Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Search of Metalheads, Part I

Welcome to the documentation of my metalhead radar coupled with my inquisitive, friendly, sometimes obnoxious nature. It results in me asking random people about their shirts and their hair.
Day One (9/19/08): Anita Ly. I met her on Facebook, and then ran into her at Carcass. She goes to UCSC, otherwise, I would not list her in my search. Finding metalheads at metal shows might be cheating.
Day Two (9/20/08): Kenny, the CA of some building in Kresge. He was wearing an Animosity jacket, therefore basically telling me "hey, little Asian girl, come talk to me." He likes Ghoul and Bloodbath. He was going to see At the Gates but a family emergency came up. He did not know that Carcass was played the night before. And he does not like Amon Amarth. Also he told me about Sean? working at Streetlight Records. Oh, and some deathcore kid started talking to him too.
Day Three (9/21/08): None... that I can remember.
Day Four (9/22/08): Casey, the midthirties to forties metalhead, inside Streetlight Records. See two posts prior.
Day Five (today): I sighted an Asian in a Dragonforce shirt. Those kids are hard to distinguish between normal people and metalheads. They might be those ones who hopped on the Guitar Hero or whatever the heck bandwagon and bought their shirt at Hot Topic. I sighted a kid in a Slayer shirt. Again, also difficult to distinguish. And a kid in an In Flames shirt. See previous sentence. I sighted some dude in a VITAL REMAINS shirt. Now, for those readers who aren't too familiar with metal, you can't buy a Vital Remains shirt at Hot Topic. Usually those who listen to Vital Remains are legitimate metalheads, and not poseurs. So naturally, I was excited. I tried to talk to him in my usual excited OMFG METALHEAD way, but some bitch in the group he was with told me to shut up, not to mention that I was walking in the opposite direction. Needless to say, no connection was made. It made me sad. Also, I sighted a guy wearing one of the Faceless' shirts. I tried to talk to him too, but was ignored. Then I ran into Thomas from Stevenson, who I had met prior this week on the bus, and we spent an entire bus ride talking about METAAAL with the guy sitting next to me chiming in on occasion. Thomas listens to mainly thrash, but enjoys death metal also. So I recommended some awesome things to him, and he said he'd add me on Facebook.

Total: 9
Legit Total: 5

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