, many more (much to my wallet & boyfriend's dismay, but who cares!). The thrill and wonder of purchasing one rocks. I'm not sure of what to add next to my collection, but I'm eyeing the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 or 30 ($60 price difference) in Cassis Epi Leather... or maybe something easier on my wallet, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee Satchel in this gorgeous navy blue color (no idea what it's called). I'm not sure yet, but I am sure excited! And I'm in love!!!
PS - my room is not really that messy. It was like a one weekend thing.
PPS - I also have a cute Coach Skinny Mini in purple patent to debut. I got it to put wallet-y stuff in to put in the purse but I've been using it a lot more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Run or Not to Run?

Weather in Santa Cruz has taken a turn for the worse. Gone are the days of flip flops and shorts, well, for me at least. I can hardly stand below 75 degree weather without tossing on a giant, fluffy jacket of some sort. As sunny and hot skies bow out to cold, cloudy fall weather, a dilemma weighs heavily on my mind: the first rain, AKA the Naked Rain Run.
To run or not to run? A part of me feels like I should participate at least once in this tradition during my four years here as a story to tell my future kids or to say that I did it or something. The more practical part of me says that I will probably kill myself running around scantily clad (because I would actually run naked, right? Swimsuit or sports bra + spandex, ftw), and this heinous cold that keeps me bundled up in my room does not help either. I really want to, but I kind of don't at the same time.
Why couldn't it rain when it wasn't abysmally cold to prevent this sleep-depriving (not really) dilemma!? What would you do? Run, or say fuck it and wait until next year? Help/advice is greatly appreciated :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are You Retarded?

In the past five or so months, the trusty TI-34 II calculator that I have had since sixth grade decided to slowly degenerate in my loving hands. It has worked sporadically on and off, and usually the 1, 2, 3, sto=>, clear, divide, multiply, subtract, add, enter, delete, clear, and the right arrow. It has accompanied through many tests, and I am sorry to say this, but I believe it is time for it to never feel an electrical current run through its veins again. It is time for me to get a new calculator. And by new, I mean as cheap as possible.
Where is the best place for as cheap as possible? Amazon, of course. And then eBay! I had no such luck with Amazon. It looked like I was having no luck with eBay either, until I stumbled across this lovely gem. It is a used, TI-34 II with no cover selling on eBay for $77.77. Did you read it correctly? Yes, seventy seven dollars and seventy seven cents. Who in their right mind would attempt to sell a used, not even full TI-34 II calculator for almost a hundred bucks?! The thing brand spankin' new is not even worth HALF that much, although it is worth a third of that price...
I made an offer of $5 for the used TI-83 II calculator missing its cover. The owner responded with $24.99. $24.99?! For a used scientific calculator with a missing cover? I could get one brand new on Amazon for that, maybe even cheaper with good luck! I reluctantly increased my price to $10.00 with a note saying that his price was not worth it. He accepted the offer. My prior research saved me $8-12 because I paid $17.00 for it, including S&H! Yay. I hate when people try to Jew me.
Seriously though, this guy must have been delusional or something if he thought that his calculator was worth three times as much as a brand new one, excluding shipping and handling. People are so dumb.

Also, on a random sidenote: My blog is being visited by random fashion bloggers with a decent following? This is pretty cool because I like seeing what people wear on a daily basis even if I am too lazy/uninspired to attempt any sort of personal style other than jeans and a t-shirt. Too bad I don't really blog about anything really fashion relevant other than things I would like and occasional rants about outrageously priced things.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay, not gonna lie. I spend probably 80% of my time on the internet (pretend) online shopping, mostly because I don't have any money/I can't spend anymore money. Otherwise I'd have clothes out the wazoo. Anyway, back to the point... I was browsing around on ShopBop today and I somehow stumbled across these Siwy Sophie Skinny Jeans. They're like a reverse mullet, but in denim form. And they are $242.
WHAT. THE. HECK. Those jeans are TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO DOLLARS. Can they even be considered jeans? Is there even enough denim to qualify them as jeans? Why would you want random mesh on your legs anyway?
You could pretty much achieve the same look with footless tights and a pair of shorts or denim cutoffs or something AND you could save a crapton of money. How can you justify paying $242 for these when you aren't even getting a full premium denim product?! I can pretend to justify paying $150+ for jeans because I've definitely done that before. But paying $240 for three quarters of a pair?! Absolutely ridiculous. I hate clothes. We should all run around naked.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A WTF Moment, in a Bad Way

Today, my friends (Indian Alex and Mexican Tim) and I went to the gym after our calculus class. We are a cool group of people filled with retardedness and weirdness. It rocks. We walked through the core of campus and popped out by the bookstore. As we neared our destination, this other Indian guy--let's call him Indian Douche--popped out of nowhere and greeted Alex because somehow all Indian people know each other. I was falling behind because I had been pulling my spandex down, spacing out, talking to people except not because nobody was listening, so I ran down a hill to catch up to them. I noticed Indian Douche, and not wanting to be rude, I said hi, and continued doing what I was doing.
A thought struck my mind: there was a party tonight and I wasn't sure if Mexican Tim was going with us. So I asked him. He inquired about whose party it was, and I told him that it was my friend's friend's 21st birthday party. He said he didn't want to go to a 21st birthday party. I was slightly bewildered. Why wouldn't anyone want to go? Copious amounts of (free) alcohol! So I stated that obvious fact like this: "But there will be copious amounts of alcohol!" Then from behind me, I heard Indian Douche say, "Wow, that's a big word for you."
Excuse me, but what the fuck. I flipped out because I do not appreciate being called stupid. And I definitely do not appreciate a complete stranger insulting my intelligence. In the five minutes (or less) that I have known him, there was no indication of my intelligence level whatsoever outside of the conversation that he was listening to, which was little. Maybe it would be okay if one of my friends had said, haha, big word for Paulina, but not really. That is beside the point. How can someone who doesn't even know me call me stupid? Does talking about going to a party equate to idiocy and stupidity? Because if that's true, then everyone must be goddamn retarded. I could understand why he said that if I was talking about going to a party, getting absolutely hammered, and trying to find a guy to fuck. I could understand why he said that if I used the word, "copious", in the wrong context. I could understand why he said that if I were participating in a really retarded conversation (I can't think of one right now but just imagine a conversation that you hear dumb bitches talk about and pretend I'm talking with someone about that). But nowhere in our less than five minutes of interaction did I even have a chance to prove my stupidity (or lack thereof) to warrant said comment.
I was really mad at my friends because they were laughing at his comment so I called them out on it. They tried to play it off like it was a big word in relation to my size/height. First of all, my size/height and diction have no correlation whatsoever. If your thought process connects big word to big person, you should probably jump off the nearest cliff or bridge. You're stupid. Second of all, do they really think I am that stupid? Okay, this is not the best judge of intelligence, but if you compare our grades and test scores, mine are better by a long shot. And I am not stupid, because why would they be friends with me if copious was such a huge word for my usual vocabulary? And third of all, do they REALLY think I am that stupid to not spot their fucking bullshit from goddamn Pluto? Like I said before, size and diction have no relevancy whatsoever, and if you think that I'm going to believe that pathetic excuse, you better think again or brace yourself for a kick in the nuts.
So Indian Douche, you're fucking stupid for trying to talk shit to/about me. I don't know you, and I really don't care to, but if five minutes of walking next to someone is enough to warrant the idiot title, I have to say, you're a goddamn idiot. PS - I don't know what your vocabulary consists of but "copious" is not that big of a word.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow, You're an Idiot

This year at UCSC, we have new washing machines & dryers because people kept flicking pennies in through the quarter slot to save money on washing clothes. Although it is convenient for them, it is inconvenient for everyone else because it causes the machines to break and is a hassle when 700 students need to wash their clothes but only two or three out of six washing machines/dryers are functioning. The new washing machines & dryers are operated by a card that you have to load with money on the internet and then through a verification machine in the laundry room. This ensures that nobody breaks the machines by flicking pennies into it, and that the university gets their money from people doing their laundry.
Anyway, today, I went to retrieve my clothes from the dryer so I could head off to class. Inside the Kresge East laundry room was a boy. This boy asked me to help him get the washing machine to start because he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong. Clothes in the washing machine? Yup. Laundry detergent in? I assumed so. Card inserted? Wait, what card!? said the bewilderment on his face. This idiot had inserted quarters into a designated card slot on the two washing machines he was using.
First of all, are you an idiot? Second of all, are you an idiot? And third, I don't know what type of places you've been to, but nowhere in my nineteen and a half years and eleven days of existence have I ever seen a place where you could insert coins into card slots. Maybe it would be okay if there was a coin slot in addition to a card slot and he absentmindedly stuck it in the card slot. Unfortunately for him, there are only card slots on all washing machines and dryers.
How did someone like that get into college is what I'm wondering. Because if you're sticking coins into card slots and wondering why a machine isn't working, you should probably go back to kindergarten.