Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Hate This Place

I think the next series of pictures will explain why.

This is my apartment. Four of them are legitimate stoners. Six of them are inconsiderate. Three of them are nice. Excluding myself, of course, from all of the above.

This was my kitchen tonight. Yes, there are random chunks of food and sauce splattered everywhere? Why? I don't know. How can you live like that? I don't know how long those have been there since I don't use the kitchen very much. (I wonder why now.) Is it really difficult to pick or clean up whatever flies out of your pan? Do you really have to pick out what you do not want in your food and leave it on the stove? Can you not do your own dishes? Why do you think other people will clean up after you if you don't? (And the only reason I am goddamn doing it is because it's my "chore".) Most importantly, what type of goddamn idiot parents did you have that didn't spank you so you would know what cleaning up after yourselves meant? I swear, if I have kids, they are going to get their asses BEAT for being dumb shits. I don't give a fuck.
This is my new plan. I will relieve myself wherever I feel convenient. I will not clean up and adopt their mindset of "Oh, this will be cleaned up by Sunday at 10PM." Then we will all get along fine and dandy since we all have the same beliefs.
I hate people so fucking much.

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tamoteru said...

dude. i lived in an apt with 3 other girls my sophomore year of college. i hated it (and them) bc they were all so freaky disgusting for the exact same reasons. dishes, trash, not picking up after themselves or a spill. it's like WTF?? i'd clean up and they'd fuck it up again. either a. live with some clean gay dudes or b. some clean asians.