Friday, December 19, 2008


Last night was really interesting, to say the very least. I fucking love Jager. It also makes me very, very angry.
Anyway, today, Brad and I woke up at Nick's to an empty house after a lot of phone ringing. Then we left and went home. We were going to go shopping, but Brad's aunt, Kari, called and wants us to go skiing/snowboarding with her. So we are going to do that! Hopefully, Tony, Brad's dad, wants to go and drive us in his truck. Apparently they have 30 something inches of fresh powder at Ski Bowl or whatever. I'm excited :) Also, it's been snowing. A lot!!! Brad tried to do a cookie last night and it was kind of cool/scary, and then he hit a curb and got curb rash on his tire. I'm going to make him teach me how. Too bad I won't be able to put my cookie skills to use in Cupertino because there's no legit snow or ice.
Then we're going to go shopping in Portland at Saturday Market where our friend, Spoon, is, the Washington Square Mall, the Nike Factory Outlet, and some other places on Sunday.

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