Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Days!

That's what yesterday and today has been! It's been nice, sunny and fairly warm, but not too warm. I still wear a jacket outside, but after enough running around, I start sweating. (I started typing this blog yesterday, but I never got around to finishing it so it will be a combination of today & yesterday.)

I had class all day, but in between class it was nice walking around and doing my skippy step around campus. Also, Morgan and I made two epic trips to the bookstore to get scantrons and matching green UCSC sweatshirts (on sale for $22.99!). It was cool.
Then I went to the volleyball game after and skipped my last class. That was fun, but we lost so that was not fun. The guys definitely had an off day, which really sucked. This was the game that counted the most for them. Also the other team was really scrappy/solid and were picking EVERYTHING up. So yeah.
Then Tim and I went to go eat (OMG, I eat so much. Seriously like 4 meals a day! It's ridiculous! 7 day meal plan FTW) and most of the freshmen on the team, Thomas Davidson (middle), Darren Tsai (DS/libero), Bryce Dalheimer (outside), & Austin Kress (outside?), and the junior outside hitter, Brad Sullivan, came and ate with us because they know Tim. I ended up talking to Thomas, his girlfriend, and his friend who I sort of know from Kresge for a bit. I HOPE WE CAN BECOME FRIENDS. Also quoting Ms. Tyson I am "not a creeper, not a creeper". Really.

I woke up & talked to Brad before going to volleyball. AND THEN I PROCEEDED TO KICK MAJOR ASS AT VOLLEYBALL. I also talked to the coach about sending me info about tryouts and getting me into the class next quarter to (hopefully? maybe?) do drills with the team. She seemed fairly enthused by the fact that I was interested in trying out. I think she likes me??? I hope so! Anyway, volleyball went SO WELL today. I'm so sad that it's the last class of the quarter, BUT I scheduled my classes around volleyball next quarter so I will be doing this class and playing (and hopefully drilling with the team. Omgomgomg, that would be my dream come true).
Then after that I ate with all my volleyball friends, Chris, Tim, Dave, Cat, and Lauren, and it was great fun! We all made fun of Tim for sucking at volleyball. Many LOLZ ensued. Then I went to go get my mail! I HAD MAIL! :) I got TWO sample pads (one Poise & one Always), and a coupon for the Always. I got a Cosmopolitan in the mail. I got two letters from my bff, Josh, down at UCSB. So awesome. After that, I went back to my apartment, showered and headed to Longs to pick up some things and now I am here! :)
Also a sidestory about my great love of mail. I needed to mail two letters today (one for you, Ms. Tyson! Keep a lookout!) so I went to Longs to do that and to pick up some stuff. As I was getting there, I saw the mailman leaving, so I started sprinting, and then I almost twisted my ankle!!! I kept running through the slight, annoying pain and as he started the car, I banged on the window and was able to drop off my letters. That, my friends, is how devoted I am to mail.
Okay, so back to my day... so now I am about to power through my precalc homework, and then I am going to go eat. And then I am going to play volleyball for three hours with my volleyball friends at some open gym by Cabrillo College or something. I am stoked.
I love volleyball. A lot.
OH, and last night, I had a dream about trying out for the team and making it. And that was my SECOND dream about playing for the team. So yes, it really is my dream. And I'm going to make my dream come true. I am determined. Very determined. I love volleyball! Yay!

This has been a spastic Paulina post.

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