Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WOW, You're REALLY Idiots

I just got back from my chemistry lab. I hate chem lab, I really, really do. Chemistry sucks. My lab partners used to suck, but not anymore because I switched. My TA is cool, but his English sucks. Chem lab sucks. Anyway, today sucked as well. It involved a lot of waiting, and a lot of waiting. The experiment was split into three parts, and partners paired up with other partners to split up the parts so people had to do less work.
There was only one group in the entire class doing the last part. It looked like they'd finished, so I went to ask them about their results. They told me that they didn't finish. I asked them why because they were at the tables away from the lab area. They told me that their spectrometer (a device used to measure %T at various wavelengths) did not work so they threw away all their results. They told me that their SPECTROMETER DID NOT WORK SO THEY THREW AWAY ALL OF THEIR SOLUTIONS. ONE spectrometer out of TEN in the class did not work; it happened to be theirs so they THREW AWAY ALL OF THEIR SOLUTIONS. Has the absurdity of this action sunk in yet?
What type of inept retards do you have to be to throw away your solutions because the machine that you happen to be using is not functioning? What type of incompetent idiots do you have to be to not have the thought cross your mind that maybe you could use one of the other ten million spectrometers in the class? What type of complete dumbasses are you to not have common fucking sense pass through your brain? What type of inconsiderate assholes are you to simply throw away solutions that could be put in a different spectrometer so that the entire class can have results?
SERIOUSLY, what the HELL. It's cool if everyone had results. Whatever, your loss. It's a little bit more cool if someone else had done your part and you decided that you are too stupid to use another spectrometer and will instead copy their results. But it's not cool because you made everyone wait, and you made someone else do the part of the experiment to compensate for your complete fucking retarded, incompetent minds.
How are you even in college if you can't think of using another machine? How are you in college if you something so incredibly simple does not pass your mind? When your car runs out of gas, do you junk it because it "doesn't work"? When your computer crashes, do you throw it away because it "doesn't work"? If you can't figure out a calculation, do you just stop because it "doesn't work"? If your cellphone battery dies, do you throw your cellphone away because it is "broken"? If your pencil runs out of lead, or the lead breaks, or the point is dull, do you toss it because it "doesn't work"? Why is it then okay for you to throw away a bunch of solutions because your spectrometer doesn't work?
You're fucking idiots. I hope you get hit by a bus.


I am Katherine. said...

ONE TIME my partner put his re-crystallization fluid (you know, the one that takes THREE HOURS and MULTIPLE BOILINGS to purify) into a DOUBLE-OPEN-ENDED converter tube instead of a test tube. So it just spilled on the ground. And I'm pretty sure that was when I knew I had the capacity to kill someone.

I miss you. I hate chem lab as well, and I'm pretty sure no one understands how disastrous they can be.

Kendra said...

I hate chem too, least favourite i have to say out of all of them. nothing makes sense to me