Monday, June 1, 2009

This Weekend

In three words: wow interesting drunk/delicious steak YUM

On Friday, Fusty, Sean, Lauren and I, plus two drunk fat bitch friends of Fusty's (ew), went to Fusty's friends' house, aptly named the Bro House, way out in BFE. Nobody was there yet, including Bodhi and Eliot, the guys who live there, so we waited and we waited. The party was supposed to start around 8, and it was 9. Finally, the two guys showed up with alcohol, and Chris needed to go pick up his friend. We left the two drunk fat bitch friends and pile into Chris's POS Ford Focus and went to BFE Soquel to pick up Aaron. Aaron appears at his door with moustaches for all. The drive to BFE Soquel was forgiven. We pile back into the car and drive back to BFE. Drinks, dance, and conversation were had by all, except Chris, who was DD. Occasionally the drunk fat bitches appear out of nowhere to annoy everyone and have one hang on Chris, until he finally took them back up to campus. Then an hour later he showed up to pick the rest of us. But that was after a cop showed up at the party and was like WTF IDIOT NEIGHBOR FOR CALLING IN THIS CHILL AND MELLOW PARTY WTF. And that was my Friday night.
On Saturday night, Dave & Ben threw an end-of-the-year/this-is-our-last-weekend-together/douchefag-is-gone party. It was spent very drunk with varying degrees of annoyed/anger. It also resulted in me getting punched in the eye and scratched. Might I add, I did nothing to provoke it. Puke nights suck. Also people making me angry while I'm drunk thus causing me to drink more suck too. But Jager and tequila rock.
Tonight, I went home with Tim, Fusty, Lauren, and Sean and my parents made us steak. It was righteous, thick, juicy, and manly: everything a steak should be. We had ourselves a feast, and we played foosball.
Now I am here. Now I am going to bed.

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