Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a Thought

Lately, I've been having a lot of these moments where I've been evaluating myself and the paths I've chosen (clicheee!). It's mostly been brought on by a certain string of events induced by my sister. It's no secret that we are two very different people. And it is definitely no secret that we don't get along. However, I'm usually pretty tolerant of the stupid shit she pulls (ie. stealing underwear, $90 necklaces, makeup, condoms, money, etc. from me or being a skank). This time though, she's taken things entirely too far.

We got into a huge argument because she flipped out over me taking the car to go to the gym with my little brother, even though I'd already confirmed with my mom that I could use it that day. (People with their own cars, be thankful you don't have to share one with someone crazy!) Then she started screaming about how I always ruin everything, how she hates living here with me, and how life is so much better when I'm not around, etc. And then she started shrieking about how she hopes that I get pregnant and die. I collected all of my gym belongings and then left with my brother to the echoes of her screams.

I came home to find the following:
1. my birth control missing from my purse where I'd left it after I took my pill at about 12:45PM. (And no, in case you're wondering, she's not stealing so she can have some of her own. She went to Planned Parenthood and got her own. She took it out of spite.) And yes, it is still missing.
2. my nearly empty Earth Science moisturizer filled with some white crap (possibly John Frieda Brilliant Brunette conditioner)
3. Nair Hair Removal Cream mixed with my Catwalk conditioner.

First of all, 1 & 3 are so LOW. Why would you do that to someone, not to someone who is your FAMILY. And obviously they are all incredibly immature and childish. Rant, rant, rant, I could go on for hours, but that's the gist of my ranting.

Secondly, you really have to evaluate the type of person you're becoming if you are willing to go so far as to take someone's birth control in the hopes that the person gets pregnant. Not to mention that someone is your sister. Is that who you really want to be? Someone so selfish and childish that you put others at risk for something because you can't deal with whatever issues and insecurities you have in a constructive manner? Do you really want to have to grasp at something so petty, ridiculous, and incredibly immature so you feel a little bit better about yourself? Do you really want to be someone who goes completely out of his/her way to cause someone misery just because you didn't get something that you wanted?

There are a lot of terrible and evil things I could do to everyone who has wronged me in some way. I could take my sister's birth control. I could let "accidentally" let it slip out of her purse and in front of my parents. I could urinate in her facewash. I could rub my shitstained butthole all over her pillow. The list goes on. The key word in there is could. I could do all of those things, but I don't. I would like to think that I am a better person that. I would like to think that I don't need to stoop to childish levels to make up for hurt feelings and annoyance. I would like to say that I am above letting petty arguments and nuances ago, because they're just that: petty. I may say a lot of snide and snarky stuff on the side for some LOLz or because I'm furious, but that's an entirely different level than physically messing with someone and trying to make his or her life miserable. So on that note, I do think that I am turning out morally okay despite living with complete bitches for all my life. Or borrowing a line from "27 Dresses", my moral compass does point due north... mostly.

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I am Katherine. said...

Yeeek that sounds reallly rough. But I'm really glad you're taking the high road on this one. Although it was kind of chaos-filled, I liked this post and your though process on it.

I love you girl and I hope to write you soon :)