Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Davis Adventure

On the way to Davis
- I sat next to an annoying baby plus hippie mother on Bus 16 - Laurel East to the Santa Cruz Metro. The baby pulled its mom shirt down and started sucking on the boob. It then tried to grab me and touch me. It also bit the rubber part around the window and drooled all over it. Fucking babies.
- There was a lot of traffic. When there was finally minimal amounts of traffic, I told Ryan to haul ass. He drove 75 mph.

At Davis
- Meher, Hermes, Katherine, Ryan, RJ & I got really drunk. Really, really drunk.
- I wrote a song for Neri Lubomirsky. It is amazing. Hopefully I will remember it around Thanksgiving so I can sing it for everyone!
- I finished off OVER half a fifth of Jager. Ballin'!
- I beat Arjun up for being a dumbass.
- I played Gears of War 2! Good thing my roommate, Paul, taught me how to play before I left.
- I went to my first college football game as a college student. Kind of.

Back from Davis
- My mom refuses to replace the rum she took from me.
- She took me out for Chinese food. YUM.
- I miss everyone a lot already. And I don't like Santa Cruz very much, even though it's still kind of fun. Someone keeps moving my stuff around, ie. stacking my shoe boxes and clearing my bookshelf. I know I didn't do it because I always keep my Uggs on top of them when I'm there, and I never stack my shit. Nor do I keep anything clean. Lame.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I miss everyone.
- I'll be back for Thanksgiving break on Tuesday night. HANG OUT PLZ? When will everyone else be back?

Strangely enough, this was the most fun I've had since college started. Epic fail. (Wow, I used almost all of my tags in this post.)


chery said...

I WISH I WERE IN DAVIS THIS WEEKEND. ): i realllly really miss you guys. like really. i'm glad you guys had fun though, just wish i was there! i've been hearing fantastic stories and it's just making me all the more depressed about the fact that you guys are around a trillion miles away.

i'm getting back wednesday afternoon around four or five...let's make plans. (;

Paulina said...

Chery!!! I heard you have rm drama now too :( LAMESIES. You should just show her your but. She'll be INSTANTLY jealous.

Natalie said...

i'm coming back on Wednesday afternoon probably. hang out with me all weekend i shouldve been there with you in Davis on friday!

Paulina said...

Dude, TyTy, you have NO IDEA. Friday night was EPIC.

chery said...

who said i have rm drama?? i don't have rm drama! ahahah just missing you guys too much cause the people in my hall don't compareee

鄧浩昀 said...

hey i'm sorry! i was busy reading my stupid book! you can read all about it in my blog!

I am Katherine. said...

WEDNESDAY afternoon!

I miss miss miss you girl :(

Paulina said...

WAIT, Chery, Meher totally said you had rm dramz! OMGWTFFFBB.

VaguelyCynical said...

I'm coming back the Saturday before, lol. I'll have to find some old hs friends to occupy myself until you cool people return.

Paulina said...

you don't have friends.