Saturday, May 2, 2009


I saw it today and it was really cool! I don't know the back story or anything about it, but my friends dragged me along to see it. I liked it a lot! I probably wouldn't have liked it if I actually knew it, but who cares! Hugh Jackman is in it, NAKED. Mmmm. So sexy. Tyler Kitsch is in it. Very cute, and Penn Badgley-ish. Ryan Reynolds is in it. Totally cute. Dominic Monahagan is in it. Love him and his cute accent. Lots of nifty cool mutant powers that I wish I could have. Oh, and did I mention Hugh Jackman NAKED??? Yesss. The movie was cool. I did not expect it to be so.
Today, I also got awkwardly hit on by a high school gaming nerd. Mind you, not your typical gamer though. He was one of those socially inept, but tries really hard, but can't really win at life because he plays Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer type things and loves them. It was reaaaally awkward. And semi-funny.
I also scarfed down a delicious burger in five minutes so we could run to the movie theatre because my friends decided to spend forty minutes in the D&D/Warhammer/nerd games store.
I played Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with Dave and I realized that my skills have gone to shit. I used to be really good at this game. Now, I'm not. I also watched "Borat" and I fell asleep about fifteen minutes in.
ALSO, my parents got me a MINIFRIDGE, so I went grocery shopping to stock up on food that people will never eat again because it is LOCKED UP, safe in my room.

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