Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm So Boring!

Haven't really had anything noteworthy to blog about other than random rants that I kind of gave up on ranting about.
Here are a few bullet points of the past few weeks:
- I hate the Kresge mailroom. Not just because of a giant mishap with a phone that was overnighted to me, but because of their incompetence in general. When an envelope says "Do not bend" you probably should not bend it. Add to that, the mailroom boss, let's call her Kia Parks Bitch, felt the need to address me about my incredible moment of hatred towards the mailroom. I'm Facebook friends with two of the girls who work in there, and I was very unhappy with the phone incident (broken phone, broken charger) so naturally, I vented on Facebook. One of the girls, probably the Jesus loving, trailer park living one, copied&pasted and emailed it to Kia Parks Bitch, like a little baby. I was in the Kresge advising office using their phone, trying to see if I could get a new phone, she told that I was disrespectful and hurtful because of the status I posted. The girls in the mailroom work very hard and they hardly get paid anything for it. And I hurt her feelings. Cry, cry, cry. The girls in the mailroom work very hard, my ass. This isn't even hard work. What is so difficult about sorting mail and sticking it in slots? What is so difficult about writing people's names on their packages, filling in package slips, then filling in a binder with package slip info? What is so difficult about not bending an envelope when it says "Do not bend"? Oh wait... NOTHING. And my roommate tells me they get paid $10 to be incompetent 'cause he applied for a job with the mailroom. Cry to me again?
- I have a new phone! LG EnV Touch. It's pretty cool. Still trying to get used to it.
- I am a dancing MACHINE! And it's great. The last three parties I've been to have been dance parties and they have all rocked my socks off. Also apparently my booty shaking, nonexistent Bhangra skills are to be envied by all. They also effectively clear a dance floor. EXCELLENT.
- I am a slacker. I hate school.

I think that's it.

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