Friday, September 19, 2008

T minus Seven Hours

That's how long it is until my move-in time. Unstrangely enough, I'm arriving an hour prior because my crazy mom wants be to have the "good bed." I'm in a small triple; the bed arrangements are two bunk beds, and the "good" single bed. To be honest, I wouldn't mind having that either because I toss and turn a lot.
To be honest, I'm very, very scared. And I'm blogging to calm my nerves. It's two in the morning, and I have yet to finish packing. I still have almost a day and a half to get my belongings together since I'm coming home tomorrow night to see the legendary Carcass and heading back to Santa Cruz on Saturday. In reality, I'm going to be fairly busy. That, however, has not yet sunk in, so I sit here and idly type.
I went to say hellogoodbye to a bunch of people at Monta Vista today. The most awkward encounter was with my most favorite, Scotty C! He had his prep period so I poked my head in and waved obnoxiously, and then walked away. Approximately thirty feet away from his door, I heard someone call out my name in an oh so familiar, monotonous, sleep inducing manner. I turn around, and who could it be but Scotty C! We had a five minute awkward conversation about Samantha Wang and Mike Hultquist, and then I scurried away.
The best experience was by far with my other most favorite, DeNaeNae! I walked into the Leadership class with lots of little Leadership people. I sat down in my old '08 spot (second desk against the wall by the door, far side of the table against the wall, in case you were wondering) which happened to be this year's Staff Relations table! What joy! She began focus group discussions and passed out lovely sheets to everyone, myself included, to fill out their most favorite one and launched into reading the paper in her perfectly lovely voice. Halfway down the paper, as I was filling it out, I hear "What the heck!?" and I look up to see DeNaeNae smiling fondly down at me, bewildered at my sudden appearance seemingly as a student in her class. Hilarity ensued and much laughter was had by all.
I might miss high school.

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