Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Smidgen of an Update

Not much has been going on in my life. Seriously. It's just college, college, college: papers, midterms, random drama.
I've been slacking off a bit since Brad visited and am trying to get back on track. Friday & Monday, I slept through my first two classes because my alarm didn't go off, or I turned it off in my sleep, or something. I've pretty much caught up on all the work that I've needed to do, but I feel like the rest of this quarter is like moving molasses. SLOW AS ALL HELL.
I am in dire need of another vacation. Or perhaps no more school forever.
The people who sit around me in my math class think I'm really dumb or something because I never show up to class. And when I do, I sleep through it or do other more interesting things like write letters of epic proportions or doodle and only semi-pay attention to what Bruno says. Then I make snide remarks and questions to Ryan. Then the people around me think that I don't know anything and they try to explain it to me and I sort of just give them a blank stare because what they are explaining is wrong and they stop. I don't know why I bother. Little do they know, I am actually semi-smart, and I have the only A in the class. That might go down after the midterm on Friday though. But I still like thinking about how I am temporarily good at math.
The girl who sits next to Ryan and me is very strange. She has a mustache and she smells bad. During class, she makes herself smell even worse by applying bad smelling lotion. Also, she looks like a long faced ghost man. She amuses us greatly, but I try not to look at her too much because that would be entirely too distracting and more of a stench than I can handle.
The guy who sits in front of me and sometimes to the side of me has Pumas with an olive green stripe that he wears with olive green corduroys. He has the body of Danny Katz, no joke. I mean, if you chopped off their heads and put them side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell who was Danny and who Puma boy was. Except one's hand might move to scratch its crotch, but I have not observed Puma boy enough, nor do I intend to because I don't want to go to class that much.
Spring break please come faster, thanks.

Also I realized that every time I blog, it's to complain about something, or to talk about something nonsensical. I might have to remedy this. Or maybe not.


Benjamin said...

The katz comparison is classic

Anonymous said...

Wait what?
Danny Katz scratches his crotch?
Since when?

yangdi said...

Hahahahah we all know what you're talking about with that other news, GOT CHO LETTER. :D WE ARE going to be such awesome penpals.