Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are You Retarded?

In the past five or so months, the trusty TI-34 II calculator that I have had since sixth grade decided to slowly degenerate in my loving hands. It has worked sporadically on and off, and usually the 1, 2, 3, sto=>, clear, divide, multiply, subtract, add, enter, delete, clear, and the right arrow. It has accompanied through many tests, and I am sorry to say this, but I believe it is time for it to never feel an electrical current run through its veins again. It is time for me to get a new calculator. And by new, I mean as cheap as possible.
Where is the best place for as cheap as possible? Amazon, of course. And then eBay! I had no such luck with Amazon. It looked like I was having no luck with eBay either, until I stumbled across this lovely gem. It is a used, TI-34 II with no cover selling on eBay for $77.77. Did you read it correctly? Yes, seventy seven dollars and seventy seven cents. Who in their right mind would attempt to sell a used, not even full TI-34 II calculator for almost a hundred bucks?! The thing brand spankin' new is not even worth HALF that much, although it is worth a third of that price...
I made an offer of $5 for the used TI-83 II calculator missing its cover. The owner responded with $24.99. $24.99?! For a used scientific calculator with a missing cover? I could get one brand new on Amazon for that, maybe even cheaper with good luck! I reluctantly increased my price to $10.00 with a note saying that his price was not worth it. He accepted the offer. My prior research saved me $8-12 because I paid $17.00 for it, including S&H! Yay. I hate when people try to Jew me.
Seriously though, this guy must have been delusional or something if he thought that his calculator was worth three times as much as a brand new one, excluding shipping and handling. People are so dumb.

Also, on a random sidenote: My blog is being visited by random fashion bloggers with a decent following? This is pretty cool because I like seeing what people wear on a daily basis even if I am too lazy/uninspired to attempt any sort of personal style other than jeans and a t-shirt. Too bad I don't really blog about anything really fashion relevant other than things I would like and occasional rants about outrageously priced things.

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chery said...

lol i like your posts with all the bags and such. TIME TO BE RICHHH...
oh and how do you find out who's visiting your blog??