Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volleyball: The Good and the Bad

The last time I blogged about volleyball, it was going pretty great. Now, it's a mixed bag. I've been taking the advanced volleyball class for a few quarters now just for funsies and some exercise. This quarter there are way more guys than there are girls, and in quarters past, it's been the opposite. This quarter, there are also way more people who think they know how to play volleyball when they really don't or they think they can play with the big kids. This results in the non-advanced players getting completely beat up on and lowering the level of play. So what does Selene do? She split the class up today into boys and girls. The last time she did that, I tried to sneak off to be a man, but I was reprimanded and sent to the girls. Today, I didn't even try and just accepted defeat, tucked my tail between my legs, and braced myself for a frustrating hour and a half of class. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when people are too inept to pass a ball coming directly at them, much less dropping within a one foot radius. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when a set is someone bumping the ball up randomly. Frustrating does not even begin to describe it when someone shanks easy balls, so I gave up trying and spent the rest of the time trying to control my anger.
Today, however, did turn around when I went to go play intramurals with my new team. We kicked ass. And by kicked ass, I meant we completely dominated, and we have a very good chance of winning league. It was great. My friend, Alex, blocked about ten balls the first game which put us way ahead. I scored the game winning point by ripping a ball at my friend, Dave, and it got caught with him on his way down from the block. The second game, I served a good ten points, leaving the score 21-11 when we sided out. We won that game about 25-14? It was awesome. I didn't think it would be so, playing with people that I've never played with, and getting used to someone else's sets. We all worked together really well as a team, and I can sense that there's going to be no drama, and no people to hate this quarter. The terribleness of this morning has been rectified.

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