Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow, You're an Idiot

This year at UCSC, we have new washing machines & dryers because people kept flicking pennies in through the quarter slot to save money on washing clothes. Although it is convenient for them, it is inconvenient for everyone else because it causes the machines to break and is a hassle when 700 students need to wash their clothes but only two or three out of six washing machines/dryers are functioning. The new washing machines & dryers are operated by a card that you have to load with money on the internet and then through a verification machine in the laundry room. This ensures that nobody breaks the machines by flicking pennies into it, and that the university gets their money from people doing their laundry.
Anyway, today, I went to retrieve my clothes from the dryer so I could head off to class. Inside the Kresge East laundry room was a boy. This boy asked me to help him get the washing machine to start because he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong. Clothes in the washing machine? Yup. Laundry detergent in? I assumed so. Card inserted? Wait, what card!? said the bewilderment on his face. This idiot had inserted quarters into a designated card slot on the two washing machines he was using.
First of all, are you an idiot? Second of all, are you an idiot? And third, I don't know what type of places you've been to, but nowhere in my nineteen and a half years and eleven days of existence have I ever seen a place where you could insert coins into card slots. Maybe it would be okay if there was a coin slot in addition to a card slot and he absentmindedly stuck it in the card slot. Unfortunately for him, there are only card slots on all washing machines and dryers.
How did someone like that get into college is what I'm wondering. Because if you're sticking coins into card slots and wondering why a machine isn't working, you should probably go back to kindergarten.

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Benjamin said...

Paulina, this was a particularly excellent post (and your rant posts are usually pretty excellent). I laughed out loud, keep it up!