Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As you all know, I currently live in a triple. For the past few weeks, I've been talking to the housing coordinator, Joao, at my residential college, and I've managed to finangle myself into a single!!! A SINGLE!!! AKA I AM NO LONGER GOING TO LIVE/SLEEP WITH ANYONE EXCEPT THOSE WHO I DEEM ACCEPTABLE TO LIVE WITH ME!!! I'm not sure where yet, but he has some options that he will email me. But he says that he has a single for me. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
It has been a long, hard journey. Haha. The first time I went to see Joao two weeks ago, he was out sick. I came back the next day and he took my name down for a single or a double and said he'd email me. (I just wanted to get out of here.) I waited for a day and he didn't email me, so I emailed him. He said he'd email me some apartments to look at, but never got around to doing that since the housing office got really busy. And then we scheduled an appointment last week. He gave me one small double to look at over in Kresge East.
I went and checked it out and it was TINY! Tinier than my small triple even! There were two beds on the floor next to each other and one foot of walking space between the wall and the bed from one side of the room to the other. There were two dressers crammed on top of each other in the closet space, and one, not two, desk crammed in a corner. The girl there told me they couldn't find space for the second desk. Also, there was colored paper and pictures of mushrooms and stuff taped all over the windows. AKA they probably do drugs and stuff there.
I went back to the housing office and told them that I was not going to take that room because it was SO SMALL. Then Joao contemplated for a little bit, and we scheduled another appointment for Monday. He told me that he could probably get me a single. I thanked him and as I was leaving, he asked me if I had a judicial record. I'm a good kid, so of course not, and I told him that. Then he told me again that he could probably get me a single.
On Monday, I came in to see him, but he was out sick again. I sent him an email asking him if we could reschedule. Then I got an email from the housing office yesterday apologizing for the inconvenience of him being out sick, and that I should call and make another appointment. So I did for today at 10:15.
I was going over to the housing office when I saw him standing outside on the phone. I was going to go inside and wait, and he came up to me. He asked me if I was there to see him, and I said yes. He said that he'd email me so we can set up another appointment, but he has a single for me and several options for that.

Also, volleyball class yesterday went really well. I got TWO pancakes. Not one, but TWO. I had some badass digs. I had some nice hits and some aces.
Intramural volleyball, on the other hand, did not go so well. I touched the ball approximately thrice, other than serving. Got set ZERO times. And had zero digs. Awesome. Not.

Oh, and I am in dire need of a vacation. :(

ALSO, I got the highest grade on my precalc midterm again! 87.01! Not as high as it was last time, but it's still the highest grade! It was tied with someone though, but that person did about the same on the last midterm. I still have the highest grade in the class! YAY!

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yangdi said...

Hahahha yayyyy your good grades! (:
Also omg your housing situation working out like that is pretty awesome! btw got your letter!