Monday, September 22, 2008

A City Adventure

Today, Ian and I adventured into the city on bus 16, Laurel East! We got off at the Santa Cruz Metro Station and walked around the wrong way find out that there was an easier exit on the other side, since the station occupied both portions of the street. If that makes any sense. We walked around downtown Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue and stumbled upon Streetlight Records! I met a metalhead named Casey there, and we spent about 15-20 minutes talking about METAL. And then I found out the guitarist of Ghoul (one of my most favoritest bands, EVER)(Sean maybe?) WORKS THERE. So I will definitely be frequenting that location to feed my Ghoul fangirlism. SWEET. I picked up Carcass' "Heartwork" and Impaled's (lol) "Death After Life" FOR ONLY FIFTEEN DOLLARS. DOUBLE SWEET. Then we went to seek out a bathroom all along Pacific Avenue because I was consuming massive amounts of water like a fish--even though fish don't actually consume that much water. They just filter it through to get the oxygen out--due to my sickness. Sadly, there were no usable bathrooms to be found and I stood at the corner of Mission, Pacific, and Front awkwardly cross-legged while a random somewhat hippie-ish biker inquired as to where Tall Boy and I were headed. We decided to go onto Front Street because I checked Google to see where Longs was, and it told me Front St. Ian said that there was a Trader Joe's there with a usable bathroom because he used it! I walked in and was overwhelmed with ice cold air and a large, large, large Trader Joe's packed with small people, big people, dirty people, dreadlocked people, smelly people, clean people, etc. I pushed my way through large crowds and found the glorious bathroom. A nice employee man let me in and I relieved myself thoroughly and happily. Next door to the relieving pleasure place was Longs Drugs, my home away from home this summer. Ian and I did some grocery shopping and we went back to the Metro Station to catch the University via Lower Bay to Mission & Bay to hit up the Longs that I would be working at. One of the managers that I met was very, very mean and douche-like. I am not excited. The store manager, however, was fairly nice and friendly, but he had to go pick his son up. I filled out my availability for ETM and left. And then I forgot that I had to fill my prescription so Ian and I went back to do that for about forty five minutes. Then we went and sat at the Mission & Bay bus stop for forty five minutes while one bus with too many people stopped by. Finally, a nice bus lady let us on and we went back on campus.
Tonight, I watched "Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill" with my apartment. Well, most of it. Hooray!

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Timbus said...

Woo life on your own! Also Ghoul!