Friday, February 6, 2009

Unneccessary Bullshit

Honestly, I'm so tired of the bullshit my fat roommate is pulling. She is annoying as all hell, and is completely passive-aggressive about everything. She is almost the sole reason as to why I hate fat people.
Last night, I sat here at this computer listening to her whine to John about how he didn't love her because he didn't want to sit in her bed with her while she wrote her essay. She announced to everyone walking by our room that she was lonely because her bed was empty and tried to convince other people to come sit with her. She started throwing her stuffed animals at him. Then when he tried to ask her about her essay, she announced that she was no longer going to talk to him. So he decided to ignore her. About thirty seconds later, she proceeded to pester him about what his essay was about until he finally got fed up with it and told her.
Why are you going to force him to sit in a bed with you when he doesn't want to and then throw a tantrum about it? What are you? Five? That's just ridiculous. If he's happy on the floor, leave him be. You both writing an essay, not playing House.
Today, I talked to John and I asked him how fond he was of Nicole. He said not very because of how childish she's being. When the Boiler Incident occurred (see previous post), Paul was sleeping. Nicole and Anya decided to go wake him up all up in giggles because they were like ZOMG the boiler is going to explode! Obviously it wasn't going to since the noise had been occurring on and off all night. He had an 8AM class and was very peeved at being woken up so early by two annoying, giggling idiots after being woken up by the boiler. He left for class and yelled at them, but came back about five minutes later since he forgot something. They started to tease him for being so angry, and he flipped a lid on them because they were being stupid. If they really thought the boiler was going to explode, they would not have been giggling. Interrupting his sleep was not a good idea. Nicole proceeded to yell at him about how he was being annoying and he needed to shut up, after SHE woke HIM up by being annoying.
Now, according to John, she's launched Operation Hate Paul, similar to one she did to me. She is trying to turn everyone against him by telling them that Paul is being mean. He didn't do anything to her other than get angry at her because she did something inconsiderate, and now she's trying to pull some petty, immature bullshit.
She also has Operation Hate Nolan, and Nolan is the nicest, most polite and respectful person in this apartment. He's the person who will take the door from you if you're holding it open from him. He's the type of person who if he senses he has done something wrong will apologize immediately. He always says please and thank you. He's that type of person. She constantly makes all these bitchy remarks to him. A few weeks ago, he said that something was probably not a good idea, and she freaked out at him and started to yell at him for being condescending. Also, she constantly accuses him of throwing banana peels in the garbage can even though she doesn't see him do it.
She annoys everyone in some manner. Last week, Jay was complaining about how she was being annoying, so he told her to shut it. She just replied, "Shut up, Jay. You love me" and began clinging to him.
Not to mention, she's just inconsiderate. Her stuff is everywhere in the room. Difficult to stumble around in the room at night everywhere because that's how everywhere it is. It's in a pile practically in front of the door. It's in a pile next to Lisa's desk, and on Lisa's dresser to the point where Lisa has to start kicking it around to get to her things. And Lisa doesn't even really live here anymore.
I don't know what else to say, but in case, somehow she's reading this... Let me tell you something. I'm not talking shit about you behind your back, because the next time you start acting like a little bitch, I will tell you to shut the fuck up and grow up. And all the above will be used as ammunition against you. So you might as well stop now.
Seriously? You're an adult. You can play polite with Nolan, Paul, and me. You don't have to waste your time doing dumb crap like this. I don't like you, but you don't see me flipping out at you randomly over stupid things. I just ignore you unless it is imperative that I can't. Why can't you do the same? It's not that difficult. Pretend I don't exist, and I will do just the same for you. I guarantee it.
I thought that in leaving high school, I'd be leaving this immature bullshit behind. Just goes to show how wrong I am. Places change, but people never do.

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