Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Ever!

I had a precalc midterm on Friday. I was pretty freaked out and semi-nervous before I took it because I thought I wasn't prepared. My professor kind of sucks at explaining things. And I suck at math. I started the test and I found it was relatively easy, and I finished fairly quickly, probably halfway through the period. I glanced around and I noticed that everyone else was still working diligently and breaking a sweat over their exotic math problems, so I was like WTF!!! I went back and double checked all my math problems and answers and everyone else was still working, so I was still like WTF!!! Then I decided to turn in my stuff and leave because I did not want to check my answers again or sit there staring into space. After the exam, I talked to Ryan and Morgan who are in my class and they both thought it was really difficult, and I was like WTF again because I thought it was ridiculously easy. The problems were just semi-tedious since the professor tried to trick you into getting the wrong multiple answer, rather than having just a bunch of random answers and the right answer. If you made a mistake somewhere in the problem, you would have gotten a wrong answer that corresponded with a multiple choice answer. Which is dumb because you're supposed to test what people know not trick them. Anyway, I was like uh oh because I didn't think it was very hard. Usually when that happens I end up failing.
I woke up this morning to a message from this guy, Robert, on my intramural volleyball team who I noticed was in my class on the day of the midterm, telling me that scores were up. So naturally being the curious, little Asian nerd that I am, I checked. I anxiously waited for the PDF file to download. I anxiously waited for it to open in Adobe Reader 9. I anxiously scrolled down the two pages looking for my ID number and scores after rows of scores with corresponding terrible grades, and then I got to mine. 96.30!!! 96 point fucking 30!!! After some more looking, I GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE ON THE MIDTERM. AND I GOT THE ONLY A!!! IN MATH. 96.30!!! I HATE MATH AND I SUCK AT IT. So I am really excited.
Plus Brad is here in ten days.

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yangdi said...

Hahha as soon as I started reading, I expected a good ending. Glad to see the good ending!!