Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I am Thinking About Today

1. See's candy! Specifically, Scotchmallow, the best candy known to mankind. It's the perfect combination of chocolate, ooeygooey caramel & marshmallow-y delicious, & awesome. Runners up are Mayfair (chocolate, cherry bits & nuts) and blueberry truffle. I am so craving some.
2. UO Risky Business Sunglasses aka Ray Ban Wayfarer knockoffs. I am having a sunglasses withdrawal. I've lost most of mine, or they're at home. Need new ones in lots of cool colors!
3. True Religion Joey Flares. Love True Religions and I love the Joey Flares. Been stalking eBay for a decent/cheap pair because I've realized that everything I buy brand new, I rarely wear. Plus, I'm waiting for these in the Medium Savannah wash from my mom for my birthday. Might as well get accustomed to them before then! Also I love the way they fit and look on my butt. Awesome.
4. eBay. Like I said, I've been on eBay all day for various designer jeans at cheaper prices, and some random purses that I can't afford (ie. Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga).
5. Aldo's new Soito mesh-y, semi-Stella McCartney knockoff pumps. I think the picture says it all. I'm in the market for new shoes anyway. Actually, correction. I'm the market for new anything.
6. Aldo's new Mauceri cut out pumps. I like cutouts and little studs. Enough said.
7. Polaroids! I like polaroids. I'm afraid to use all my film though. Polaroids are always awesome.
8. Boyfriend! 39 days until I see him for 17 days. I'm super excited. Plus our 2 year anniversary is 13 days from now. Also super exciting.
9. Calculus for Biology and Medicine by Claudia Neumhauser. I hate calc. I've been doing it all weekend.
10. Chemical Principles by Stephen Zumdahl. I am starting my chem homework now.
11. Nautical/ocean/beach-y jewelry. Super cute. I'm definitely eyeing a few. I like the locket one and the anchor one. Also, did you know that American Eagle and Aerie have their own separate sections for jewelry? They're the same store! Why not put it in the same section so people don't get confused?
12. Cobian Fiji flip flops. I don't care what people say about their ridiculously overpriced Rainbows; these flip flops are definitely the best and comfiest known to mankind. I'm thinking I might need another pair. Or fifty.
13. The beach/vacation. Self explanatory. Yay!


Dami said...

nice polyvore!

Paulina said...

lol, I didn't polyvore any of it.

I am Katherine. said...

This is SO cuteeeee.