Wednesday, October 1, 2008


One thing that I have always enjoyed is mail. After several days of opening up my mailbox to emptiness, and sometimes creeper-like behaviors, today, I received mail! Mail, to me, is similar to running downstairs to see what Santa left under your tree on Christmas morning. I love it. I hate empty mail boxes. There's so much fun in seeing a white gleaming envelope, or even a package on your doorstep (in college cases, a slip saying "YOU HAS PACKAGE!" which I have yet to receive). I don't know. It's just fun. I like sending letters, and I like receiving them. So if you want to write me, send me a picture, anything! Even a hair, an ad, a tooth, a picture of the metalhead in your French class (*coughNataliecough*), feel free to do so! I'll email you my address.

Oh and what did I receive?
A paycheck from Longs, mailed by my mommy. Sadly, no letter was attached.
My debit card from Wells Fargo for my Russian self. A somewhat (not) funny story. On Move-In Day, I signed myself up for another debit card, this time from Wells Fargo, for my new Longs paychecks & as my spending account so I can save whatever is in my Bank of America account. Wells Fargo was on campus, so I thought I would seize the opportunity to do so. Everything was all fine and dandy until I went to log on to my Wells Fargo online account several days later to find out that I am now a Russian Asian named Pavlina Dao. (lol, one of my roommates is currently smoking weed with his door open and now my room stinks. Joyous.)
A letter saying that my credit card application that occured in conjunction with my debit card has been denied. I assume that this occured because the idiot who typed all my stuff up thought I was a Russian Asian. I don't need a credit card, however, it would be fairly useful in case I overdraft. Then the bank would just pull the overdraft from my credit card, so I would not have any strange fees. I would just need to pay off my credit card. Lamesies.

Day 12 (9/30/08):
Michael the Opeth fanboy. I went to the Porter/Kresge dining hall by myself. Got all my food, and I spotted his semi-long haired, Opeth t-shirt wearing body as I was looking for a place to sit. He is an Opeth fanboy, if that has not yet been made obvious.
Day 13 (10/1/08): Epica boy. Not many people would know who they are unless they listened to metal, so I deem him a metalhead. Impaled boy with afro. Yes, some guy wearing an Impaled shirt. I saw him on my way to class, and presumably he was on his way to class. No words were exchanged, but I did get to throw the horns at him. METAL.

Total: 15
Legit Total: 10

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