Thursday, May 21, 2009


A while ago, there was a bit of a plumbing issue underneath the sink in the bathroom. It leaked or something and got a roll of toilet paper wet. Well, eventually, that toilet paper got moldy, but it somehow remained in the bathroom. After we used up a bunch of toilet paper, that was the only one left. I was using my nice toilet paper that I purchased because I got tired of people not paying for toilet paper. Then my mom brought up some even nicer toilet paper, so I put all of my previous toilet paper in the bathroom for usage and horded the nice ones. Those ran out super magically quick as well. Now, the only toilet paper left in the bathroom is the moldy one. It's been sitting on the floor being moldy. IT IS STARTING TO GET USED. How nasty is that!!! Good thing I have my toilet paper for bringing in and out of the bathroom like a little Jew.
Anyway, I'm hitting that end of the school year slump. I don't really want to do school, but my grades are definitely that great so I can't slack off :( I don't have work this weekend so I'm going to be at the beach! I'm so excited. Also, Nick Rubin is coming to visit me tomorrow and he's taking me out to dinner. Woo! Good food :)

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Jeff9 said...

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