Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was pretty ballin'.
Friday night, Ryan and I went to this dance party that my coworker threw. At first it was pretty awkward, but we were drunk so it was okay. Then we drank some more and it got better. Then everyone was drunk and dancing and it was cool. Some guy slapped my butt. It was awkward. Then one of my Longs managers showed up to party. That was fun so we were just chillin'. He's nice. The cops showed up eventually and broke it up though, so Ryan and I walked to the bus stop just as a bus was coming. And we went back. Good night.
Last night, Nolan and I decided to go get food. Then we went to Jackson's apartment to get him so we could get food. Jackson said that he was waiting for Morgan, so they could go get food and we could join them. Then we somehow ended up waiting for Paul so the five of us could go get food. The guys bickered about going downtown for about 2 hours and then we ended up going downtown as we were walking to Tacos Morenos because a bus showed up. We went to Woodstock's and got two extra large pizzas, All Meat Orgy & Hawaiian, for $25! LOVE sweet deals because we got an awesome meal for $5 each! Then we wandered to Trader Joe's to get some groceries, and then to Longs to get some more groceries. It was cool. I love these guys.
I guess that wasn't that interesting. Haha. We had three slices of the Orgy left over and half the Hawaiian and someone nigged most of the Hawaiian when we were sleeping. Probably someone from the lame party my roommates threw. But oh well.

Anyway, with regards to the finger crossing ordeal two posts ago, hopefully I shall have news tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed still. Yay!

No news today. The person I was supposed to meet with was sick. More news in the near future? Hopefully.

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