Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life in a Single

It's great! :) I really like my new apartment so far. It's all girls this time, but that has proven to be not too shabby. I was friends with one of the girls, Morgan, prior to moving in, so we hang out. The girl across the hall from me has just moved in, as well. Her name is Meagan, and she's pretty cool as well. She also had a crazy bitch roommate. Two of the girls, Elaine and Cristine, watch "Gossip Girl", and I've watched with them before! This is going to be awesome. We might have a tequila night, tonight.
The only downside is that the apartment is semi-dirty (semi-dirty because I mopped the kitchen floor, my bathroom floor, and cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom) and they don't like cleaning. It really sucks and is sort of dumb. Seriously one girl, Jenny, was like "We don't like cleaning, so we don't clean." And another girl, Morgan (not my friend), was like "No, we will not give you money to chip in for cleaning supplies because we have this and that and toilet paper is not $5."
They have no cleaning supplies other than a good shower cleaner, and a crappy toilet bowl cleaner. And did I mention that they had no toilet paper?
I was just going to get cleaning supplies, and then use the rest of the money on a crapload of toilet paper, but instead, I purchased $30 worth of cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I should probably just keep the toilet paper to myself, which is what I might end up doing after this toilet paper runs out. My mom is bringing up a bunch from home--the Kirkland brand, so not very good but does the job, mind you. After that runs out, I think I will just get me some Charmin' just for myself. And as for the cleaning supplies, I bought enough to last me practically forever. Not even kidding. Longs discount, ftw! Two Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (the one they have is not good. And two because they were on sale for 2 for $5 and I got an extra discount off those), two Lysol kitchen 4-in-1 sprays, one CVS brand Windex (the girl tried to tell me that they had Windex, but Morgan and I searched everywhere and there was none), one Greenworks All-Purpose cleaner (absolutely AMAZING), one CVS brand box of Swiffer sheets, two packs of sponges, two boxes of 20 ct. CVS trash bags, and one six-pack of Cottonelle toilet paper, all for about $30! So cool. Catering to my Asian & cleaning needs.
Other than that, I've still been going back to my old apartment to hang out with the guys and such. Nolan and I get food quite frequently and I bother Paul. Nothing else is really new. I just don't live there and I sleep much better now.
Also, I met a metalhead yesterday at the Owl's Nest while getting food, and he thinks I'm totally cool, which I am, of course. But we like a lot of the same bands and I enjoy conversing with him. I definitely have a new show buddy.
Last night, I had one of those nights to myself where I relaxed, showered, and kind of had a ME night. It was quite nice since I've been running around all week. Now I am semi-revitalized and studying for chem. Yay!


I am Katherine. said...

Your single sounds pretty neat! (Except not literally in the "clean" sense.. haha)

But seriously I dislike it when people don't like cleaning. It's like. Seriously? Hahah your list of cleaning supplies really made me smile. After working at the SportsCenter I KNOW how important each product is to your health. Gotta love that Lysol. You know how much I love cleaning too!

Paulina said...

I KNOW! I mean, cleaning is okay, not exactly fun but it is still necessary!