Friday, April 10, 2009

The Stone Ages

That's what I was in today! Or at least that's what it felt like. Last night I was on the internet & on my cellphone when they both cut out around 2:30AM. I thought my phone was being retarded and my internet was being retarded because they have both had retard moments. I flipped out and ran around my residential college looking for reception, and I also ran around my apartment trying different ethernet hubs looking for internet. Finally, I went to bed.
I woke up this morning and I heard from my apartmentmate that the storm took out some towers or something that took all internet, all cellphone service, and all landlines down from Santa Cruz to the Bay. So I went about my day sans cellphone and sans internet. It was somewhat difficult. It's incredible how dependent we have all become on these two things. Seriously.
Anyway, cellphone reception was restored around 3:30PM today, but it was sketchy until about 9PM. I got internet back around 11:30PM today, but I could only access Facebook and MySpace. Around 1AM, I was able to fully access all internet, like Gmail, and Blogspot!
I San Jose Mercury News-ed the incident and they think that someone cut through the cables that transmit these signals. I don't really know how to explain it, but you can read about it here. Also, here is a cool story about something that happened in Santa Cruz during the mini-Stone Age.
It was kind of cool not checking my email or my cellphone constantly throughout the day. It was nice not having my phone go off all the time. It was nice being able to hang out with people and do stuff without someone having their cellphone out. I dunno.
I also realized that I'm hardly ever at my laptop anymore, unless it's at night or in between class. I've gotten really busy lately, which is nice. Lots and lots of volleyball (Tuesday, 12-1:10, then open gym/IM from 8-10, and Thursday, 12-1:10 and open gym 7-10, sometimes Saturday or Sunday, at the beach) is just the way I like it. Plus three classes, one seventy minute discussion, and two one hour & forty five minute discussions, and a three hour lab leaves not much time for sitting on the computer. COOL.
Also, I really need a dance party. Everytime I drive around with my friend, Dave, and some of my other friends, we always blast retarded music and it's fun, and we dance around in the back seat. I need DANCE. Haha.
Today was kind of cool. Dave and Ron picked Tim and I up from campus today for open gym at Twin Lakes Church and we were blasting random rap, hip-hop and techno and we were all laughing and going dumb and being idiots. It was fun! Then after open gym, we went to Jack in the Box, still blasting random music. Then we went to Marianne's, which is down the street from Jack in the Box, playing that one song that goes "I'm blue, da ba dee da ba di..." yeah and being retarded. LOVE it. And I miss it.
And that's pretty much it.

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Crystal said...

yeahhh I don't like being attached to my phone either
but then I don't answer it and people get mad at me. haha