Monday, March 23, 2009

Right Now

Everything's a mess and I just want to be far, far away from here. If you haven't heard yet, I'm back in Santa Cruz because it's the only place I've got.
I have an empty apartment to myself, so if you want, hit me up and we can do something, I guess. It's pretty lonely/boring here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer Fun

~$3000 outfit. So excited for late spring/summer and girly, floaty dresses and ridiculously bright & possibly obnoxious colors in small doses. I love it.

Dress is by Temperley London. Bag by Kooba. Shoes by Report.

I Wish I Had Money

Overall, this is about a $4000 outfit, but I love it so much. Obviously another jacket can be substituted in for a lot cheaper, but omg. I love everything.

Jacket is by APC. Dress is by Marc Bouwer GlamIt!. Shoes are by Sam Edelman. Purse is Chanel.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Probably the coolest thing I have seen all day!

This totally makes me miss those good old band days with Mr. Bob Lipton! And playing trombone and being awesome.

Also, can I just say that I'm really bad at studying & really good at procrastinating?
And I LOVE Disney musicals.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Four Days!

Until my birthday yay!

Random list of things I want, starting with things that are feasible and things that are outrageous (so far):
- cute stationery! Especially nonsensical Asian ones
- stickers of all sorts!
- new low-rider Mizuno spandex
- black or blue prewrap
- a furry aviator hat in black
- Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block in hardcover
- Odd Hours by Dean Koontz, except the paperback version doesn't come out until April :(
- Polaroid film
- the new Bloodbath tank top
- Ghoul t-shirt
- Ecote Knit Print Twist dress
- Aldo Tatham pumps
- Sam Edelman Mariella platforms
- Gabriella Rocha Studio ankle boots
- True Religion Stella skinnies
- Rock & Republic Berlin skinnies
- Chanel purse

While I'm going on about random things...

These are so wickedly awesome.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Days!

That's what yesterday and today has been! It's been nice, sunny and fairly warm, but not too warm. I still wear a jacket outside, but after enough running around, I start sweating. (I started typing this blog yesterday, but I never got around to finishing it so it will be a combination of today & yesterday.)

I had class all day, but in between class it was nice walking around and doing my skippy step around campus. Also, Morgan and I made two epic trips to the bookstore to get scantrons and matching green UCSC sweatshirts (on sale for $22.99!). It was cool.
Then I went to the volleyball game after and skipped my last class. That was fun, but we lost so that was not fun. The guys definitely had an off day, which really sucked. This was the game that counted the most for them. Also the other team was really scrappy/solid and were picking EVERYTHING up. So yeah.
Then Tim and I went to go eat (OMG, I eat so much. Seriously like 4 meals a day! It's ridiculous! 7 day meal plan FTW) and most of the freshmen on the team, Thomas Davidson (middle), Darren Tsai (DS/libero), Bryce Dalheimer (outside), & Austin Kress (outside?), and the junior outside hitter, Brad Sullivan, came and ate with us because they know Tim. I ended up talking to Thomas, his girlfriend, and his friend who I sort of know from Kresge for a bit. I HOPE WE CAN BECOME FRIENDS. Also quoting Ms. Tyson I am "not a creeper, not a creeper". Really.

I woke up & talked to Brad before going to volleyball. AND THEN I PROCEEDED TO KICK MAJOR ASS AT VOLLEYBALL. I also talked to the coach about sending me info about tryouts and getting me into the class next quarter to (hopefully? maybe?) do drills with the team. She seemed fairly enthused by the fact that I was interested in trying out. I think she likes me??? I hope so! Anyway, volleyball went SO WELL today. I'm so sad that it's the last class of the quarter, BUT I scheduled my classes around volleyball next quarter so I will be doing this class and playing (and hopefully drilling with the team. Omgomgomg, that would be my dream come true).
Then after that I ate with all my volleyball friends, Chris, Tim, Dave, Cat, and Lauren, and it was great fun! We all made fun of Tim for sucking at volleyball. Many LOLZ ensued. Then I went to go get my mail! I HAD MAIL! :) I got TWO sample pads (one Poise & one Always), and a coupon for the Always. I got a Cosmopolitan in the mail. I got two letters from my bff, Josh, down at UCSB. So awesome. After that, I went back to my apartment, showered and headed to Longs to pick up some things and now I am here! :)
Also a sidestory about my great love of mail. I needed to mail two letters today (one for you, Ms. Tyson! Keep a lookout!) so I went to Longs to do that and to pick up some stuff. As I was getting there, I saw the mailman leaving, so I started sprinting, and then I almost twisted my ankle!!! I kept running through the slight, annoying pain and as he started the car, I banged on the window and was able to drop off my letters. That, my friends, is how devoted I am to mail.
Okay, so back to my day... so now I am about to power through my precalc homework, and then I am going to go eat. And then I am going to play volleyball for three hours with my volleyball friends at some open gym by Cabrillo College or something. I am stoked.
I love volleyball. A lot.
OH, and last night, I had a dream about trying out for the team and making it. And that was my SECOND dream about playing for the team. So yes, it really is my dream. And I'm going to make my dream come true. I am determined. Very determined. I love volleyball! Yay!

This has been a spastic Paulina post.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Flies

The end of the quarter is nearing, but it feels like I just started this quarter. It's weird. It feels like I haven't done much at all. It feels like I just got out of break.
Finals are next week, but to be honest, I'm not stressing. Yet. I have a fairly decent grasp on all the material that I've learned in chemistry. I probably devote more time studying for it than necessary. I'm doing fairly well with all the precalc review stuff. I have two essays to revise, and a letter to write for my Writing 2 class, but that is not difficult. I've revised a lot of two, and I rock at writing letters. Not to mention, I think that the professor likes my work in that class, so again, not really sweating.
I'm excited because I will be done with my finals on Wednesday at eleven, or earlier. I'm guessing earlier. Nobody's really going to be back yet, so I think I'm going to end up hanging around Santa Cruz until Saturday morning whenever I wake up from a possible massive hangover. Originally, I was going to head back right after my finals, but the guys have expressed a large interest in partying on Friday for my birthday. I figure, why not? I don't have anything better to do and I will be wayyy done with this quarter, so party it is! :)
Nine days 'til my birthday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life in a Single

It's great! :) I really like my new apartment so far. It's all girls this time, but that has proven to be not too shabby. I was friends with one of the girls, Morgan, prior to moving in, so we hang out. The girl across the hall from me has just moved in, as well. Her name is Meagan, and she's pretty cool as well. She also had a crazy bitch roommate. Two of the girls, Elaine and Cristine, watch "Gossip Girl", and I've watched with them before! This is going to be awesome. We might have a tequila night, tonight.
The only downside is that the apartment is semi-dirty (semi-dirty because I mopped the kitchen floor, my bathroom floor, and cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom) and they don't like cleaning. It really sucks and is sort of dumb. Seriously one girl, Jenny, was like "We don't like cleaning, so we don't clean." And another girl, Morgan (not my friend), was like "No, we will not give you money to chip in for cleaning supplies because we have this and that and toilet paper is not $5."
They have no cleaning supplies other than a good shower cleaner, and a crappy toilet bowl cleaner. And did I mention that they had no toilet paper?
I was just going to get cleaning supplies, and then use the rest of the money on a crapload of toilet paper, but instead, I purchased $30 worth of cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I should probably just keep the toilet paper to myself, which is what I might end up doing after this toilet paper runs out. My mom is bringing up a bunch from home--the Kirkland brand, so not very good but does the job, mind you. After that runs out, I think I will just get me some Charmin' just for myself. And as for the cleaning supplies, I bought enough to last me practically forever. Not even kidding. Longs discount, ftw! Two Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (the one they have is not good. And two because they were on sale for 2 for $5 and I got an extra discount off those), two Lysol kitchen 4-in-1 sprays, one CVS brand Windex (the girl tried to tell me that they had Windex, but Morgan and I searched everywhere and there was none), one Greenworks All-Purpose cleaner (absolutely AMAZING), one CVS brand box of Swiffer sheets, two packs of sponges, two boxes of 20 ct. CVS trash bags, and one six-pack of Cottonelle toilet paper, all for about $30! So cool. Catering to my Asian & cleaning needs.
Other than that, I've still been going back to my old apartment to hang out with the guys and such. Nolan and I get food quite frequently and I bother Paul. Nothing else is really new. I just don't live there and I sleep much better now.
Also, I met a metalhead yesterday at the Owl's Nest while getting food, and he thinks I'm totally cool, which I am, of course. But we like a lot of the same bands and I enjoy conversing with him. I definitely have a new show buddy.
Last night, I had one of those nights to myself where I relaxed, showered, and kind of had a ME night. It was quite nice since I've been running around all week. Now I am semi-revitalized and studying for chem. Yay!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guess What!

I AM IN MY NEW SINGLE! It is pretty big, quiet, and empty.
I love it.
The walls are somewhat bare though. Must find more things, preferably metal, or Gossip Girl-related to put up. :P
Extensive update later. I finally finished moving in and organizing all my stuff, and I must start my homework.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As you all know, I currently live in a triple. For the past few weeks, I've been talking to the housing coordinator, Joao, at my residential college, and I've managed to finangle myself into a single!!! A SINGLE!!! AKA I AM NO LONGER GOING TO LIVE/SLEEP WITH ANYONE EXCEPT THOSE WHO I DEEM ACCEPTABLE TO LIVE WITH ME!!! I'm not sure where yet, but he has some options that he will email me. But he says that he has a single for me. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
It has been a long, hard journey. Haha. The first time I went to see Joao two weeks ago, he was out sick. I came back the next day and he took my name down for a single or a double and said he'd email me. (I just wanted to get out of here.) I waited for a day and he didn't email me, so I emailed him. He said he'd email me some apartments to look at, but never got around to doing that since the housing office got really busy. And then we scheduled an appointment last week. He gave me one small double to look at over in Kresge East.
I went and checked it out and it was TINY! Tinier than my small triple even! There were two beds on the floor next to each other and one foot of walking space between the wall and the bed from one side of the room to the other. There were two dressers crammed on top of each other in the closet space, and one, not two, desk crammed in a corner. The girl there told me they couldn't find space for the second desk. Also, there was colored paper and pictures of mushrooms and stuff taped all over the windows. AKA they probably do drugs and stuff there.
I went back to the housing office and told them that I was not going to take that room because it was SO SMALL. Then Joao contemplated for a little bit, and we scheduled another appointment for Monday. He told me that he could probably get me a single. I thanked him and as I was leaving, he asked me if I had a judicial record. I'm a good kid, so of course not, and I told him that. Then he told me again that he could probably get me a single.
On Monday, I came in to see him, but he was out sick again. I sent him an email asking him if we could reschedule. Then I got an email from the housing office yesterday apologizing for the inconvenience of him being out sick, and that I should call and make another appointment. So I did for today at 10:15.
I was going over to the housing office when I saw him standing outside on the phone. I was going to go inside and wait, and he came up to me. He asked me if I was there to see him, and I said yes. He said that he'd email me so we can set up another appointment, but he has a single for me and several options for that.

Also, volleyball class yesterday went really well. I got TWO pancakes. Not one, but TWO. I had some badass digs. I had some nice hits and some aces.
Intramural volleyball, on the other hand, did not go so well. I touched the ball approximately thrice, other than serving. Got set ZERO times. And had zero digs. Awesome. Not.

Oh, and I am in dire need of a vacation. :(

ALSO, I got the highest grade on my precalc midterm again! 87.01! Not as high as it was last time, but it's still the highest grade! It was tied with someone though, but that person did about the same on the last midterm. I still have the highest grade in the class! YAY!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was pretty ballin'.
Friday night, Ryan and I went to this dance party that my coworker threw. At first it was pretty awkward, but we were drunk so it was okay. Then we drank some more and it got better. Then everyone was drunk and dancing and it was cool. Some guy slapped my butt. It was awkward. Then one of my Longs managers showed up to party. That was fun so we were just chillin'. He's nice. The cops showed up eventually and broke it up though, so Ryan and I walked to the bus stop just as a bus was coming. And we went back. Good night.
Last night, Nolan and I decided to go get food. Then we went to Jackson's apartment to get him so we could get food. Jackson said that he was waiting for Morgan, so they could go get food and we could join them. Then we somehow ended up waiting for Paul so the five of us could go get food. The guys bickered about going downtown for about 2 hours and then we ended up going downtown as we were walking to Tacos Morenos because a bus showed up. We went to Woodstock's and got two extra large pizzas, All Meat Orgy & Hawaiian, for $25! LOVE sweet deals because we got an awesome meal for $5 each! Then we wandered to Trader Joe's to get some groceries, and then to Longs to get some more groceries. It was cool. I love these guys.
I guess that wasn't that interesting. Haha. We had three slices of the Orgy left over and half the Hawaiian and someone nigged most of the Hawaiian when we were sleeping. Probably someone from the lame party my roommates threw. But oh well.

Anyway, with regards to the finger crossing ordeal two posts ago, hopefully I shall have news tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed still. Yay!

No news today. The person I was supposed to meet with was sick. More news in the near future? Hopefully.