Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life Right Now

Chemistry is raping me intensely. I do not enjoy it. What the hell are s-orbitals, p-orbitals, d-orbitals, f-orbitals, and g-orbitals? How do you draw them and why do they look like obnoxious bubbles? What do the little xyz things mean? Stuff like that. I just finished my chemistry homework, and it stuck baseball-sized anal beads up my ass and pulled them out excruciatingly painfully. Awesome. It is now 3AM and my sleep schedule is beyond fucked. Also, my chem lab isn't too bad, but people are kind of stupid. Myself, included at times. I, however, am capable of doing my calculations properly, thus not fucking over the group I work with. Also, good thing my lab partner is a near genius (well, at least in relation to me and chemistry) and can answer all idiotic questions I have on those little measuring thingies with like two rulers, kind of like one of those scales at the doctor's office, I don't remember what its called, and pycnometry, and any other nonsense Randa Roland/Ryan Garcia tosses our way. Lab is time consuming though, and that equates to rape of my day. Chemistry = rape.
Calculus is not raping me... yet? I still have one section of calc homework to do, but I figure that I can figure it out sometime between 12:10PM and 5:00PM when it is due. Yes. My professor wears the same outfit everyday and my friends talk entirely too much. It is difficult to pay attention in class when the people next to you are talking about cocks and balls, and I am pondering fashion choices. Homework is kind of long though. This could possibly be implications of rape in the future.
Music from Latin America is the worst class on the face of the planet. I have not done any of the ~200 page readings that he restates in class. Today, my professor had a medical emergency, so instead we watched a documentary on Brazilian spirit possession. The only thing that possessed me was sleep, but it was semi-difficult because of the crazed whoops and "possessed" people spazzing out on screen. Cool. Not really.
Volleyball is semi-raping me, but only because I play a lot of it which leaves less time to devote to above three classes+lab. I don't have much else to say about this. I do love volleyball though!

Okay, now I need to go to sleep.

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I am Katherine. said...

GIRL for chem and orbitals I did not get it either until I went to a drop-in study group and they gave us worksheets and stuff. If I can I'll scan them over to you because they helped me a lot!