Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello from Washington!

I'm in Washington right now. Yay! :) I flew out of the Norman Y. Mineta International airport yesterday at six in the morning after getting no sleep. I watched "Enchanted" on my Zune on the way there, but I didn't get to finish it since the movie is longer than the flightI think I annoyed the person in the seat next to me by squealing extremely and being a girl. It is very cute, so far. I will make Brad watch it with me.
Yesterday, I put up Christmas decorations with Brad's mom, even though Brad's brother & dad are trying to cancel Christmas. I also went to Steve and Barry's and bought Nicole an $8 Coors Light sweatshirt since she is a shitty beer lover.
Today, we were supposed to go to Saturday Market, but we slept in for another two hours and then it was kind of late. I played Harvest Moon on Mikle's DS, and it's very addicting. Then Rhonda summoned me to make cookies, so we made awesome cookies! Tonight, we are going to go see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno". Maybe with Dustin and Anna, but I have a feeling that they're going to flake out.
Tomorrow, we are going to go to Saturday Market for reals to see our friend, Spoon. Then we are going to go get a Christmas tree! I am very excited and I get to shit Christmas everywhere. Also, it's supposed to SNOW TOMORROW. I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR THIS. Apparently we are supposed to build forts because there will be enough snow for fort building. I am excited!!!!!!
Anyway, good luck on finals for those who have finals! I am going to eat nachos.

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