Sunday, September 21, 2008

When I Say Kresge, You Say Pride

I'm officially moved in! Well, I technically officially moved in yesterday but haven't really been on my laptop save for a few minutes here and there. And I didn't have all my things on the official move-in day because I went home for Carcass!!!
I moved in Saturday at the bright and early time of eight in the morning when my official time was nine. I was definitely the first person on this side of campus/my college because I wanted to get a good bed, the single bed. I met all of my roommates, Nolan, Nicole, Anya, Andrew, Lisa, Jay, Paul and Jeremy, in that order. Then Katherine and I wandered around and helped Ryan move in. Then I ventured home... for CARCASS! :)
Carcass was absolutely amazing and made of total funsies. Truan drove down from SF to come pick David and me up. We missed Rotten Sound, caught the tail end of Aborted, saw 1349, Suffocation, and CARCASS!!!!!! :) It was good. I got home around two in the morning and went to sleep!
I woke up on Saturday to go to Katherine's house to say goodbye before she went to Davis and that was very :( My mom wanted me to go to that new yogurt place by Amici's to get her a free t-shirt. So I waited and was harassed by little children for a good two hours. One girl kept hitting a balloon in my face so I got very, very bitchy. Then some little Indian child from a large Indian family kept rubbing up against me, so I yelled at him. And then another Indian child from the same Indian family tried to cut in front of me, so I bitched him out. I paid $2.50 for sour, more solid plain vanilla yogurt and a free t-shirt. Then I went home and went back to Santa Cruz.
Yesterday, I got in and finished packing. Then I hung out with Ryan until he ditched me. And then I ran into Militza and hung out with her at the dining hall. Then I went back to my apartment and hung out with my roommate and her boyfriend. Then some of my other roommates came back and we went on a Kresge night hike! After that, I went home and encountered my roommate, Jay, drinking a bottle of wine. So my roommate, Nicole, and I joined him! And then my mystery roommate, Jeremy, came home! And he joined us! And then we drank some more, and I ate some cereal. And went to bed. The end.
Today, I woke up because my alarm didn't go off, and went to a mandatory meeting about boringness and boredom. Then I went back to my apartment to grab some stuff and met up with my coworker, Ian! We journeyed over to the Porter-Kresge dining hall to grab some grub. And then wandered across campus to Stevenson on an epic trek. Then we bused back to Kresge and hung out before I had another mandatory meeting with my roommates and our CA, Angelo, the black fedora, cigarette smoking, queer identified man. It was interesting. Except not. My roommates and I headed back to our apartment and then to the dining hall to feast before making/drinking margaritas. And that is what we are doing now.
</end first weekend>


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