Sunday, September 28, 2008

Epic Fail

Last night, Ian and I set out to go to a bonfire of seemingly epic (according to Facebook attendance) proportions. With seemingly epic proportions it should be rad, right? WRONG. Wrong to the wrongest of wrong times INFINITY. Ian and I hopped on the Santa Cruz Metro as it cruised around UCSC picking people up from colleges and dropping them off before heading into the city. It picked up a bunch of Cowell people heading to the bonfire, so we ended up going with them to Seabright.
I met this cool guy named Casey. We talked almost the entire way there, and then he ditched me. I guess he didn't want to be friends. Speaking of friends, I will make a post for that later. Maybe.
Finally, we got to the Seabright cliff and then I climbed down and lumbered around. We found out that the event was unorganized. The organizer had no idea as to what she was doing, we had no wood or anything. Everyone went to mooch off other bonfires, so Ian and I peaced out.
We went to eat Mexican food, and went back to my apartment where we proceeded to get very drunk. Well, I did. And we watched a terrible 50 Cent movie on BET. Then Brad came home and I went to go talk to him, but I felt really sick, so I somehow made it into my bed and passed out. The end.

Also, I forgot, lol. At the bonfire, some kid started talking to me because he thought I had alcohol. Except I was carrying a water bottle with water in it. You know, like the name implies. Idiot.

Day 10 (9/28/08): Ned! I met him in the College 8 dining hall while I was with Anya, Nolan, Paul, and Jeremy. Anya and I think he is very cute, so we added him on Facebook! He was wearing a Death shirt. Definitely metal. I also looked at his music list on Facebook and... HE LISTENS TO BLOODBATH! Love Bloodbath hellza!

Total: 12
Legit Total: 7

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