Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Common Sense

It never ceases to amaze me how some people have so little common sense, and are completely clueless about the world around them. Not even in the educated sense, just in the what the EFF were you thinking sense.
Take this guy who I will call J, J for Jewish. We used to be okay friends because I was blinded by x (whatever x is). Not anymore because he has slowly managed to piss me off and the rest of the people we live with.
It's not like he's ever done anything big to really aggravate me, but everything little he does slowly accumulates into a giant pile of WTF IS GOING THROUGH YOUR BRAIN!

Incident 1. He keeps a list of how much money people owe him for whatever reason. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Wrong. I was on there for fifty cents. FIFTY CENTS. And he wanted it before Thanksgiving. What are you going to go do with that fifty cents? Go Black Friday shopping? Good luck if that even covers your tax.

Incident 2. This was right before winter break after we all agreed to clean the apartment before we left so it didn't sit there developing more filth on top of filth for a month.
Me: Hey J. Did you clean the bathroom before you leave?
J: No.
Me: Why not?
J: There were no paper towels.
Me: Why do you need paper towels? We have sponges.
J: So I can wipe everything up.
Me: Use a sponge?
J: I'll clean it when I get back. Bye.

Seriously? Why the hell do you need paper towels to clean a bathroom? In all of my years of cleaning bathrooms, I have only needed paper towels to Windex mirrors. Provided I was feeling unlazy enough to Windex the mirrors, but that's a different story. Why do you need paper towels to wipe things up? A sink has a faucet where water comes out. People wash their hands; some flail hands wildly. No need for a paper towel because the counter or sink will get wet again. The shower? Same story. The toilet is debatable, but I live in an apartment with four (three at the time) guys. What are the chances of them needing to dump immediately after me cleaning the toilet so the water will not have evaporated? Very slim. Lazy ass prick.

Incident 3. We all agreed to purchasing a bunch of items for our apartment this quarter because we ran out of everything we bought at the beginning of the year. His task was to purchase SOAP, as in hand SOAP. He came home one day, very proud or something, with his soap. I looked at it, saw that it was hand sanitizer, and put it in the closet, because we don't really need hand sanitizer. Sounds okay, right? Wrong. He flipped out because his "soap" was missing. He searched high and low throughout the entire apartment for it, and finally found it in the closet. He griped about it being there. Then proceeded to unpackage it and put it next to the sink. I saw the hand sanitizers out a few days later and put them back in the closet, because you know, they aren't soap. He noticed and griped some more.

Is it really that difficult to distinguish between soap and hand sanitizer? I mean, even if you just glance at the label sanitizer is clearly a longer word. You can't even use hand sanitizer with water, because that's not what it's for! So dumb!

Incident 4. I was talking to my roommate, Alexis. He told me that this morning he needed to print some papers, so he asked J. J was busy so he told Alexis to wake me up so I can print his papers. What the heck? How difficult is it to print a few sheets of paper? Why do you have to wake up someone who is SLEEPING to print a few sheets of paper? And especially considering the fact that I have gotten minimal amounts of sleep for the past few weeks. But of course J wouldn't know that because he sits in his room with the door closed and locked, and hardly sees the light of day.

Incident 5. My other roommate, Alexis, and I are currently thawing a chicken in the plugged (read: PLUGGED, not clogged. PLUGGED) sink. J went to go do his dishes that had pasta sauce and stuff all over it. He took the chicken out of the sink. He did not unplug it, and went about doing his dishes. I emerged from my room to do something and I looked inside the kitchen sink. The water resembled watered down blood with little basil bits floating on top and oil here and there. Needless to say, I was not very pleased because I don't like dirty and disgusting things.

I unplugged the sink and scrubbed all the pasta residue off, then went to confront J about it. I asked him that if the sink was plugged (plugged, not clogged!) the next time he needed to wash whatever to unplug it and then proceed. He told me that the sink was not plugged. What the heck! I plugged the sink, filled it with water and plopped a chicken in it. And it was still very obviously plugged after he did his dishes. How could he NOT see it? He had to take a chicken out of a sink filled with water. How was the water in there? Magic? Then he told me that there was no pasta residue. Again, WTF! No pasta residue, my ass. Pasta sauce has things in it like basil, and oil. Tell me again that there was no pasta residue because I scrubbed that stuff off the sink. THEN he told me that he was waiting for the sink to drain. How is the sink supposed to drain if it's plugged? On top of that, you SAW the drain through the clear water after you took the chicken out. Can drains be clogged if they are empty? No. Of course not unless you have magical powers, which he very well does not have because he couldn't magically drain the sink. I told him again that there was a plug in there and to next time take it out. His response? "We have plugs for the sink?" No, dude. We just have five thousand sink parts lying around for whatever reason. Hello??? The two plugs have been sitting next to the faucet for the entire duration of us living in this apartment. We have two catcher things for food waste, and two plugs. Idiot.

At times I feel like I'm living with a five year old. I shouldn't have to talk to people about these things. It's not that hard. Ugh.