Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This has been the story of my life this weekend/week. Awesome!
Yesterday, I didn't bother going to class and I called in sick for work. :O It took me almost the entire day, and the night before to write a 4-page essay. Damn Facebook. Damn internet.
Tomorrow, I have an oral presentation on malaria and eradication efforts in my Aquatic Toxicology section. I haven't started yet and it's worth 20% of my grade! Yikes! Help!

On a side note, I fucking hate this place. All of my shit keeps getting moved around and/or goes missing. Example: my half full handle of Bacardi rum, that I KNOW was in the freezer when I left. Why? Because I bought Hot Pockets and put them in there next to my rum, and I was going to take it out before I left for Davis, and now it is gone. I checked to make sure I didn't have a massive brain fart and removed and flipped out for the wrong reason, but it turns out I did not. This is fucking low. All my stuff keeps getting taken or fucked with when I don't do it to anyone else. I hate everyone; I think I want to transfer.

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