Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is Weird

I can never remember exactly how old I am. It usually takes me several tries to get it right. When people ask me, it usually comes out of my mouth like this: "I'm sixtee--wait, seven--nope, eighteen... OH JUST KIDDING. I'm nineteen!!!". I don't feel like I'm 19. I don't even feel like I was 18, or even 17. Maybe 16. But I guess, I will always think of myself as that awkward, 14 year-old freshman with retarded bangs that stuck straight up when I played volleyball, no matter how old I get. Or at least until I'm married.
Also, when I turn 21, it will be really interesting to see how many times I get carded for looking like I'm 12. I can't wait. Or how many people won't believe that I'm actually legal legal.

On another note, the Transformers soundtrack is amazing. It gives me butterflies and I want to stand up and wave my arms like a really passionate conductor. You know, epic swells and little tiptoe portions and stuff. I miss band?

Okay, back to procrastinating.

1 comment:

I am Katherine. said...

I SO know what you mean. I ALWAYS have to think real hard and I usually start with 17.