Thursday, February 19, 2009


I haven't checked my mail in a few days, so today was an excellent surprise!
I am opening it right now and I'm afraid I won't remember what I got so I am tallying them right now.
- a free Crest Advanced Whitening Strip sample AND coupon.
- an Aveda postcard advertising going into a store and getting a free skin care consultation and a three-time try sample of Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum
- a coupon book filled with over $30 worth of coupons for Swiffer, Febreze, Dawn, Cascade and Mr. Clean.
- free samples of Sunsilk shampoo, conditioner, heat defense cream and two one dollar coupons.
- a free Trojan Her Pleasure lubricated condom
- a free sample of Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Daily Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment. INTENSIVE.
- a free Hugo Boss perfume sample
- free Harajuku Lovers fragrance samples
- a returned letter :(
- three free Yogi Tea samples
- a letter and a card from my cousin, Jessica
- a Cosmopolitan magazine
- a free Playtex Gentle Glide sample
- new Mizuno Wave Lightning 4's in the RIGHT SIZE.

A new update coming later on things that have happened in the past few days.

Also volleyball went REALLY WELL today. I got two sweet digs off my fist, complete with rolls. Absolutely beautiful ups. I got a few aces, and some more nice digs. My passing was pretty on, especially serve-receive, mostly. My hitting wasn't bad, but it wasn't my best. I would complain about the sets I got, but you're not really supposed to, and I'm lucky that I'm getting set, so, yay.

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zomg free stuffs.