Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today Will Go Down in History...

...as a great day for mail! YAY!

This is what I found waiting for me in my mailbox!
- batteries that I ordered.
- TWO samples of Astroglide. Not one, but TWO.
- TWO slips saying I had packages: two small ones, and one medium one.
- a letter from ISV

The packages?
- A Juicy Juice sippy cup. Totally rad.
- Orville Redenbacher's 100 Calorie Mini Smart Cakes!, Natural Gourmet Popping corn, and a coupon booklet with "Over $6 of savings inside!"
- A teddy bear and a letter from Brad!



yangdi said...

I got those smartcakes too! Hahaha my roommates are jealous all my samples are coming in and theirs aren't. Yum.

Paulina said...

:) omg, today seriously I staggered through the door with a bunch of envelopes and packages. it was AWESOME.