Thursday, November 13, 2008


I think I am perpetually hungry. It makes me sad because I want to eat all the time. And no, it's not because I am depressed.

Thanksgiving Break is coming up SOONER THAN SOON. Two weeks from now I will be at home. Let's go eat! Preferably places from the following list:
- Mandarin Gourmet--NATE!!!
- Baja Cactus--also NATE!!!
- Layang Layang--family!!!
- KFC--family!! Just kidding.
- Pho Bac So Mot--aka the best pho place known to man/Vietkind
- Quickly's, plz thx--family
- Florentine's
- Chipotle!
- In'n'Out. It's an exception to the no burgers thing, but only once.
- Perkins house
- FOOD!!! :) Yes, food is a place.

Preferably not food from the following list:
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Pizza
- Hamburgers
- Fries
- Pizza
- Shitty pasta
- Hamburgers


chery said...

omg i definitely made a list like yours...haha KFC OUR SOUTHERN FAMILY LOL!

here are some of mine.
-layang layang (LET'S GO!!)
-amber cafe (INDIAAAA)
-spicy chinese food
-dim sum

oh goddd 13 days!

Crystal said...

true that paulina
I hate shitty dining hall pasta.

Dami said...

ditto on the pasta
i never thought pasta could be so dull and flavorless

Paulina said...

OMG. I can't believe I forgot the food of my PEOPLE. Pho, phore sure. Must add that.

VaguelyCynical said...

So apparently I'm eating with you every night now? lol

I want Acapulco. And Jamba.

9 days.