Monday, June 22, 2009

Ape Cave

Today, Brad and I went with Zane, Nathan, and Savannah to this place called Ape Cave up past Woodland. Brad told me that it was a lava tunnel. It was super awesome. Half of the cave is kind of boring and flat and you have to turn around once you reach the end. The other half of the cave is awesome and adventure-y. We walked the first half and back. Then we got to the entrance and decided to go through the second half. We climbed lots of giant piles of rocks and dodged giant rocks. There was one part where it was pretty much like rock climbing and it was cool!
It was also kind of freaky though. The cave was pitch black and ever since I saw the Descent, I've kind of been freaked out by caves. I was clutching Brad's hand for a good deal of the way and I made him walk behind me always.
Also, the cave is tricky because about 3/4 of the way through, there's an opening in the roof where you could potentially climb out but it is really wet and slippery. We walked by and two people threw things at us and laughed. I wanted to climb out like a badass and assault them, but I didn't because I am nice.
Awesome adventures are awesome.

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