Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I went to bed sometime this morning around 2AM after being really frustrated with "Gossip Girl" (sorry, Yangdi!) and math homework combined with not being able to keep my eyes open. At 6AM I awoke to this loud crackling noise coming from the boiler room next to me. It kind of freaked me out because I didn't know what was going on there or if it was going to EXPLODE! I woke up my roommate and was like is this natural? She thought it was my fan being loud, but no way in heck is my fan ever that loud, even on the highest setting. Also my fan doesn't crackle like it's going to EXPLODE. Fixit wasn't on campus yet, and the CSOs were off duty, so I called Campus Dispatch and they said they would send someone over. We waited while everyone else woke up because of the noise, and Campus Dispatch's person still wasn't there. Another person from my apartment called and Campus Dispatch said that they would tell the person when he comes in at 7!!! 7AM! AKA THE BOILER COULD HAVE EXPLODED AND WE WOULD BE DEAD. So I packed all my valuables, like my laptop, camera, volleyball shoes, money, wallet & phone into my backpack and waited outside with the rest of my apartment minus Paul until the person came.

FYI--these are pictures from a boiler explosion. Lots and lots and lots of steam!
I would have died if the boiler exploded! My bed is right next to it above that white stripe against the wall over the car hood in my room, lol.

It turns out that the pump cup thing that puts water into the boiler was broken so it was trying to push water in but there was nothing so it made the creepy noise. The guy turned off the water heater and I went back to bed because I don't have class until 12PM.

The stupid one hour gap between me sleeping + me sleeping legitimately for only 4 hours really messed with volleyball today :( I was so exhausted. I didn't play terribly, but I was kind of slow and tired. Also, volleyball sucked in general today. The level of play was meh. There was some girl from the beginning class who decided to play with us today and it was the worst thing I've ever seen. She couldn't pass. She couldn't hit. She couldn't serve. She actually said, "Don't serve so hard guys, my arms hurt." Honestly, she was like Lora Lerner except younger, awkward giggle-laugh, weird shaped face and all.

I googled her and this picture came up.

Yeah, every time she screwed up, she was like teeheeheeheehee *flounce*. She wouldn't go for any balls if they landed in front of her, or behind her, or anywhere not at her. Then she tried to do that jungle ball crap. And also, there's this fob girl in the class who is really annoying and can't play. I also don't understand what she says. And when she says service it sounds like saaaaaahveeeeez. That kind of bothers me too, though I should be used to it.

Some guys playing jungle ball volleyball during the Vietnam War.

The caption for this was "Bad JV volleyball slut chain." My favorite.
This makes me miss my Point Break days with William Charles Fowler, AKA my most favorite person ever. "You guys play like a BAD JV TEAM!" *rapid eye blink* "You guys play like the Independence JV team!" *rapid eye blink*

It was very frustrating. I got a bunch of aces, some digs, and some kills though. That was cool.
I have a game tonight. Hopefully it goes better!
Tonight's intramural game went really well! For me, at least. I got some kills, some aces, and some flippin' sweet digs. My passing was definitely on! It was very, very awesome. Oh, and did I mention we KILLED the team, even though the guys were kind of sucking? Even more awesome. Also, I play outside for my team, and I got set the ball, and I had a huge blocker waiting for me, so I softly roll shotted it to my right (his left), right around the block, and it was ABSOLUTE & TOTAL WIN. YEAH!!! I love volleyball. I'm really sore. Haha.

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Benjamin said...

Wait so what happened to the boiler? How did the garage get all messed up like that??