Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, so I am back in Santa Cruz, and the process of returning was a strange one indeed.
I was supposed to work today even though I told my manager that I would not be back until late. Weird. Hate Longs.
I entered my room that smelled like stale weed. I don't think my mom or my brother noticed.
My brother and my mom found my stash of alcohol and proceeded to bother me about it. My brother proceeded to bother me about random pictures I have up on the wall.
My mom bothered me about not sleeping in a bed like a normal person. I sleep on top of a fully made bed in a sleeping bag. Makes it easy to not have to wash my sheets, which is a pain in the ass since I have a low ceiling and a loft bed.
Someone used/moved my lighters around. I have three in one of my drawers in this sliding tray, and I don't use them because I have no reason to. They were all facing different directions. However, when I moved in, I put them in the tray all facing the same direction because I am OCD about some things like Jennifer Chuu.
Someone ate more of my Chewies. :(
A pair of my jeans are missing from my drawers and I don't know where on earth they could be because I remember washing them before I left. I have two pairs of the same jeans for work, and I'm wearing one. I never wore the other, and I didn't bring it home because I did not wear them the week prior, so they were not in my laundry basket. Ugh. So where could they be? And it is so dumb because
I had more expensive jeans than a pair of black Bullhead Hermosa skinny jeans from fucking PacSun. I had a pair of DKNY jeans in there too which are far nicer, and a pair of dark gray Bullhead Hermosa skinny jeans also from PacSun. Good thing I took my Citizens of Humanity jeans with me though or else those would have gotten jacked for sure. Also, why take a pair of crappy, obviously worn, faded jeans when you could have taken my external harddrive? Or my laptop cooling pad? Or my speakers? It doesn't make any sense at all. I am locking this damn room from now on and I don't care what anyone says.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Funniest Thing I've Seen All Weekend

Suck on that tweenieboppers and "Twilight" lovers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I Think Are Funny (Another Ever Expanding, Semi-Mean List)

- when ugly people think they're hot shit
- when people think leggings equate to pants
- when fat people wear leggings
- when fat people wear skintight clothes and wonder why everyone is staring at them. Hint, it's the rolls.
- when people try to pretend they don't have a body looking like a rectangle
- when people complain that they gain weight, but they don't do anything to prevent that

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday, as in Sunday, November 23, 2008, Nicholas C. Rubin came up to visit me. It was awesome. It was the first time someone came to see me! Nobody loves me, I guess, haha.
I go home tomorrow, as in Tuesday, November 25, 2008. I'm kind of excited. I also found someone to cover my shift for me on Wednesday so I don't get fired.
I hope this means that this week will be better because I'm counting all the positive things. I hope they outweigh all the negative things that have happened so far because I would really like one good week. That's all I'm asking. One.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Avocado Conquest

I am a hungry girl. I go into the living room/kitchen in search of some vittles. I find a bag of Lay's, almost empty. I pick at some chips and eat them. I find my semi-delicious (my Asian tongue has been cursed by What White People Think Is Good Asian Food Like Pho Hoa) Chinese food from last week. Honey walnut prawns, in case you were wondering. It is my most favorite and delicious dish ever. Anyway, I opened that up. The mayonnaise or whatever coats it looks semi-chunky. I decided I would try it anyway. I heat it up in our broken microwave. The chunkies do not disappear and are now oily/greasy. I am a hungry girl, so I eat it anyway. It is nasty. I stop after three walnuts and one soggy, limp shrimp. I eye my yogurt. I am too hungry to bother tossing in granola so I eat my yogurt. But first, inside the bag holding the yogurt, there is an avocado. I lumber back to my room to continue writing my letter to Joshua A. Greenberg and to chat to Brad and JAG. I am semi-scarfing down my yogurt when I think Avocado... and then I think AVOCADO!? And I eat my yogurt somemore, thinking Avocado... I then decide I will eat that avocado. After all, I am a hungry girl. The conversation in my head went more like this: AVOCADO!? from one side of my head. Then the other side went in a deep, rumbling, booming voice YES!! AVOCADO. So I listen to my hungry, primal instincts and dash back to the kitchen to My Avocado. My Avocado is sitting inside the refridgerator screaming "EAT ME! EAT ME!" I grab it, and a knife. Then I proceed to cut myself as I try to cut open the avocado. Twice. It was a sorry sight. But I do not falter. I pick up the knife again, and triumphantly saw it open! It was quite glorious chomping into its fleshy, green insides. The Avocado cannot defeat me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Hate (An Ever Expanding List)

- unnecessary levels of stress
- unnecessary stressors
- not sleeping
- stuffy rooms
- massive amounts of work
- being tired/exhausted all the time
- falling asleep everywhere
- drama
- midterms
- drums from the upstairs
- bathrooms with little ventilation
- dry weather, and subsequently, dry skin
- work
- studying
- not getting classes that I want to take
- days feeling like Thursday or Friday when it's only Monday or Tuesday, or even Sunday
- Longs for rejecting my time off request even though I don't have a place to live so I can work thus causing unnecessary stress
- raccoons
- pubic hairs on toilet seats or in showers
- nasty hairs in showers
- things falling apart
- lack of cellphone
- lack of cellphone reception
- dirty, sweaty men in my bed
- being hungry
- not having a football team
- seeing penises, boobies, and hairy cooters and things related to that (ie. carpet munching), even if they are just images in a book I'm supposed to read.
- Kresge Core
- Documenting Oral History
- babies

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Secret

I found this secret today, sitting at the College 9 & 10 bus stop. Needless to say, it was very exciting/inspiring. I found myself sitting there, thinking about what little miracles have happened to me today. What constitutes as a little miracle? Is it a nice act? It is something cool? I guess it's all based on perception, and what one things is a miracle.
So these are my little miracles for today...
1. Finding the secret.
2. Coming up with a cool surprise idea for my friends.
3. Having an awesome boyfriend.
4. Being sleepy at midnight. Yay!

What are your little miracles?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Part About My Night

I got a drunk dial tonight from the one and only, Ms. Natalie Alison Tyson! It was awesome. I'm not sure I should disclose what it was about, but it was quite the scandal!

I got TWO drunk dials! What a delight!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chockful O' Metal!

I've stopped keeping a metalhead tally, but I am still on the lookout for metalheads. Today, I was over by the Porter and Porter/Kresge apartments when I heard something sounding like the Faceless! I was coming back from the dining hall and heading to my ATox class, but naturally I had to stop! I saw this guy running out of the general area of the apartment so I stopped him and asked him about who lived there. He said he did, and then proceeded to ask me if the music was too loud. Of course, I replied with a no, and was like whoa, you lyk da metalz? And he was like ya, I lyk da metalz, but I gotz 2 goz 2 bandz practicez comez onz inz. Okay, maybe not like that, but I just felt like typing it like that. I was like oh no! I have class, but he'd already disappeared, so I was like oh I'll stop by later. So I did! He was standing outside with a bunch of people and I proceeded to pester him about the Faceless since he said he had the new CD! Then he led me inside his apartment, and there was a DEN OF METAL LISTENING PEOPLE! Except they were playing video games at the time. But I met a bunch of people who like the metal! I have to fine tune their listenings, of course, but they already like some! It's only a matter of time! :)
Side note: They were also looking for opium. Black tar, or something, to be exact, which Brad informs me is like heroin. YIKES! Also, they tried to trick me into believing they all did heroin! It was fairly awkward. But they were nice! Oh and they also had a glass on glass bong sitting in the corner. Oh Santa Cruz/college...

And I met another metalhead today at the East Fieldhouse/Wellness Center! He was in a Slayer shirt, which could be anyone, but I stopped him and was like OMG METALZ! And he was like FINALLY this shirt gets me noticed. His name is Steve.

It's been a bad day/week so far, but I guess NOT FOR THE METALZ!
Okay, I'm done. I promise.

Also, I found Militza flirting with one of my friends, who happens to be a manwhore who is also a metalhead. It was very strange.


I think I am perpetually hungry. It makes me sad because I want to eat all the time. And no, it's not because I am depressed.

Thanksgiving Break is coming up SOONER THAN SOON. Two weeks from now I will be at home. Let's go eat! Preferably places from the following list:
- Mandarin Gourmet--NATE!!!
- Baja Cactus--also NATE!!!
- Layang Layang--family!!!
- KFC--family!! Just kidding.
- Pho Bac So Mot--aka the best pho place known to man/Vietkind
- Quickly's, plz thx--family
- Florentine's
- Chipotle!
- In'n'Out. It's an exception to the no burgers thing, but only once.
- Perkins house
- FOOD!!! :) Yes, food is a place.

Preferably not food from the following list:
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Fries
- Pizza
- Shitty pasta
- Hamburgers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This has been the story of my life this weekend/week. Awesome!
Yesterday, I didn't bother going to class and I called in sick for work. :O It took me almost the entire day, and the night before to write a 4-page essay. Damn Facebook. Damn internet.
Tomorrow, I have an oral presentation on malaria and eradication efforts in my Aquatic Toxicology section. I haven't started yet and it's worth 20% of my grade! Yikes! Help!

On a side note, I fucking hate this place. All of my shit keeps getting moved around and/or goes missing. Example: my half full handle of Bacardi rum, that I KNOW was in the freezer when I left. Why? Because I bought Hot Pockets and put them in there next to my rum, and I was going to take it out before I left for Davis, and now it is gone. I checked to make sure I didn't have a massive brain fart and removed and flipped out for the wrong reason, but it turns out I did not. This is fucking low. All my stuff keeps getting taken or fucked with when I don't do it to anyone else. I hate everyone; I think I want to transfer.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Davis Adventure

On the way to Davis
- I sat next to an annoying baby plus hippie mother on Bus 16 - Laurel East to the Santa Cruz Metro. The baby pulled its mom shirt down and started sucking on the boob. It then tried to grab me and touch me. It also bit the rubber part around the window and drooled all over it. Fucking babies.
- There was a lot of traffic. When there was finally minimal amounts of traffic, I told Ryan to haul ass. He drove 75 mph.

At Davis
- Meher, Hermes, Katherine, Ryan, RJ & I got really drunk. Really, really drunk.
- I wrote a song for Neri Lubomirsky. It is amazing. Hopefully I will remember it around Thanksgiving so I can sing it for everyone!
- I finished off OVER half a fifth of Jager. Ballin'!
- I beat Arjun up for being a dumbass.
- I played Gears of War 2! Good thing my roommate, Paul, taught me how to play before I left.
- I went to my first college football game as a college student. Kind of.

Back from Davis
- My mom refuses to replace the rum she took from me.
- She took me out for Chinese food. YUM.
- I miss everyone a lot already. And I don't like Santa Cruz very much, even though it's still kind of fun. Someone keeps moving my stuff around, ie. stacking my shoe boxes and clearing my bookshelf. I know I didn't do it because I always keep my Uggs on top of them when I'm there, and I never stack my shit. Nor do I keep anything clean. Lame.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I'll be back for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday night. HANG OUT PLZ? When will everyone else be back?

Strangely enough, this was the most fun I've had since college started. Epic fail. (Wow, I used almost all of my tags in this post.)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I got accepted into the International Student Volunteer program over the summer! I'm so excited, but I'm also very unsure about whether or not I can do it. This is so awesome though because only 50 students get selected from each of the participating schools within the United States! However, it's incredibly expensive. I'm looking at $4500 for the program, airfare, and spending money. The limiting factor in this is being able to afford it, and how it will affect my summer since I want to get a job, hang out with friends, visit Brad/have Brad visit, and take classes at De Anza.
Doing this would be so awesome though. I'd get to go to a different country, Dominican Republic (my top choice), Costa Rica (second choice), New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Ecuador, Fiji, New Zealand, or South Africa to volunteer with conservation projects and/or social community development projects for two weeks. Then after those two weeks are over, I have two weeks of exploring the country to do neat things like spelunking, surfing, snorkeling/scuba diving, rock climbing, cliff jumping, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, etc.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Isn't it weird that we are sitting on the brink of epic change or epic disaster? Isn't it weird that we all affect that in some way? By voting, or blogging, or telling people you voted, or being Nate? I think it's kinda strange and kind of cool that we're at this momentous part in history!
Anyway, done with the little voting thing for the day.

I'm kind of tired of people telling me to vote. I did it two weeks ago, now go away!

Monday, November 3, 2008

To Be Honest

I don't really like college. I want things to get better, but it seems to just keep going downhill.
Someone told me that it's my outlook on things. Who knows? I feel like I don't have anything to be positive about other than academics.
I don't know. Sometimes I wish that I never went to Santa Cruz, and stayed at home, gone to De Anza, then worked my ass off to go wherever I want to go.
I don't know. Sigh.
Ironically enough, this is the situation that I prayed I'd never be in, that people assured me I would have no trouble with, yet here I am, absolutely miserable.
Am I terrible person? Am I difficult to get along with? I know that when I'm stressed out, I'm frustrating to be around, but regardless. It's not like I'm a douche or a bitch or something. I don't know.

Hopefully this weekend will be a nice, refreshing change. I need one.

Random Questions

Maybe you can help me answer them!

Do bus drivers get sad when they don't have many people on their bus? Do they feel lonely? Does it make them think that nobody wants to be their friend?

Do tree sitters dress up for Halloween?
If you wanted to solicit candy from a tree sitter, what would you do? Do you rustle their leaves? Do you throw up a candy basket? Do you climb up to say hi?
What if you wanted to say hi to a tree sitter? Do you climb up? Is that trespassing? Would you get in trouble? What if they thought you were harassing them? Would they fling feces at you?
When it rains, do tree sitters shower? Is it fun? Do they hate it? How do they even shower or are they just dirty for life? But how are they dirty? They don't do anything, they just sit in trees.
What do they do in the trees? Do they masturbate? Do they play video games? Do they sit and twiddle their thumbs? It must be awfully boring to sit in a tree all day and all night. Do they make friends with birds and squirrels and bugs? Do they eat bugs? In fact, what do they eat? And where does it go? Do they defecate in buckets and lower it down? Who collects the buckets? The Head of the Tree Sitters Association?
Is there a Tree Sitters Association? What do they protest? Why do they do it? Do they get paid?
Do tree sitters even have real jobs? What do they tell their bosses? "Hey Boss, I'm going tree sitting for an indefinite time. Peace, homie."? Do they constantly have to submit vacation time? Is tree sitting even a vacation?
Do tree sitters get homesick? Do they write letters? How do they deliver their letters if they don't move from the tree? How do they even get mail? Would they even be offended if you threw up a paper airplane letter so they'd feel special?
Do bird poop on them? Then what do they do? How do they get it out of their clothing? What if they get waste on themselves? Then what? They can't just wash it off.

To be continued :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Oh goody. It was awesome, despite several setbacks like people not wanting hang out and/or bailing like pussies.

- I made a new friend named Jake! :)
- I had awesome Zombie Prostitute makeup, and I scared people.
- We finished off a fifth of Smirnoff Green Apple vodka, and were sitting on the couch belligerently drunk for a good deal of the night.
- I carved a Gr1m, Frostbitten and Kvlt pumpkin while I was drunk. Some guy named Nico burst into my apartment when I was sitting and talking to Jake in the dark and thrust a pumpkin into my hand and a carving utensil, and told me to carve it.
- The guy named Nico thought that Jake and I were an item because we were sitting next to each other on the couch in the dark.
- I taught Jake about alcohol being a diuretic.
- I got the entire room to start speaking in an Indian accent because I was doing that.
- I fell asleep on Ryan and he left me :(

And I think that's it.
I'm going to Davis next weekend! I'm excited.