Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas: Things I Want

The other three PostSecret books.

The Lion King on Broadway is hands down the best musical ever to grace this planet. I want to see it again!

LOVE ridiculous socks. :)

Not gonna lie. I want them!

I can dream, right?

I love Free People dresses! I want this one in teal, but they don't have that on the site anymore.

Citizens of Humanity are my new favorite jean brand. They look awesome on my butt.

Not this one specifically, but this cute one I found at Nordstrom by Hinge!

Polaroid cameras are badass, plus I found an awesome way to decorate my room, and I'd need one!

Except in black.

And that's it... for the time being :)


Benjamin said...

I think my roommate has that exact hat, apparently it's warm as hell

Paulina said...

that's why I want it! haha