Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Random Thought

Consider this situation: A husband and a wife have a baby boy. When the boy is old enough to sexually perform, he has sex with his mother. His mother gets pregnant and has the baby. What is the baby's relationship to the boy, his mother, and his father? What would the family tree even look like?

I was walking back to my apartment from the bookstore today with my friend, and somehow this came into conversation. Probably because we were talking about your mom jokes. It's an odd thought. Or at least I think it's odd. If you're grossed out, pretend that you never read this post.


VaguelyCynical said...

boy to baby = Half-brother/father
mother to baby = mother/grandmother
father to baby = grandfather

I am Katherine. said...

This post weirdly makes me miss you more than ever.