Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Really Hate De Anza

The first reason why I don't like De Anza is because it feels like high school all over again. Don't get me wrong, high school was cool and all, but not the classes. I like sitting in a five million person lecture hall and not having the professor ever know me. I like not having professors in said lecture hall not give a damn about whether or not I am there (ie. attendance!). I like not having to deal with group discussions and daily assigned readings with responses (unless I'm in some sort of writing class). I like stuff like that.

But most of all, I really hate De Anza because of the absolutely brilliant parking lot design they've got going on. Seriously, it has got to be every Asians' best dream, allowing for driving like idiots, not paying attention to laws and proper driving etiquette. To demonstrate, I've broken it down into several WTF points, labeled A-G.

A - Considering the fact that they only have three (technically, two) known entrances onto campus, this spot has a lot of congestion. This point has several pedestrian crosswalks and fifty stop signs too many, thus leading to a long line of traffic and people constantly missing the stoplight. In addition, at any given class time, it is nearly impossible to turn out of the parking lot onto Campus Drive because people are trying to get in and out all at once.
B - This is a serious WTF point. It's a small intersection, but not really, and somehow you have to do a semi-U-turn to get out of campus from the parking lot? And if you somehow don't register that there's a semi-U-turn to be made, you have to dodge cars leaving their stop signs. Also, the exit can only fit two cars at most, so anymore than that and the roadway is blocked. Epic design fail.
C - Due to people rice rocketting past and the lack of a stop sign, it is nearly impossible to turn into the parking lot at this point.
D - This is just a WTF point. It SEEMS like when you get over here there'd be some sort of exit from the WTF parking lot, but WRONG. COMPLETELY WRONG. It's just a row of a few shrubs laughing maniacally at you for thinking, like any normal human being, that there would be an exit.
F - This is an exit from the parking lot where nobody pays attention to the stop sign and decides to cut in front of you.
G - UGH. This is the WORST PLACE EVER. I don't know who the FUCK thought this was a good idea, but they should probably be crucified. It is almost impossible to get out of Campus Drive from here at any given time because you always have people turning in from Stelling. Now, if they were all heading in one direction (like to the right), it would be all fine and dandy, but they don't. The entrance from Stelling splits off into two lanes, one for people turning right (the cool people) and the other for people going straight or turning left (the motherfuckers). You never really know which lane people are going to go into, and more often than not they'll change lanes really quick, thus confusing people trying to turn into the five feet of space that allows for you to exit Campus Drive onto Stelling. Then you have to play guess what the people are gonna do at the myriad of stop signs opposite from you, and they're doing the same. And if you err on the side of caution, you have a line of twenty pissed off probably-Asians honking at you to move your ass.

Reason number three as to why I hate De Anza is because their website is confusing as fuck and has no relevant information. In addition, everything on there contradicts everything else. And they're not giving me a $54 refund for withdrawing from a class within the withdraw period. WTF.

In short, I really hate De Anza, and some day, I will purchase a bulldozer and bulldoze entrances and exits wherever I please.

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