Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Owned, Bitch.

I touched a bit upon it a few entries ago. And by touched, I mean, I mentioned slightly. So anyway, here is a problem that has been going on for two~ years. Black Friday 2007, I got this rad Juicy necklace from Nordstrom. I kept it in its little box inside my cosmetics case. I didn't/don't wear much jewelry, so this little number never saw the light of day. Then many moons passed and it came time for me to go visit Brad for the first time in Washington. I was very excited and I wanted to bring my necklace along. I never wore it or anything, so it should have been where I left it. Amirite? More like wrong. I opened up my cosmetics case. The little box it came in was there. I opened the box. The necklace was missing. Wait, what? Yup. The necklace was missing.
See, now that makes no sense whatsoever. How can something go missing if it was never used and never touched? Gee, I wonder.
Naturally, I blamed my sister because when my things go missing that I haven't misplaced, she's stolen it. She flipped the hell out and started screaming and crying about how I always accuse her of taking my stuff. It's like the boy who cried wolf. He kept saying there was a wolf when there wasn't. So when there finally was a wolf, nobody believed him. Well, if she kept stealing my stuff, and I kept finding my things among hers... yeah.
So this issue has been ongoing since then. Every single time I've brought it up, my parents and most people I know have called me a liar. They told me that I was simply trying to start trouble.
Then pictures have popped up of her wearing it on Facebook. Gee, how did that happen. So I sent the pictures to my mom, and she said she didn't have any proof. Are pictures of her stealing it not PROOF enough? Then she accused me of trying to start trouble again.

(Faces of the innocent have been colored out to protect their privacy.)

So today I was digging around the room that I share with my sister, and what did I find? One of the Juicy jackets that I bought on eBay because the description said it was purple but when I opened the package, it was gray and my necklace! They were hidden in a box of my sister's junk, underneath a pile of old sweatshirts and jackets.

And just in case my description of how/why I bought the jacket isn't enough and I am still lying, here are pictures of me wearing it in Santa Cruz and in Washington.

So I win, you lose. I rise, you fall. (Hahaha, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" reference.) Who's the liar now?

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allen said...

haha i love the evidence in this post