Friday, September 26, 2008

A Random Update

Not much to say, but I finished my first round of classes today.

Kresge Core - Fuck this class. It's going to be a pain in my ass. However, the TA is pretty chill. Maybe kind of crazy.

Aquatic Toxicology - I think I'm going to love this class. The professor keeps saying that we're all going to break up with our significant others and get really stressed out and die. However, it should be interesting. Also, at my first class, I sat next to this guy named Chris and this other guy named Mike. They seem pretty cool.

Documenting Oral History - I got lost on my way to this class today, but the teacher was very nice about it. She's some crazy Sybill Trelawney channeling lady. Not even kidding. Very loose, flowy, kind of spacey. Today, she stood on one leg with both arms out on either side of her and sort of just wobbled back and forth talking about change. Should be fun. I like :)

Today documents my first official week of being a college student. Not too bad so far. I love my roommates. They're all super chill and we get along great. My classes seem pretty cool. I love my college. I'm happy here. Yay!

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