Friday, June 19, 2009

Life in Washington

Yesterday, Brad and I went to the zoo to see the lions. We got jewed :( We were very sad. First, ticket prices went up FIFTY CENTS from when we were there April '08. Second, the lion exhibit wasn't open even though when we went in April, there was a sign that said it would be back Spring '09. And third, the primate exhibit was under construction too! HOW LAME IS THAT!!! We paid $10.50 to see not the entire zoo!!!
But that's okay because afterwards, Brad let me drag him around Washington Square Mall and through Macy's, Nordstrom, Aritzia, A&F, a giant F21 (not as big as SF, but close), Metropark, and Sanrio for a few hours. It was awesome! Surprisingly enough, I only purchased a shitload of stationery from Sanrio with NO SALES TAX. :( I didn't really like anything I tried on, or the selection of clothing. I was eyeing a few pairs of True Religions, but I decided against them... On second thought, maybe I should get them because there is NO SALES TAX. But then again, I can always get them from Revolve or something online with NO SALES TAX and FREE SHIPPING.
Sometimes I forget why I love my boyfriend so much, especially when we fight and stuff. But then we have days where he lets me practically torture him just so I can do something that makes me really happy, and I remember why: he'd go through practically anything to make me laugh and smile. Also, he cooks for me and that is awesome.

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