Friday, January 30, 2009


Today, I was very bored, so I decided to internet creep on some of my old teachers (ie. find them on Facebook), and then, I did it to myself! - I'm some weird girl in Japan. - it's actually me! - also me! - me! - me! - There's a Dao Paulina out there! - me on Shibi's blog! - I'm a nurse!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank God it's Almost Friday!

This week has been fairly strange. I haven't been able to keep track of what day it is, and all days seem to blend together/feel the same.
Monday, I had a midterm in chem and I was very sure I kicked ass! Yesterday, I got my midterm back, and I did kick ass. 97! I'm so mad though, I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a 100, but oh well. My Asian side is coming out.
Tuesday, volleyball class was canceled because Selene (women's volleyball coach) was sick. I was going to just go back to my apartment and study/do homework, but then I decided fuck it and I went with some people to go play on the sand courts down at OPERS. The level of play wasn't very high because none of us are used to sand, but it was very fun, and it was sort of a bonding activity. I love this class!
Wednesday, I just had class.
Today, volleyball went really well and it was awesome. My serving was ballin'. My passing was awesome, and my hits were KILLER. Ha ha ha. I've been conditioning and doing a lot of rope/footwork, and I can definitely see it helping. I'm jumping a lot higher and getting on top of the ball. It's awesome. I'm so determined to make the team.

UCSC Women's Volleyball 2009!

Also, today, I got my Asian stationery in the mail. You know those ones from Asia that say nonsensical things and are super cute and stuff. I love it!!! I was inspired by my cousin, Jessica, to get some because she sent me a cute letter in a cute envelope and I didn't want to just send back some ugly binder paper. I found this Etsy store, 3.5 Dollars, that sells this stuff for $3.50! What a steal! So I ordered two little cute sets. Yay! I love mail.

This is one of the things I ordered!

I was fairly bored one night and I researched how the post office works. It is such an amazing phenomenon! They have these machines that read handwriting and see the zipcode and where to send it to and stuff. And if you have the address wrong, the machines will correct it for you to what it thinks the location is! And they have dead mail centers where letters go that they can't read and they get scrutinized by people to be sent off. And then if they can't figure it out, the mail either gets destroyed or auctioned off! It's so cool! Wikipedia it!
Despite the semi-blandness of this week, last weekend, Brad and I decided that he is going to come down for Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend, and I am SO SUPERDUPERLY EXCITED. The majority of my apartment is going to be in Tahoe Friday-Monday (I think), so we'll have this room to ourselves and I won't have to deal with the awkwardness of sexiling them the entire weekend. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about the Thursday and Tuesday that they will be here, but I hope they understand. If not, um, it sucks to be them, I guess. They're not usually in here anyway since they do all their work in the living room, so maybe if the door is closed and stuff they will get the idea. That was probably too much info, but it is a bit of a dilemma and I'm not sure about what to do. I mean, from what I've gathered from various other people about significant others visiting, the general consensus is that the roommates go elsewhere for that duration to courteously give couples time to themselves, so I hope they do the same! I'm not quite sure about what we're going to be doing, but it will definitely involve going to the beach and seeing "Friday the 13th" and exploring downtown/campus and drinking and possibly smoking and whatnot. It should be fun. I'm excited!
Also, I googled sexiled images and this is what I got:

LOL, at this one.

Is this what my roommates will look like?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Try It!

1. Go to
2. Seach 8 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania 15212
3. Click Street View
4. Click left twice.
5. ?????
6. Profit!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Interesting Title

Today, my volleyball class was canceled. I was very sad. But then some of us went down to OPERS, rented a few beach balls and played on the sand court instead. It was less high level playing, more fun, which was nice. Bonding with other people and laughing endlessly is fun.
Tonight was the Porter/Kresge college night in the dining hall. The theme was Lunar New Year. The food was okay except the orange chicken which was KILLER. MMM. Then they had this international kung fu place putting on performances. When I got there, there was this little boy who was seriously like a roly poly wiggling on the ground and stuff. He was so adorable. All the Asian-ness reminded me of home, as in the Cupertino sense, not specifically my house.
Also, the kung fu place had those dragons with flappy mouths. I was standing with Nolan, looking for a place to sit down and he started gesturing behind me, but I didn't know what he was doing. All of a sudden, I felt something pulling on my hair and I turned and there was a BIG DRAGON with a BIG (tall) GUY standing there behind me. I waved. It was really awkward because everyone was sort of just watching me. That was my awkward moment of the day.

Monday, January 26, 2009



Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today was a good day! Lots of good things!
Katherine & Meher came to visit. That was ballin'. Short, but that's okay. Two weeks from now will be raging.
I made new friends because I went to my friend's apartment and played king's cup. That was cool. I made a funny rule. Every time the guys drank, they had to stand up and shake their butt. We played a version that had betting for five which was uncool. You basically have a card on your forehead that you can't see, and you go around the circle saying that you will do something if you have the lowest card (ie. "I will give everyone a hickey." or "I will do a super strikeout."). If you have the lowest card, you have to do it! Luckily, I narrowly scraped out of having the lowest card and having things done to me because I would have cried. (FYI, the ones I chose were "I will show people my butt." That wouldn't have been too bad because I have a nice butt. "I will bite Eugene (my friend)." Also not too terrible because I did not specify where. And in response to Kevin saying he will give me--haha, I just farted--a hickey, "I will pick my nose and flick my booger at him.") Yeah. I don't really want a hickey. And Eugene said that he would do a body shot off me and I don't want that either. Oh and Alyssa, one of the girls BAKED COOKIES. They were kind of small but ooeygooey delicious because they were fresh out of the oven.
Oh, and my friend, Chris, whose apartment I went to started hitting on me. It was very awkward so naturally, I had to start talking shit.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Britney Spears

I'm chillin', studyin' for my chem midterm on Monday, and listening to Britney Spears. "Circus" to be exact. My roommate just walked in and laughed at me because she couldn't understand why I would do that. Britney Spears is amazing. Bitches don't know what they're missing.
Also, I would very much like to go to her show when she hits up the HP Pavilion (I think, or the Warfield) in April. It's supposed to be badass. It's supposed to be like a REAL CIRCUS. CRAZY!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Cross your fingers for me, please. Don't ask why. Just do it.
If it works out, I will explain.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Things

1. I played volleyball today. Twice.
2. My friend's team wants me to play volleyball for their intramural team, which I did today, permanently. We're all short little Asians, but we dominated a team of tall white people.
3. I played for some random Spanish dude's team after that game because I wanted to play more and I made a new friend named Chris! He is 6'4 3/4" and 22 and not very good at volleyball.
4. I did not have to work today.
5. My hitting was BEASTLY today. I was putting balls away on a men's net. And on a women's net.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy Nerd-dom

I've never studied more in my entire life. This is crazy. If only I'd done this in high school... I wouldn't be going to Santa Cruz, haha.
I'm very determined to get an A in chem and in pre-calc, which explains this sudden influx of hitting the books. Oh well. This is why I'm going to school, right? Unlike the people who made this list below that I found on the wall of my living room.

Yes, I'm pretty sure they are serious. In case you couldn't tell, I did not partake in the creation of this list. I have no lesbian loving, snorting/smoking/injecting coke, or shrooming desires.

Also, today I saw one of the gayest guys I've seen in a while (save for men who are at Nordstrom. They are almost always gay.). He was wearing women's skinny jeans, the men's version of flats, a blouse, a blazer, and he toted a man purse--a murse, if I may. The people I was with (John, Nolan & Paul) and I got a kick out of that. It was kind of funny.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight, I spent a good three hours tutoring someone with their math homework. That is the strangest thing I've ever done. I hate math. I suck at math. But apparently not enough, because I tutored someone in a subject I haven't legitimately taken since my junior year of high school. Strange.

Also, work really sucks. I absolutely HATE my managers. They all have sticks up their asses. One manager has a fucking skyscraper lodged up there. I am not even kidding. I get bitched at for various things that I should not have to get bitched at. Like wearing black pants and black shoes, which is what the dress code is, and about how I am not allowed to wear that anymore. I'm really going to go out and buy new pants and new shoes (specifically, "ones that you can polish") just for a shitty ass job that I work part-time for, right? Because I clearly have an unlimited amount of money which is why I work at your shitty store and deal with your bullshit and condescending bitch attitude even though your job is really no better than mine. Gotcha.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Things

I'm having a lot of mixed days lately, seems like something always has to happen to counter out the awesome things, so I'm going to start making random lists of goodness in my day. After I bitch about something else, or complain, of course.

I have tremendous anxiety being in, near, or around my apartment. When I sit here in this room, doing whatever I do, I'm anxious. When I hear the doors open and shut, I'm on my toes getting ready. Why? Every day, the minute I walk through the door, I get bitched at. Every single fucking day. And it's fucking retarded because I should not be scared to come "home". I should not want to cry, or vomit, or both when I think about "home". I should not have to walk in and out of my room looking at stupid signs on the door about me. I should not have to be on my defenses all the time when I am here. Seriously. Sometimes it seems like people in college are even more immature than people in high school. I thought I left all that shit behind, but I guess not. Dumb.

Anyway, good things about today:
1. My chem textbook came in the mail today! YAY! I know, this is a semi-nerdy thing to be happy about, but now I can do my chem homework! FYI - one of my quarter goals is to get an A, if that gives me less nerd points.
2. My chem section TA is pretty funny, and there is a GUY IN MY CLASS ON THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM. I must befriend him. Haha.
3. I understand chemistry. Well, at least so far.
4. I have a new friend named Alex Kumar. He went to Fremont High School and played middle for their team. Oh and did I mention he knows GRANT JASMIN? (LOL, Natalie.) Also he wants to get together and play volleyball with me sometime.
5. I managed to get the schedule I wanted after much stalking of the website and frustration and fiddling around with it. SCORE. The only bad thing is Wednesdays are crazy. I have chem at 8 in the morning, precalc at 11am, chem section at 12:30pm, precalc section at 3:30pm, and writing 2 at 7pm. YIKES. Hopefully I don't get too tired.

And that's it for now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Part

about this week so far is that I got the schedule I wanted. And volleyball. I love volleyball.

I've also officially decided that I will be trying out for next year's team.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golly Gee

Tonight, I went to the bathroom to urinate, brush my teeth and wash my face, and change my clothes, etc. I'm happily doing whatever I was doing when I heard stomping and screaming and banging on a door. It was not the bathroom door, so I ignored it.
I finished whatever I was doing, and went back to my room where a bitchy princess was sitting at her desk rolling something or whatever. She starts going off on me about how I locked the door again, blah blah blah. I told her I didn't lock the door because I went to the bathroom. There is no need to lock the door to this room when I am conscious and in the building. Not to mention I did not even have my keys on me, so I couldn't have locked the door.
The locking mechanism will not allow me to lock the door, exit the room, and close the door. I  need to have my keys on me to lock the door from the outside, OR I would have had to close the door with me inside, lock it, leave through the side door, and enter through the front door of the apartment with all of my things. She was out in the living room, and I did not come in that way.
Therefore, I could not have locked the door.
Also, I'm not an idiot. Why would I lock myself out?

The moral of the story is it is really annoying getting bitched at every day.

People are really fucking irrational, and I really want to get out of here.
But the only reason stopping me is somewhat attributed to money and somewhat selfish. This small triple that is bigger than most small triples is easy on my parents' wallets. Also, I have a lot of space in this triple. Bear brought a bunch of Sterilite drawers that she keeps all her things in freeing up another two drawers for me in addition to my four. I have an entire hanging closet space to myself, and the shelf above that for miscellaneous knickknacks like my fan that keeps the room cool during the summer/fall that everyone loves to use, and my suitcase. I also have a bookcase next to my bed that I keep random things on just to piss Princess off because I know she so desperately wants that space despite having a bookshelf of her own on top of her desk. In addition, I have all the space under my bed where I can toss every single item I own, in whichever manner I see fit, so that people don't trip over my belongings coming in and out of the room. That's why I'm still here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More What the Fuck

Something I don't understand is why I always get bitched at for locking the door to my room. I mean, isn’t that a fairly standard thing to do on a college campus, whether or not you live in an apartment? Or even if you live somewhere with people you don’t really know?
This is the conversation that happened about thirty minutes ago, coupled with the conversation (#8) that occurred yesterday morning:

1. You always lock Nicole and me out.
Actually I’ve only done it twice. Half the time, I lock the door when you and Nicole are sleeping inside the room. Last night you had a key. That doesn’t constitute as getting locked out because you were able to unlock the door with your very own special key. Also, having a key on you wasn’t that difficult, was it? Don’t cry, little baby. Also, might I add that you've locked us out once too? *gasp!*

2. This is my room too.
Orly? Nowai! Me too! That’s why I lock the door to keep my things, and subsequently your things, safe!

3. Nobody’s going to steal your shit.
Then why do my Chewy bars always go missing, save for the last bar in the box? Gee, I wonder. (Answer: stoner roommates.)

4. Nobody in this apartment is going to steal your shit.
But you don’t know that! I lived in the same room with my sister for sixteen years. She’s stolen my shit before, and she still does! Not to mention, if they take someone’s things from in this apartment, aren’t they going to hide it and not make it obvious that they took it? Or perhaps sell it? I mean that’s just common sense. And what about the people who come in and out of the apartment that you or I don’t know? Are you really going to say that you trust the entire world with your ugly Fendi wallet lying on top of your desk with the door wide open? No, I didn’t think so.

5. I don’t like you locking the door.
I don’t like you not locking the door.

6. Why do you always do it?
Well, let’s see. One, I don’t want people taking my things. Two, I don’t want strangers coming in and out of the room like they did two nights ago.

7. I told them that it was okay to do that.
Thanks for consulting my sleeping self. It’s my room too! Do you think I’m comfortable with random guys going in and out of the room, much less sleeping near me? No.

8. You were hanging out with them.
No. I was talking to them, and sitting in the hallway with my friends. Just because I associated once with some people doesn’t mean I invite them to sleep with me and into my life, and my home and everything. Is that homeless person you might give money to your friend? Are you going to invite him to sleep in your bed because you feel bad for him? I mean you gave him money! That’s like letting him borrow money! Friends let friends borrow money, right? That’s right. He’s not your friend. And they’re not my friends either.

9. Well, you’re in the room all the time anyway.
Actually, no. Your attempt at being bitchy and snide is fairly pathetic. I go in and out through the side door so I can deal with you, your vagina boyfriend, and Bear as little as possible. Do you notice? No. Because you’re not in the room!

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I the only one who thinks it's okay to lock my door? I don't get it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What the Fuck (and Volleyball Shenanigans)

Last night my apartmentmates threw a party with a bunch of random people, most of the people who were there were Anya's people (sister, fuckbuddy, fuckbuddy's sister/Anya's sister's friend, fuckbuddy & fuckbuddy's sister's exchange student, friend, etc.), and by the time I got back with two of my friends, our RA had broken up the party because of excessive noise. My friends left, and I was finishing up some things in my room and starting to wind down to get ready for bed, when one of them called me and said he was coming over. He came over with this guy I knew and hung out with me and Anya's people for a bit until I got really tired around 1AM and I couldn't stay up anymore. (I've been going to bed around eleven, give or take a few, every night for the past week.) I went to bed and tried to sleep with annoying earbuds on through the random bursts of noise. It didn't work too well because I was simply drifting in and out of sleep until someone came in at 2 in the morning. I poked my head over the top of my bed and saw a head of hair and heard a man voice that I didn't recognize, talking to someone (or some people in Elisa's bed).
It didn't make any sense to me because Eli had just gotten a single room so it wouldn't make any sense as to why they would sleep in a triple when they could have a room to themselves and do whatever they wanted, like make fuck and snore and such. I was fairly angry about not being able to sleep and being up past my bedtime so I climbed out of my bed and sat down at my computer contemplating about what I was gonna do. I poked my head into Elisa's bed (she put up a sheet on the side of her bed), and I thought I saw Eli sleeping there, so I got confused again. I looked a second time and I saw that it in fact was not Eli, nor was it Lisa, but it was just some random guy that I didn't know.
Naturally, I freaked out because what the HELL is this DUDE doing in a room that is supposed to be filled with three girls? Why is there some guy sleeping three feet or so away from me, and why is in here in the first place? Why did someone not tell me that they were going to put some random male in MY ROOM so that way I could say hell no, I don't know this fucker? I'm not a fucking hippie; I don't believe in the goodness of mankind. I don't trust people I don't know, and sometimes I can't even trust people that I do know. There is no way in hell that I'm okay with some guy I've never seen before until tonight sleeping in my fucking room. Not to mention I'm a GIRL, and a little Asian one, and up till some OTHER GUY came into my room and woke me up, I was SLEEPING. Does anyone see my dilemma? I don't understand how it's perfectly acceptable to leave a random guy in a room with a girl (possibly two) who doesn't know. I don't care how many people say this guy is okay, or whatever. I don't fucking know him, and I don't want him in here.
So I stormed out of my room and confronted Anya + fuckbuddy about Some Dude sleeping in there and they weren't happy but they got him out. And then I couldn't find my trash can until this morning by Lisa's bed, which is a different story, but I really hate people moving my stuff.
I texted Lisa about Some Dude sleeping in her bed, and then she came in about ten minutes later to grab my air freshener to spray the hallway with. I asked her if she knew that there was Some Dude sleeping in her bed, and she told me that it was chill and not to worry about it, which completely BEWILDERED ME. She put him there, or let someone put him there and didn't bother to check with me to see if I was OKAY WITH IT? At that point though, I think she thought he was still in there. And then she left to go to Eli's.
This morning, I came home from working out and was getting all my stuff together to go shower when Lisa confronted me about kicking Some Dude out of our room, and basically tried to guilt trip me into feeling bad about kicking him out. Also, she couldn't understand why I felt uncomfortable about the entire situation. But everyone I've talked to says that I'm perfectly sane.
So tell me, am I sane, or am I some bitch who kicked some dude out of my room? Because I'm pretty sure my actions were reasonable.

Anyway, on a non-What the Fuck note, I went to the UCSC men's volleyball game yesterday against Grand Canyon with my friends, Ian and Parker, and Parker's friend, Darcy. It was pretty fun. The teams weren't that great, however, SC completely destroyed Grand Canyon. Which means Grand Canyon is really bad. And they are really bad. They couldn't pass a ball, or pass easy floater & topspin serves during serve-receive. I'm pretty sure they shanked half the balls. They missed nearly all their serves. They got blocked repeatedly, and their backrow did not cover their hitters. They even let balls drop in between them! Also, one play, two players (the libero & a ds) just stared at each other while the ball dropped between them, and one of them frantically lollipopped it over into the SC opposite who slammed it down in their faces. Get owned, motherfuckers. But anyway, it was still fun. I want to play more volleyball!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I officially hate schedules, scheduling and people who take my spot in the class (rather, the spot I really, really wanted, but due to scheduling conflicts and the inability to make a change, I couldn't get). :(

Thursday, January 8, 2009


are quite possibly the most annoying thing ever. Hate them so much. I'm pretty sure I need one of those things Hermione had in The Prisoner of Azkaban.
I'm waiting on my Math Placement Exam score that was supposed to be posted yesterday so I can take either Precalc or Applied Math and Statistics 3 so that way I can get courses and stuff done for my major. I probably can't get into Precalc because that class is fuller than Jennifer Garner before she popped her second baby, and there are 100+ people trying to crash. AMS 3 is still open but I have a chem discussion on Friday during that time, and I can't switch out of it because all the other discussion sections are full. LAME.
I hate schedules. I hope they die.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Not going to lie, one of the things I miss the most about high school is volleyball, both varsity & club. I miss having a team of girls who run around retardedly in spandex, talking about random things like wedgies & periods, slapping each others' asses, and grabbing each others' boobs. I miss the adrenaline rush of a perfect pass, digging a seemingly undiggable ball, acing a serve. I miss the feeling of diving on the floor, the perfect hit with an insane amount of top spin, a badass floater serve, being sore after a good game or tournament, stuff like that. So this quarter, I signed up for the advanced volleyball class, which "is open to students
interested in participation in the UCSC NCAA Women's Volleyball team.
It covers information and practice in all aspects of the competitive
volleyball season."
I had my first class today, and it felt so amazing to touch the ball. Of course, I'm incredibly rusty, but it all just felt so natural, except for maybe my swing, which is way off. I know that I will never lose my passing, since I can do that shit in my sleep. I can't even describe the way it felt to move volleyball-like on my feet, contorting my body to pass the ball, diving, etc. I am so excited for this class. I'm excited to be beastly again. Maybe.
Also, I've already made friends in this class, which is BALLIN'.

Another GREAT Day for Mail!

I got...
- Pantene Pro-V Smooth shampoo & conditioner
- a free Nature's Bounty tote bag & coupon for their vitamins
- a coupon for my free Dr. Pepper
- a card in Norwegian from my mom when she was in Norway talking about how the entire world is dumb without me. Not even kidding. This is what it says, according to Google Translate.
"all others are dumb
the sun is dumb
the trees are dumb
sommerfuglene (summer?) is dumb
the flowers are dumb
marihøna (bee?) is dumb
I'm dumb
without you is all just dumb
the spider is dumb
the birds are dumb
fence is dumb
cat is dumb
donkey is dumb
the world is dumb
this corner is dumb
hare is dumb
cow is dumb
I am even more dumb
love you

Whatver it means,
Mom from Norway"
- a card from my cousin in Virginia
- an Astroglide sample
- two Tempurpedic ads
- an ISV contract


Friday, January 2, 2009

Retail Rants: Customers & Coworkers

  • Today, a bitchy, old, rich lady came in. She yelled at me about not being able to find Clinique in our store. Hello? Clinique is only sold at department stores. Me trying to find Chanel at Goodwill is like you trying to find Clinique at Longs Drugs, except more extreme. Then she yelled at me to stop the conveyor belt because she wanted to put her notebook and purse down on it when there is a nice, smooth, flat, non-mooving counter one foot to her left. I don't control the moving, mechanical object. It's automated via sensor. It did not sense an object, so therefore it moved to bring an object for me to scan.
  • I hate when people come in for a product we used to carry, and do not understand that we do not carry it anymore. If it's not on the shelf, it's not there. Don't ask me to check in the back because I will simply go back there, sit down, mess around on or with my phone for five to ten minutes and come back out and tell you that I could not find it.
  • I do not understand why customers do not understand the concept of seasonal items. Gardening tools in the winter? Nobody has much of a chance of finding that at a drugstore right now, except places with gardening sections selling plants. Check Home Depot or Orchard Supply & Hardware, but not Longs. Halloween stuff during Christmas? Chances are, our last chance Halloween items are long gone. I guess you should have snatched them up when you had the chance TWO MONTHS ago.
  • Yesterday, a customer came in and saw a Santa on clearance for $50, half off the original price. She tried to barter with J (see down below) about the price. J did not know what to do so she called for a manager, and I went over to Register One to see what was up. This is the lady's exact words: "I see you have that Santa on last chance for $50. How about I take it home for $25?" Really, lady? Really? Does this look like a flea market to you? We don't barter; we don't haggle. The price is firm, unless there is a price error or a coupon. You get it for $50. And J, did you really need to call a manager for that? You scan the UPC, the price comes up. That is what you charge them.
  • I hate all the new Longs Drugs Saratoga employees. They are all annoying and incompetent. Example 1: D. D is the brother of someone I worked with over the summer who now goes to UCR. D is relentlessly annoying, semi-creepy, and fairly dumb. He's been there for several months, yet he still doesn't know how to do anything. Not to mention he tries to act better than me and hand his stocking tasks to me. Today, I was acting FMC (I don't know what that stands for but I do ad signs & price changes & stock counts and stuff.) and I needed to do a stock count of the Martinelli's Apple-Cranberry Juice he was moving from the front-ends to the back, so I asked him where he got them and stuff so I could get an accurate count. Then he tells me that Mark, our store manager, told him to fill the water wall, so I could go grab the Crystal Geyser water on sale and stock it for him. Really now? Then I rang up an alcohol sale for him so that way he wouldn't have to wait for a key with a line of five and growing people. Someone came in to start her shift at 10, so I left Register One to go on my break and give it back to him. He tried to stop me so I could ring him up for a Red Bull when he had customers in line. Example 2: M. M is one of the batshit insane, old people that every Longs Drugs seems to have. She's also been at Longs for several months, but after I left, of course. She's always on Register One because she is incompent and cannot do anything else. She doesn't even know how to page for things (second checkers, price checks, manager's key, mailing, etc.), nor does she know the concept of time. She'll page for someone, and then fifteen to thirty seconds later, page them again. Does she not realize that the store isn't exactly small, and there aren't that many people working, so sometimes it takes a minute or two for someone to appear? Keep paging, and someone will just not come. Also, her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Example 3: J. J is also one of those batshit insane ladies. Except she is Asian to the max, and has breathing problems. I could go on and on about Jane because she is quite the character without meaning to be. She is also incompetent. She has difficulty answering the phone, paging for things, and in general, being a cashier. I know she means well, but she makes my easy job semi-difficult. She enters in too many digits for bills and wonders if she should really give them the change that the register displays. Seriously?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I love exciting little Nekrogoblikon fanboys with things like "OMG, new drum tracks are awesome!" and leading them to believe that things have leaked on the internets... Only to crush them brutally by saying I heard it in a car with Tim.

(Just kidding, Tim!)


is awesome.
I also got my little brother drunk tonight.
I'm going out now, nigga.